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Ocean Avenue vs. ViSalus Lawsuit 2013: This is MLM Not Burn Notice!

ocean avenue visalus lawsuit RICOHey what’s going on guys you got Joe Stewart here, Author of Create Your Own Economy and today in this blog post I’m going to be talking about the recent Ocean Avenue lawsuit against ViSalus.

Who’s Lying: Ocean Avenue or Visalus?

Troy Dooly of the MLM Help Desk broke the story, providing all the legal info as well as photos and screen shots as evidence. Ocean Avenue, Ken Dunn and others claim that ViSalus took part in RICO and allegedly hired 3rd party individuals to take part in extortion and other criminal acts.

Visalus is accused of not only engaging in corporate espionage, but computer hacking and theft to damage Ocean Avenue and its owners according to the allegations.

They also hired hackers to gain access to Ocean Avenue corporate leaders email and Facebook accounts, and attempted to sue former ViSalus leaders who have left the company for Ocean Avenue… don’t we live in America?

The funniest part about this whole lawsuit is the way top ViSalus “leaders” handled the situation when people started exercising their right to free speech… take a look below:

visalus ocean avenue lawsuit
Preach! LOL Jk

Other of the items mentioned in the Ocean Avenue Vs. Visalus filings are:

Intimidation and threats against Ms. Bohn

Intimidation and threats against Ms. Then

Coercion and entrapment of Ms. Van Etten.

Continued Defamatroy Acts.

False and misleading advertising of Visalus and Isoflavones.

Enrolling pets and fake people as false distributors for false sales volume.

All filings are public record.

From Business for home:

From MLM Help Desk:

ViSalus obviously responded rather fast dismissing all the charges like the well oiled PR machine that they are… here is the official statement or their great ‘comeback’… lol solid proof right here!

visalus lawsuit

Like I posted on my Facebook wall last night, if owners of companies would just man up and come clean when they get caught red handed doing something illegal and unethical, their people would rally behind them and support them and all this negative press could be avoided.

Maybe they should take notes from David Wood of Empower Network…

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