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My Fun Life Review: Recruitment Scam or Discount Travel?

My Fun Life Review: Recruitment Scam or Discount Travel?

myfunlifmyfunlife reviewe reviewHey there my friends thanks for stopping by the page today, most of you who are reading this are looking for a My Fun life Review. Maybe you saw a business card at Starbucks,  heck maybe your best friend tried to get you in this thing… How ever you found yourself here I just want to welcome you to my website.

So let’s get started folks!

My Fun Life was founded by Dan Edwards. On the My Fun Life website it says this about Dan;

“ His business experience encompasses over 26 years in strategic planning for direct sales organizations and corporate ownership responsibilities as President/CEO for several companies. “

Yet when you Google the guy and look for his home business experience you find nothing. Just one red flag I noticed.

Next we have the CMO Rod Goodman. Rod has been in the industry over 25 years, and actually helped set up the Black Diamond program at MonaVie. Their Chief operations Officer is Ron Pope, the official website pretty much gloated about what this guy has done over the last 17 years including.

“Most recently, Ron Pope consulted with an international online advertising company taking their Affiliate base from 36,000 to over 90,000+ Affiliates in just 5 months. “

And last but not least Matthew Edwards the chief visionary officer. Name sound familiar?

It should.

Matthew is the son of Dan, and according to the company website he earned his Boys Scouts of America recognition and started college all at the age of 14.

Matthew is now 16 and his dad decided to bring his young son into the office to see how to build a business as an investment in his future, and he also created much of the My Fun Life marketing system, lead capture pages, etc

My Fun Life Review |The Product

So what is the My Fun Life product? Travel discounts.

Yes… My Fun Life is another one of those travel discount deals that keep popping up left and right.

Except this time it run through a few companies most of you reading this have probably heard of…

TRAVELOCITY, FunCondos and FunTrips.

That’s right, through My Fun life you are now able to book low-cost flights, condo rentals, cruises, car rentals and more.

My Fun Life Review: The Compensation Plan

my fun life compensation planSo what type of compensation plan does My Fun Life have?

They have a 3 x 10 Forced Matrix totaling 88,572 positions. I highly doubt anybody will ever fill a 3×10 matrix and make the insane amount of money they promise, I mean 88k positions?

Ain’t nobody got time for that…

The only thing I did like about the 3 x 10 Forced Matrix is awesome because once you have your first three  people in, your next recruits start automatically filling in unlike a uni-level compensation where once you have your first three people you branch out and build a fourth and fifth leg.

So what are the payout on each leg?

  • Level 1 – $1 per affiliate ($3 total)
  • Level 2 – $2 per affiliate ($18 total)
  • Levels 3 to 6 – 25 cents per affiliate ($270 total)
  • Level 7 – $2 per affiliate ($4374 total)
  • Levels 8 to 10 – $1 per affiliate ($85,293 total)

My Fun Life also has a nice bonus as well

  • Bronze – recruit at least 3 paid affiliates and earn a 10% match
  • Silver – recruit at least 6 paid affiliates and earn a 20% match
  • Gold – recruit at least 10 paid affiliates and earn a 30% match
  • Sapphire – recruit at least 20 paid affiliates and earn a 40% match
  • Ruby – recruit at least 50 paid affiliates and earn a 50% match
  • Diamond – recruit at least 100 paid affiliates and earn a 50% match (also unlocks level 10 earnings in the matrix)

* Note you only get paid on levels 8,9, &10 if you have achieved those rankings. So if you sign up a powerhouse recruiter and they start filling up their matrix fast, you are only going to get paid up to level 7 unless you are a level 8 or above. *


So should you join My Fun Life?

With no retail products or services and the travel side of the business handled by third-party vendors Travelocity, Cha-Ching, FunTrips & FunCondos, My Fun Life pay out commissions solely on the recruitment of new My Fun Life affiliates and when these new recruits spend money on trips, hotel, airfare etc.

Since there is no retailable products or payment outside of recruitment commissions, the company has deteriorated itself into a recruitment scheme dependent on the constant recruitment of new reps and their paying of monthly fees to pay out commissions.

My Fun Life paid affiliate membership provides nothing more than participation in the compensation plan (the ability to earn commissions on the recruitment of others). Once the recruitment of new affiliates paying these fees stops so too do the commissions My Fun Life pay out.

I hope you have enjoyed this third party My Fun Life review!

I will see you on the beaches of the world my friends!

Craig RonaldsonCraig Ronaldson “the MLM Jedi”


CEO of the The MLM Times and MLM Apparel



Author of Create Your Own Economy, Online Network Marketer for EPX Body & Founder of The MLM Times. Reach me at 772-626-4271

3 thoughts on “My Fun Life Review: Recruitment Scam or Discount Travel?

  1. Joe,
    Thanks for the review, but it’s very unfair and misleading. As a My Fun Life rep, I’m a little offended you did so little research before writing a “review”.
    I’ll address a couple quickly:
    1. Matt – yes, Dan’s son, but he isn’t “helping pop run the company”. If you dug in, you’d find out it was his comments and thoughts that were the seed for this mobile app company. Bringing this bright young man into the office to see how to build a business is an investment in his future, and he also created much of our marketing system – lead capture pages, etc. In no way implies he’s “running” the company. Very unfair of you.
    2. No commissions without membership fees – false. We earn commissions when people book travel through our Chaching engine.
    3. Chaching – yes, it is backed by travelocity. Not an uncommon practice, and results can be customized for MFL results. Most importantly, from a business standpoint, this gives us a full-featured and full-powered travel search engine from day #1, instead of attempting to create a unique booking engine which would certainly be thinner and with less results.
    4. Only travel option is Chaching? False again. We have 2 other products, FunTrips and FunCondos offering amazing deals on travel, and available to members only.
    I hope that helps clarify some of the issues.


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