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Why I Chose Network Marketing: Guest Post by Derrick Alexander

Hi everyone, my name is Derrick Alexander and I decided to take the time to give you some insight about me and why I chose to pursue the industry of network marketing. At an early age, I noticed how hard my parents worked just to provide for me and we hardly ever had the time or money to travel and enjoy life. Many times, they would discuss about vacations and how each would have to compromise certain times to spend away with family in order to travel. The dream was nothing more than that as the years passed by.

My mother was laid off from the banking industry during my middle school years, which forced my father to be the solo income provider for the household. The family time often discussed for vacation became a myth. My father started a painting business in addition to his full time job to make up for my mother not working and her expenses. Eventually, my mother landed a job in the telecommunications industry and my father continued his painting business along with his full time job. Even though the money was better at this point in time, we had even less time to spend together. My father worked all day on Saturdays to provide extra income for us and even sometimes on Sundays, after we would come home from church. If the money was needed badly, my father would work seven days a week. This had eventually became a routine as I was involved in extra curriculum activities in high school.

One day, I sat alone and started to think do I really want that type of lifestyle for myself? I saw both of my parents work hard for years and did not have much to show for their effort in terms of family time together, other than church on Sunday. I decided that I wanted to start my own business once I was older and had the finances to do so. I did not want to work until I was old and not have the ability to enjoy life. I was born with the talented gift to draw and would come up with all kinds of ideas on what to invent and how to submit my inventions to be publish to the world. Then as I got older, I took a look at retail store franchises and decided that I wanted to be a franchiser like Sam Walton, not aware that I was developing the mindset of an entrepreneur. I thought it would be so awesome to have a store of my own and then expand all over the country like Walmart! My plan was to pursue that dream after I finished college.

In the mid 2000’s, I was introduced to network marketing, not really familiar with the concept, and thought of it as an non traditional job where I did not have to dress up to make money. After the second or third company that I joined, I learned the meaning of passive income, which is what interested me the most about network marketing. I saw an opportunity to do work and get paid continuously if I stopped working. Another concept that interested me about network marketing was leverage. I never learned about leveraging time and money in all of my school years.

When I found out that I could buy into a company’s system to use, not having to reinvent the wheel, and that I had the ability to make residual income by leveraging time and money through other people’s efforts, I was sold and never had any doubts about it. I was not skeptical like most people are trained to be when making life changing decisions and I have no regrets. I often times think back to when as I was a child, that I do not have to spend tons of money to buy products for my own business or just to start a business in general. I have been on the corporate America journey for sometime now and realized that it is not a part of God’s plan for my life. I have always had the heart to give and help others even as a child and I still do. I find the statement to be true that when you give, you will receive more than you gave in all shapes, forms, and fashions, not just financially!

As I close, I hope that my story will give hope and inspiration to someone who may be experiencing life challenges or to motivate someone to follow their dreams and not give up. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but you must be willing to strive forward and not turn around when things dont fall into your plan. We all will face adversity at some point in life, but it is only temporarily. I recommend network marketing to everyone because it enriches your thought process about life and how it enables you to fulfill your potential that maybe you thought that you never had. Network marketing also allows you to make the kind of money that you never would dream of making by working forty to fifty years of your life. Many people around the world have made fortunes by this way of life and there will be many more to come as we now live in the technology age. The new form of rich and wealthy is in network marketing and more people than ever before have adapted to this path of opportunity.

derrick alexanderDerrick Alexander

Network Marketing Professional

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