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Active Income vs Residual Income: Which Do YOU Prefer?

hump day

Hey what’s going on readers!?

Hope everybody is having an awesome Hump Day 😉

This is probably the longest I have gone without writing a blog post since I started this site just over a year ago.

I am usually pretty prompt and do my best to blog daily if not a few times a week.

But with the holidays, traveling, and visiting family… things get pretty hectic and something that is normally as simple as firing up my laptop and writing a post, is now heading to a Starbucks or McDonalds just so I can ‘steal’ their Wifi for a few hours.

Active Income or Residual Income: The Choice is YOURS!

That is what I love about residual income though!

Although I wasn’t able to use my laptop the past month (or more? Who knows…) I still got checks in the mail from work that I did close to 2 years ago. Can you imagine walking into your job and asking your boss for another check from some project you did last year? How about 2 years ago?

I highly doubt he/she is gonna cut you a check… because jobs payout in what’s called active income. You show up, do what they say for whatever you are scheduled that week whether its 20-40 hours, and they pay you based on the amount of hours you were punched in for x your hourly wage. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met anybody who ever got rich in this business model. Sure, you can climb to the top of the corporate ladder and hey you might get to 6 figures or even multiple 6 figures if you are with that company for decades devoting 40+ hours per week to them.

What about Residual Income Though?

rock star incomeEvery multi-millionaire that I have ever had the pleasure to have coffee, lunch or do business with, have all gotten wealthy by creating residual income streams. So what is residual income anyway?

Think of rock stars, athletes, authors like myself, or network marketers.

Rock stars and authors write a song or book one time… they record it, master it and upload it to a CD or Itunes where it is now available to purchase until the end of the time.

Use me for example, I wrote my first book over a year ago. I haven’t edited it, or worked very hard to make sales of this book. I simply wrote it, published it, marketed it for a few months to get the title and cover out there, and now people purchase it day after day and I get a check in the mail each and every month whether I think about that book ever again. Same with rock stars, look at Elvis. He’s been dead for years but I guarantee you his family members still get royalties every month from Elvis CD’s, posters, apparel you name it… being sold month after month.

You see, rich people don’t have jobs.

They build networks.

They build distribution channels.

They build membership websites or shopping clubs like Costco or USA Association.

This way, they build the network, distributor base, or membership site ONE TIME and one time only… and people continue to purchase their products and services month after month if the products/service are as good as they say.

This business model is what attracted me to the controversial multi-level marketing industry. Think about it, if I was never approached to join Amway a few years ago, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here writing this post.

I probably wouldn’t have published my own book last year.

I would probably be broke, burnt out, and stuck in my job for another 30-40 years…

…but I decided to make a decision.

If all these multi-millionaires followed a system, did the work consistently and never gave up, what makes me any different? I have the attitude of “If they can do it, I can do it too!” I don’t put people in this guru like category where I think oh wow they make $100 million dollars a year I could never do that

…I see what they are doing.

…I follow them.

…I learn from them and implement it in my own business.

…my own marketing efforts.

…my own writing style.

…and guess what? It worked 😉

Residual income has saved my life many times. Ever have an unexpected bill or emergency pop up and not have the money in the bank to take care of it? It happened to me one time… I sat there upset all day even into the next day. Wondering what I was gonna do to come up with the money…

Should I head to the pawnshop with one of my prized guitars or amps? Maybe pawn a gold coin or tube of silver coins?

All these things crossed my mind that day… For whatever reason I told myself to stick it out another day, God is good and works miracles in times like these.

The next day I checked my mailbox to find a check from some affiliate marketing deal I stopped marketing months previously lol…

…and yes, that check covered my unexpected bills and I still had money left over to save/invest/spend you get the idea.

I hope you have enjoyed this post about why I personally prefer residual vs active income.

Which do you prefer? Clocking in and out everyday working hard in what seems like a vicious cycle?

Or are you ambitiously lazy like myself, and prefer to do work one time and continue to get paid for that work for the rest of your life?

Leave your comments below and let me know!

Also, if you liked this post or learned something new, please share it on your Facebook, Twitter, or whatever Social Network YOU prefer 🙂

You rock!

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