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MLM Functions & Affiliate Events: Waste Of $ Or Secrets Revealed? (Video Attached)

Is your upline pressuring you to go to your MLM function?

should i attend MLM events
Some Friends @ Last Event!

My first few years in MLM I was involved in the mac daddy of them all known as Amway lol… don’t you just love Amway?

My up line ‘mentor’ kept telling me the importance of buying my tickets to the big ‘function’ every 90 days but for whatever reason I never went. I always came up with excuses such as not having the money, or I had to work that weekend, but in reality I could have easily came up with the extra money and requested off work a few weeks in advance.

After quitting Amway and fumbling around in quite a few different MLM companies and affiliate offers, I finally made the decision to attend my primary MLM’s big event as well as my online affiliate companies big event.

It’s not really about the wisdom being dropped or the big ‘secret’ you expect to learn, but more so just brushing shoulders with the 6 & 7 figure income earners in your company. Sitting down for coffee or lunch with them, or even hitting the clubs and partying it up with these industry leaders is really where the golden nuggets and tips you are paying for are revealed.

The first event I went to was a big conference for a weight loss deal I was promoting. This company had just hit momentum so they packed like 15k people into the ย Miami Heat Arena for their big event almost 2 years ago. I think the main thing I got out of this event was just seeing all the average, everyday people who were making a full time income in this industry. Other then that it was really just a big old hype fest lol… maybe you can relate.

“Free BMW’s for anybody who produces X amount of sales each month.”

“Free product if you sell our overpriced product to 3 of your friends each month.”

“We believe in you.”

“You can do it!”

“It’s YOUR time!”

Yeah it was the hypest weekend of my life… no wonder why that companies sales are down $90 million from last year ๐Ÿ™‚

Moving on, me and my team got tired of the hypey free BMW’s and selling overpriced crap to 3 friends every month made it hard for me to sleep at night. So we moved on to some online business that was a lot more affordable to start and operate each month. This made it a very ‘sticky’ business model, meaning once people joined they had a hard time cancelling their monthly product subscription. When it was announced that this internet based company that went from $0 to $80 million in sales in less than 2 years was holding their quarterly event in Miami just a few hours south of me, you can bet your ass that I bought tickets for not only myself, but the 3 leaders on my team in my neighborhood.

Now this event was a lot more in depth then Hype Fest 2012… that was my name for it at least. Sure there was some hype and rah rah chants, but some people need that excitement or chill down their spine… the rest of us however were looking for an action plan, proven marketing and sales tactics, and any advice that would help us get to the next level.

What this event did differently then the little MLM party was on day 2 of the event, they split up all their leaders into different lobbies of the hotel we were at and let them teach for an hour, making it a more intimate setting they called them workshops. This gave people who attended the event the choice between their favorite leaders and who they personally wanted to learn from. Since a lot of these training workshops were happening at the same time as one another, we had to split up and each attend different workshops and share the notes that we took later on.

So should you attend your MLM company events?

At the end of the day only YOU can answer that question.

What I will say is this: if you have the money in your checking, you can get out of work or find a babysitter, then yes you should definitely attend the event! If you are still on the fence about your company or whether or not you can succeed there, attending their event will definitely either make you a firm believer in your products and company, or it might be the one last thing that puts the nail in the coffin where you decide to leave that specific company.

Either way you look at it, the highest paid network marketers all attend their events, and they are the biggest promoters of their company events. Just keep that in mind if you want to become a millionaire in MLM or affiliate marketing.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about whether or not you should go to your MLM company functions and events.

I’ll see ya at the bank!

Eight Figure Fellas in MIA
My team in MIA

Joe Stewart


Author of Create Your Own Economy

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Author of Create Your Own Economy, Online Network Marketer for EPX Body & Founder of The MLM Times. Reach me at 772-626-4271

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