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Wake Up Now: From Scam to Iconic MLM Company?

wake up now reviewDid that title get your attention? Good.

Now before we get into it, I just want you to know that I am not a Wake Up Now salesman/distributor whatever you like to call them.

This is a completely third party article from somebody who has a lot of friends in Wake Up Now, and has watched this whole thing play out the past few months.

Today I wanted to write an updated article about one of the new MLM companies out there that is gaining a lot of popularity known as Wake Up Now. Just a few short months ago, many network marketers and industry ‘news reporters’ started asking the question:

Is Wake Up Now A Scam?

Their main argument was something along the lines of “Wake Up Now is simply Taxbot, 3 magazine subscriptions, Language & finance software, a discount shopping mall and other products all bundled together to charge you the $99 cost to become a Wake Up Now Platinum member.”

In the beginning I was very skeptical about this company only because I had never seen a bunch of products jam packed together for one price. Is it even a legit company by simply marketing third party companies products?

So that was the buzz. People said Wake Up Now wouldn’t last, they said the FTC and SEC was ‘investigating’ Wake Up Now and that they wouldn’t make it into 2014… yet they are still here and growing more now then they were previously.

Wake Up Now Launches ‘Awaken’ Energy Drink and Ganoderma Coffee 

Since all these “Wake Up Now scam” claims have popped up all over the internet from some of the anti MLM sites like Ethan Vanderbuilt’s blog, Glancing Web and a few others, they have since launched a whole line of tangible products.

Awaken product lineI am assuming that their founders realized “Well everybody thinks we’re a scam because all these products are third party/digital etc. but if we invest in manufacturing tangible products people can hold in their hand like energy drinks, coffee and skin care, then all the skeptics should shut up!”

With that, in late 2013 Wake Up Now released its first line of energy drinks and coffee under the “Awaken” brand.

The first energy drink in the Awaken product line is similar to Crystal Light packets that you simply mix with a regular size bottle of water. These come in Citrus Blast and Tropical flavoring. The price is $19 + S&H for 30 of the energy drink packets. They also launched their own brand of instant coffee under the Awaken product line.

From all of the research I did it looks like they are calling it “Awaken Healthy Coffee” with Arabica Black branded on the front of the box. Now me personally, I’m a big fan of instant coffees, it’s just my thing… I can’t drink a whole pot of coffee so I usually make a cup of instant coffee or use my Keurig etc. What I found fascinating was the fact that they infused Ganoderma mushroom into each packet of their healthy coffee.

Ganoderma Coffee Wars: Fact of Fiction? 

There has been what I like to call “Ganoderma Coffee Wars” going on inside the MLM industry for quite a few years now ever since Organo Gold came onto the scene a few years back. Every few months I hear about a new company launching who is marketing you guessed it! Instant coffee sachets infused with the ganoderma mushroom.

Just look back over the past few years at all the new companies who came out with SOME form of coffee with ganoderma:

Organo Gold




Now Wake Up Now has joined the Ganoderma coffee market.

I have previously supported my friends who are distributors for Organo Gold coffee, another MLM company like Wake Up Now who primarily focuses on marketing their coffee and other consumable products.

Mainly because like I said I drink instant coffee anyway, I have used these supplements/coffees with ganoderma in the past and noticed a few positive health benefits. What got me to try Wake Up Now’s instant coffee was simply the price no matter which way you cut it.

As a retail customer in Wake Up Now, it is only $24 for 30 cups of coffee (just shy of $1 per cup, pretty average) which is reasonable because a lot of the companies listed above although are the same price/cheaper, but the box of coffee only comes with 20 sachets versus the 30 offered by Wake Up Now. The pricing for WUN’s ganoderma coffee is only $16 for WUN distributors (about .53 cents per cup).

Now unless you like the Wal-Mart great value brand of coffee (tastes like popcorn) which I am sure is less than .53 cents per cup, WUN is very competitive when it comes to instant coffee like Keurig or even fast food places like McDonalds, Starbucks and so on.

It seems as though Wake Up Now is here for the long haul with the launch of all these new products. They heard their critics, got down to the root of the problem and took action. I have also seen posts of top WUN leaders with their corporate/compliance staff saying that they have “cleaned up their marketing practices” because a lot of WUN reps were facing heat for bashing other MLM companies like Vemma or World Ventures. This is good because it obviously ticked off a lot of Vemma and WV leaders.

I don’t think it helps that there are hundreds of videos on YouTube with titles like “Why I left Vemma for WakeUpNow” lol

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this article!

What are your thoughts?

Is Wake Up Now STILL a scam in your opinion, or did adding tangible products and cleaning up their unethical marketing practices give them a shot at becoming an iconic company?

Comment below, and be sure to share this with anybody you know who is thinking about joining Wake Up Now or already a member.

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