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MLM Success Tips: Your First 48 Hours In MLM… How To Make The Best Of It!

Your First 48 Hours In MLM…

first 48 hours in MLM
The First 48!

Hey guys! Joe Stewart here with a brief article about what YOU should be doing your first 48 hours in your new network marketing business, and what you should be teaching your new team members that you bring on board as well.

As of right now over 75% of network marketers either lose money, or just break even in their business so they quit the industry and go around telling everybody it was a scam… Lol.

The main reason this happens is either a lack of support and the RIGHT training from their sponsor…

…but the more common reason is they HAD the right training, the right sponsor, the right EVERYTHING yet they chose to do NOTHING !

It is VERY important that either you, or your up line mentor have a fast start training guide in place.

This way, as soon as you enroll somebody onto your team, they can read through it or watch a few of the fast start videos, and have a clear set of instructions as to how they build a list, contact and invite their friends/family (warm market) and so on.

How to get your Team Members to have Success their Very First 48 Hours?

Duplication is obviously the most important aspect to any business. I have built quite a few MLM companies and sponsored over 40 people into one of my programs, but were these people able to go out there and duplicate the success I just had? Of course not!

The company I was promoting at the time didn’t have a system or fast start training in place to help my new team members go out and bring on 2-3 new distributors or customers their very first week or so. The only reason I was able to is because I have been in the industry for many years and know how to build large organizations and get them into momentum fast. With the help of my laptop and mobile, I could easily get hundreds of eyeballs watching my companies presentation within a few clicks, but not everybody is an influential network marketer.

This is why I am so passionate about creating training, blogging, recording videos for you guys… so this way, if you join an MLM deal that doesn’t have a fast start training, you can simply refer to my website and send your team here so they can read and watch the training I put together.

So the first part in providing effective leadership for your new team members actually starts before they join as a distributor.

Let me explain.

You Want to Complete Their Enrollment Together.

MLM Team Work
MLM Team Work

If they aren’t in your city, this can be accomplished over the phone, on Skype, a Google hangout or whatever tech tool works best. You literally want to walk them through the sign up process step by step. I know this sounds too easy but it is often overlooked.

“You see that bright blue Join Now button up at the top of the page? Okay great. Go ahead and click there.”

Next you want to walk your new rep through the different starter packs that your primary MLM company has to offer for new distributors. There is usually a basic option for people who are on a budget, something for $19-$49 where they can just kinda put their toe in the water and test it out.

Then there will usually be a  middle package between we’ll say $99-$250, which would include some sample products if it is something consumable, or maybe more marketing materials such as shirts, business cards etc. Some companies have top packages for people who could care less about the cost to join which basically includes everything. When you buy in at the top package of most companies, you are qualified to earn all bonuses and commissions that are in the compensation plan.

After they have chosen their starter package, walk them through the back office, their marketing websites to obtain new customers and distributors, and also set up their monthly auto ship so they remain qualified to earn commissions and get more product in 30 days when they are about to run out.

Building their List: Crucial to MLM Success  

Next you want to help them build a list. I know, I know… this is kind of old school, but for beginners new to the industry who know nothing about online marketing and social media, this is their best bet to get into the profit fast. Start by going through their phone contacts, friends and family who are close by, their Facebook friends. Even if they don’t have their phone numbers and contact info right then and there, still write them down so you can go back to them later.

Once their list is complete, you want to move on to the motivational side of WHY they are building the business.

Find out their reason WHY!

Why are they building the business? Why would they take their hard earned money to start their own home based MLM business?

Do they want to retire early?  Do they want to pay off credit card debt or student loans?

Maybe they want to buy a bigger house so they don’t have to put their mom or dad in a retirement home. Everybody is going to have a different reason why they are building the business, but it is important that they write this down and put it somewhere where they will see it every morning when they wake up. Maybe put a picture that symbolizes their WHY as the background on their cellphone, maybe write it down and post it on your bathroom mirror or even on your fridge, whatever works best for you really!

Help your team see the long term vision for building a home based business, and they will stick with you for the long term.

If your team isn’t around for the long haul, your income won’t be very long term either!

If you want to start working for yourself but feel you don’t have the money then you’re wrong. If you have a computer and space to put it then you have all you need. You can also start you home business and work it around your job. You can gradually commit more time as your home business grows.

If you’re tired of your job and really want to work for yourself then stop making excuses and do it.

Though affiliate marketing programs and selling services you will find that having your home business is easier than you think.

All it takes is time and a commitment to succeed…

let me in now

By taking advantage of the affiliate marketing programs that are currently available to you on this very page, you can make money and improve your marketing skills. Remember, you can always expand into other areas and venture out totally on your own later. Right now, get marketing and get clicking.

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