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Guest Post: Why a Vemma Bronze Leader Quit After 1 Year! Shocking News…

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Whats going on guys? Korey Niese, a former bronze leader with Vemma sits down to tell you why he quit Vemma after 1 year to pursue better opportunities in his opinion. I’m so thankful and grateful for Vemma because it expanded my awareness and taught me so much more about life in general and how to live better. It taught me how to create residual income and overall exposed me to incredibly healthy products that I’m thankful for and will continue to buy and support Vemma as a network marketing company. Vemma is a great company and I will always have a place in my heart for Vemma.

I’m gonna tell you my story and how I got started. I got invited out to a Vemma home event to hear about a way to make a couple grand a month working part-time. At first I was skeptical and thought it sounded too good to be true. However I went to the meeting and realized how legit this opportunity was and joined the next day on a Vemma Gold builder pack. I was all in from the very beginning and did loads of home events, 3 way calls, and everything my upline was telling me to do. Then I started to struggle and soon found online attraction marketing. And over the year while being involved with Vemma, I realized how much better some opportunities were that were out there for me. I made twice as much money with the internet in 1 DAY as compared with Vemma while being in it for an entire year.

You make small commissions with Vemma and all mlm companies and I personally believe they don’t compensate you what your really worth. I soon found ways to earn 50 to 100% commissions instead of tiny 3% commissions with an MLM opportunity. I’m not saying what I’m doing is better, I’m just saying it’s better for me personally. It allows me the freedom to truly work from home and leverage my time.
With Vemma, they preach the traditional mlm systems which is buy your products, talk to your friends and family, make a list, and do it over and over again.

To me that’s not very time efficient or effective for the avergae person who joins an mlm opportunity. This type of system they preach is a one size fits all and I don’t think that is good. What works for somebody may or may not work for everybody else. Success rate in mlm and Vemma is a measly 3%. 97% of their organization never break even or end up failing and quitting. They go bac to their job or old way of life.

Today I’m sharing how you can still earn residual income and create a lifestyle of freedom while working from home and leveraging the internet. Vemma is a great opportunity at the end of the day, but I’ve just found better ones that make more sense to me personally and what I believe for the vast majority of people who join this wonderful industry of direct response marketing.

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