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Monavie Launches Stress Relief Products and “FREE” Jeep Giveaway?

MLM News: New MonaVie Products & Jeep Giveaway Legit or just a Lease?

I was on the MonaVie official website the other day to see if anything new and exciting was happening in the world of MonaVie.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t really heard anything about MonaVie in awhile, other then the news that Jeff Graham left MonaVie to lead a separate direct sales company based out of Texas known as Nucerity International.

Other then a Jeep Giveaway program known as the Build a 4×4, Earn a 4×4 Jeep Wrangler. So since I am familiar with the power of 4 since my companies compensation plan is based on a 4×5, you would probably have to recruit 4 distributors and help each of them do the same in order to qualify for the Jeep. Every MonaVie distributor who wins an iPad Mini through the iPad Mini Promotion, is eligible to win* a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport 4×4! The fine print states:

* Actual prize is a paid two-year lease of a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport 4×4 (subject to winner meeting vehicle provider’s application approval). Jeep can be substituted for a cash prize of US$5,000.

Where is MonaVie Headed in the Future?

We all know business has been rough for not only MonaVie, but a lot of the other health and wellness MLM companies that offer expensive health beverages and supplements that are considered “luxuries” in this economy. People simply cannot afford $140 a case super juice like MonaVie, nor the expensive $100+ vitamins offered by ViSalus Sciences, Amway and so many others.

That is the main  reason why in 2009 after the economy took a toll for the worst, Vi Salus came out with their meal replacement shakes and put all their marketing force on that. That is why they grew so well in a down economy because their message was simply replacing breakfast with a shake so instead of spending $100 on vitamins you are now spending it on breakfast or lunch etc… Now I am not here to pitch you ViSalus because I am not a member and the shakes give me headaches lol.

monavie rest and balance stress relief

In other MonaVie news, they recently came out with a new beverage similar to their emv energy drink cans but it is called “MonaVie Rest“. MonaVie Rest is a blend of 16 fruits, fennel, lemon balm, chamomile, and inositol, which helps promote a naturally calm, relaxed state. The product in the box next to the can of Rest, is another addition in their new Control Stress line of products.

From the MonaVie website:

MonaVie Balance helps your body adapt to stress while creating a sense of well-being. Use the non-stimulant daytime formula to help promote feelings of energy and happiness so you can deal with every day stresses. Then trust in the calming night formula to promote a relaxing evening.

A 24 pack for the case of “Rest” is $68 for MonaVie distributors and $72 for retail customers. Not much room for profit, but I don’t think MonaVie is looking for customers they want distributors to bring them more business.

A months supply of the MonaVie Balance AM/PM capsules is priced quite high at $59.

Hopefully these new products can drum up some new business for MonaVie. They have faced a lot of negative press the past few years with many of their top 6-7 figure income earners resigning from MonaVie, or joining a new company altogether and bringing a good portion of their teams with them. This has also brought up much controversy and even lawsuits as you can listen in here to my radio interview with Syndicated News about MonaVie suing one of their millionaire distributors.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about MonaVies new stress control line of products, their new Jeep “giveaway” promotion, and the future of MonaVie!

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