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ViSalus & Business For Love Hate Relationship?

So if you follow most of the top income earners/corporate staff for some of the bigger direct sales companies you probably noticed one of the biggest social media meltdowns of an MLM company for the year 2013. The sad part is, this company and SOME (not all) of their top earners/corporate people is always caught up in some sort of drama…

I posted this as my Facebook status the other day and feel it sums up the whole situation:

“Keeping Up With the ViSalian’s should be TVs next big drama hit… anyone agree?ย 

If I offend you, unfriend me!”

This caused a few laughs and pissed some people off but hey… one thing you will find about me is that I am always blunt and to the point.

Here is what caused ViSalus’s #9134676461564631297 Social Media Meltdown of 2013:

ryan blair business for home
U mad, bro?

People ask me how I get sales in different programs, or even recruit people into volunteer armies like USA Assoc. It’s very simple…

I always tell it like it is good or bad and people respect that nowadays. I have never been intimidated to go head to head with top earners, CEO’s, whoever, if they are running around acting like kids…

So here is what makes this post funny.

When Business For Homeย writes a positive article about ViSalus like all the articles I’m going to link to below:

The list goes on by the way of positive articles about ViSalus… the positive articles actually outweigh the few negative articles published on the site.

When Business For Home publishes that ViSalus does something GREAT, guess what?

The founders, top earners, and “challenge promoters” share that article ALL over Facebook, Twitter, anywhere they can show their friends and family just how legit ViSalus is.

But the SECOND they write how a few top earners leave to join a new company, all of a sudden is a fraud?

Sounds like a love hate relationship to me…

In America, you are allowed to do as you please. If you want to join ViSalus, awesome! Go for it.

If you join ViSalus and weren’t happy with the product quality or other issues you may have found, leave! Go join a new company! This IS America, isn’t it?

Why would Ryan Blair or other top earners get mad when 2 out of the 100’s of people they have earning 6 figures quit? It’s only 2 freaking couples for crying out loud…

vi til i die
Til Death Do Us Part

I know the founders are obviously “Vi Til I Die” as they made it very apparent after this massive social media meltdown. Although they are usually a pretty well oiled PR machine, the youth of the founders definitely showed after a few more of their top leaders jumped ship to a competing multi-level marketing company.

Just last month the MLM company Ocean Avenue filed a lawsuit against ViSalus for alleged espionage and theft.

Now this is not to bash ViSalus they have a pretty cool company and culture for the most part… but this is a business not a drama TV series. I mean if I was the owner of a big bad billion dollar company I really wouldn’t give a shit what the little bloggers like me are saying about your company… unless business isn’t as big as bad as it used to be?

Ah yes… their sales are WAY down and over half of their distributors have jumped ship.

Business is a roller coaster guys don’t worry, I’m sure everybody will come running back to try that new $100 per month Vi Crunch ‘super cereal’ ๐Ÿ˜€

“Cause many people think it, I just had the guts to say it” -Ludacris

Leave your thoughts and comments below… good, bad, constructive criticism is always welcomed!

Oh and don’t call my website a fraud… I have a right to free speech and can and will say good/bad things about companies as I see fit.

For example, if Ryan Blair would have posted something like “Best wishes to the two top earners who left ViSalus today, I hope you are happy with your new company.” Guess what? I would have wrote a completely different article…

Leave the PR to the PR department, leave the drama for the Kardashians… can’t we all just get rich from home without all the hate?

brig hart
Mick, my cousin Craig, Brig Hart and I

Be blessed,

Joe Stewart

Author of Create Your Own Economy

CEO of The MLM Times & MLM Apparel

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