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BREAKING NEWS: YouTube Comedian/Rap Artist Steven Jo Joins Wake Up Now!

Hey what’s going on readers!

You got Joe Stewart here, Author of Create Your Own Economy (as you can clearly see above.)

Just wanted to shout out and say HEY to ya! Quick update in the MLM/YouTube celebrity industry:

I was just scrolling down my Facebook news feed like any normal Facebook addict, and I noticed that one of my favorite YouTube comedians and rap artists, a young guy by the name of Steven Jo has moved up to New York and decided to pursue the work from home opportunity that is called Wake Up Now.

You can “Like” Steven Jo on Facebook here to stay up to date on his music career, pranks and new network marketing ventures.

steven jo joins wake up nowSteven Jo Joins WAKE UP NOW

Soulja Boi, other rap artists, and even some celebrities have recently joined the company as well… I guess they are running out of money from the rap game or want to earn TRUE residual income through an affiliate marketing opportunity like Wake Up Now.

This is all just a really funny coincidence that Steven Jo joined this Wake Up Now biz opp, because somebody that I used to do business with a few months ago actually pitched me for the company last night… Lol

So I went on to tell him I wasn’t interested because I was already focused on my current affiliate marketing opportunity and building the USA Association brand with Brig Hart, a cause that I am very passionate about… no hard feelings!

Just wanted to kinda update everybody and let you know about this shocking news! I was really surprised that Steven Jo joined Wake Up Now myself… it seemed as though he was 100% focused on his music career, pranks and comedy stints he produces and uploads to YouTube, just like I am 100% focused on my company and promoting my book.

(Subscribe to Steven Jo’s YouTube Channel by clicking here)

After speaking with Steven Jo late last night, he was very proud to announce he has already hit a rank in the company called Founder 3 and is only a few people shy from hitting Founder 4, meaning the company is going to be paying him $2500 every month and it only goes up from there! If you would like to join StevenJo’s team and start making a lot of money, email him at and get started on building your future with him today!!!

But there are points in your life where you hit a fork in the road.

Should you take the opportunity someone has offered you and run hard with it…

…or let it slip right beneath your fingertips leaving it available to the billions of people on planet earth.

I am wishing Steven Jo much success in his new journey in network marketing. He has teamed with his enroller Miguel Matias and Darren Fryer, who is only 21 years old and is making $14,000 a month with this company. Not only has he partnered up with some great leaders in the business but he also has a huge following, can make people laugh… and obviously already knows how to market hence the “huge following”. I’m expecting to see big things from Steven Jo and can’t wait to see where he’s at with this company 6 months from now.

This is great news for the network marketing and direct sales industry! It shows that more and more celebrities, musicians, sports stars… you name it, are aligning themselves with the best network marketing opportunity that is presented with them.

I hope you have enjoyed this post about the breaking news that Steven Jo has OFFICIALLY joined Wake Up Now!

Joe Stewart

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