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From Pirate Ships to the Adam’s Family, All the Way to Carmen Electra’s Mansion

I didn’t want to name this blog post something boring like “Miami Weekend Business Trip Recap” or “OMG I wanna go back to Miami” so I decided on the above. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you joined us in Miami this weekend, you might understand why I chose that for a title. If you weren’t with us however, continue reading and I will do my best to break it down for you below.

Eight Figure Fellas in MIA
Eight Figure Fellas in MIA

Let’s go back a few months. The day I heard David Wood announce that the next Empower Network event was in Miami, Florida (2 hours South from my house) I was hanging out with two of my business partners, Craig Ronaldson “The MLM Jedi” and Andrew Tiffany, co-founder of The MLM Times.

At the same exact time, the three of us said “we’re going” and at that moment we made the decision to go. We didn’t look in our calendars to see if we were available… we didn’t log in to mobile banking to check and make sure we had enough cash to pay for the tickets, travel, hotel, rental car etc… we simply made the decision that we were GOING.


Sometimes it doesn’t really matter if you have enough money or have other things going on. Once a decision is made and you are serious about it, your subconscious mind will almost always figure it out for you. ย Andrew, Craig and myself had plenty of obstacles leading up to this event, maybe you can relate. For one, our local mastermind team was growing with the addition of our newest leader Mr. Robert Fuller the CEO of the new Eight Figure Fellas brand. So now we had to make some changes to our travel plans, hotel, vehicle situation and so on.

Fast forward to the day before the event. All of our bags were packed, tickets in hand, and a desire to learn something new after leaving the event. I didn’t care if it was only one golden nugget I took away or ten, I had a burning desire to up my game and learn new skills that would take my team and I to the next level in our business. We loaded up the 2014 Ford Expedition we rented for the weekend and headed south on I-95.

The first day we arrived was simply registering for the event. So we went to the auditorium where the event was held, gave them our tickets and they gave us our lanyards so we had access to the event for 3 days. Now we had a full day in MIA to kill time because the event didn’t start until 7 pm on Friday night. Walking down Biscayne, we ventured towards the water and marinas to find this massive pirate ship. A guy with long black hair approaches my team and I, and tells us all about this pirate ship and how it takes you all through Star Island, Palm Island and some other island I forgot the name of…

Only $26 for an hour and a half on a pirate ship? How could we turn it down?

Next thing you know are wallets are out and we are boarding this huge ass pirate ship. Some people were sitting on the bottom, there were 2 top levels, one in the front and one in the back where the captain was steering. They had a tour guide with a microphone pointing out some of the landmarks in Miami, and different celebrities mansions on the water. They even took the boat past the houses where they filmed Scarface and the Adam’s Family!

Carmen Electra's yacht
My Girl Carmen’s Little Boat

If you were wondering, Denzel Washington has a PAD let me tell you…

…even cruising past Carmen Electra’s mansion was a site to see.

She has a HUGE yacht on the dock behind her house with “Electra” on the back just so you know its her I guess lol.

I will write another post about our weekend in Miami sometime soon since I can’t fit everything into one article.

But I really wish you were there WITH US!

Seriously had too much fun and can’t wait to go back… I freaking love Miami. The food, the site seeing just the whole city is straight gangster… like me.

Joe Stewart

772 -626-4271

Author of Create Your Own Economy



Author of Create Your Own Economy, Online Network Marketer for EPX Body & Founder of The MLM Times. Reach me at 772-626-4271

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