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Vemma Realizes Negative Perception of MLM: Now An ‘Affiliate Marketing’ Company… Not MLM

vemma scamI received an email the other day from an inside source I have over at Vemma.

She was explaining that a lot of brand partners were leaving and switching over to online marketing/affiliate opportunities due to the higher profit margin involved.

I told her it is definitely very difficult to make the 6-7 figure income that top Vemma leaders sell to hungry prospects with all the manufacturing costs, ingredients, and all the overhead involved in producing these energy drinks and ready to drink beverages.

A few days later I received another email from her… she stated that B.K Boreyko sent out an email to the “Vemma Elite” members with the following message below.

Vemma now Affiliate Marketing Company Instead of MLM? LMFAO…

‘The U.S Regulatory environment is the toughest it has ever been in regards to MLM/pyramid schemes. To get ahead of the impending storm, we are contemplating making some changes to our terminology as well as our compensation plan. We don’t feel that these suggested changes will affect our brand partners activities too much. But the changes will clearly put us in a favorable light with regulators. We plan to discuss these in the Bahamas with our leaders. The general outline is below, I realize that we cannot have one shoe fit all markets, but this outline can get everyone thinking. We will need to make adjustments based on rules in other markets. Our goal would be to launch these changes in January of 2014, if possible.

  1. Our vision is to be like Amazon with their affiliate program. In the future, all Vemma brand partners will be called ‘affiliates’. We will not use the word enroll or recruit. Instead we will accurately describe what we do which is we “sell” products to people. The fast start bonus will be renamed the “New Customer Bonus”. We will eliminate all packages to join over $500 and rename the pack the “Affiliate Product Pack”. Instead of network marketing, we will refer to our business model as ‘affiliate marketing’.
  2. Every person that signs up in Vemma will be signed up as a customer, unless they buy an affiliate builder pack. If they buy the pack, they will be signed up as an affiliate or “brand partner” as they used to call it.
  3. There are two ways to become an affiliate (i) buy an affiliate builder pack or (ii) if you are a customer, you enroll another customer or sell an affiliate builder pack to a new person.
  4. Currently, we have reduced CV for customers. This was to help fund the three for free customer program. We are going to raise the customer CV to 60, the same as for affiliates (brand partners). Currently, we don’t pay a fast start on customers. With the increase in CV, we will now pay a “New Customer Bonus” which is the equivalent of the old fast start. This way, Affiliate’s get paid the same whether the person is an Affiliate or a customer.
  5. During the sign up process, we will have one button that says “Buy Now”. If you buy an Affiliate Builder Pack, a screen will pop up congratulating them as an Affiliate and ask them to agree to the policies and procedures.
  6. If a customer enrolls someone, they will become an Affiliate and asked to agree to the policies and procedures during the enrollment process.
  7. An Affiliate can qualify his or her position by enrolling a customer or other Affiliate on his or her left and right. The reason this works is because points are the same.
  8. There is no requirement to be on autoship (although you will need to sign up to get your free if you do three for free).
  9. There is no requirement to purchase product to earn an income. You can qualify for commissions by simply doing the three for free customer program.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief update about Vemma switching their business model over from traditional multi-level marketing…

…to now an ‘affiliate’ marketing company, like Amazon or Empower Network.

brig hart

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