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Updated MonaVie Review for 2013: Dead Ship Or On The Move?

Monavie review 2013
MonaVie HQ

Hey what’s going on internet land you have Mr. Joe Stewart here the Author of Create Your Own Economy, and today I’m going to write an updated MonaVie Review for 2013.

As many of you may know, MonaVie is a very popular health and wellness company which uses the acai berry as their key ingredient. Since MonaVie launched in 2005, the acai berry has been seen in numerous products inside of the multi-level marketing arena.

MonaVie has been around for over 8 years now, a huge feat because most companies fail their first few years in business. MonaVie is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah and they were founded by Dallin Larsen and the corporate staff he put together.

Why Was MonaVie So Successful?

MonaVie was actually one of the fastest companies in the home based business industry to hit a billion dollars in cumulative sales. Now many people say that is because they had a very great product line that was sort of addictive and made people feel better, so they would order more and more of these MonaVie products.  But the one thing that they forgot to take in to consideration was that a master network marketer by the name of Brig Hart who made his fortune back in the seventies and eighties in Amway, was one of the first people to join MonaVie in 2005. His Amway team was responsible for over $5.5 billion dollars in sales, and he was more than retired from the network marketing industry.

So now it’s probably starting to become very clear to you as to why MonaVie was able to go from 0 to multiple billions of dollars in sales their very first few years in business. It wasn’t because they had great products, it was because they had the best network marketer to ever walk the earth as their master distributor.

So where is Monavie now?

It is October of 2013 as I speak this blog post into my smartphone, no I am NOT sitting behind my laptop typing this crap out I did that for many years, made a lot of money but its bad on your eyes from what I hear, and with this new blog beast software on my phone, I will probably never use my laptop ever again! To create content at least…

Anyways back to MonaVie in 2013… they just recently came out with two new products, a beverage and a capsule that is supposed to help you rest and sleep well at night.

They also just released a promotion where when you sponsor four distributors and you have those four people sponsor four distributors right like a 4 by 4 Jeep… they give you a two year lease on a Jeep and they pay for your lease as long as you stay qualified as whatever the rank is needed to get the jeep in the first place.

MonaVie obviously had to change things up in 2013, because as I previously reported their top income earners monthly checks have been cut in half, and they have had negative press on radio shows and popular blogs abroad.

Now there’s obviously nothing wrong with MonaVie, that’s just the public perception and how the media speaks towards them. All multi level marketing companies take heat from critics, and media outlets who simply don’t understand the business model.

The Future of MonaVie

You know, something that a lot of people have asked me is “Joe where will MonaVie be in the future?” To be quite honest with you my friends, MonaVie could be around to payout billions of dollars for another hundred years, or the FTC or SEC could step in tomorrow and shut them down like they did with FHTM.

I feel that if MonaVie wants to be at the top again, they are either going to have to lower the cost of monthly auto ship to get paid the full commission, or they’re going to have to lower the prices of their products if they want to keep the remaining distributors that they have left to stay with MonaVie for life like they once pledged.

At the moment, many MonaVie distributors are cancelling their accounts due to the high cost of the monthly auto ship. You can’t really blame them with the current economy, if they are not earning a profit with MonaVie then when it comes time too pay either their car payments or order 2 cases of MonaVie on auto ship. Wouldn’t you agree that they are going to pay the car payment? You bet!

I hope this updated MonaVie Review for 2013 has answered some of your questions about current MonaVie news, and where MonaVie might be headed in the future.

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