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Brain Abundance Review: Can You Achieve Abundance In This New MLM?

What is Brain Abundance?

Are you online today looking for more information about one of the new MLM companies known as Brain Abundance?

Not 100% sold if you should join yet due to some of the scam claims across Google or YouTube? In this completely 3rd party Brain Abundance review I will go over the following:

-The owners of Brain Abundance and the company background.

-Their product line, ingredients and pricing.

-Compensation plan/fine print.

-What you would need to succeed in something like Brain Abundance.

So with that being said, let’s get started!

Brain Abundance – Owners and Background 

brain abundance reviews
CEO of Brain Abundance

Brain Abundance was launched by Eric J. Caprarese and Dr. Pejman Behrouzi.

On their official website it states that they use a “team of top scientists, nutritionists, and formulators” to create these products that provide great results. The company has been in pre launch for a few months, but they official launched for business in mid January of 2014.

Now if you head over to their CEO Eric Caprarese’s Facebook page, you will easily find that he was previously (or still is?) apart of Pure NRG fx the new Playboy energy drink everybody was talking about last year.

If you go to his official blog it says that Eric is a Network marketing top earner, motivational speaker and industry leader.

He has also started his own charity called the Caprarese Foundation. For every $1 that they receive they are able to feed 4 hungry children.

You can learn more about Eric’s charity at their official site

Brain Abundance Product – Brain Fuel Plus

Their flagship product is known as Brain Fuel Plus which is a capsule form supplement which claims to help you maintain healthy brain function.

I have seen quite a few friends on Facebook posting pictures and videos of the product bottle, and a lot of positive testimonials from people who stated that the Brain Abundance supplement helped with their depression, anxiety, memory and other mental functions.

On the official Brain Abundance website it says:

Three capsules of Brain Fuel PLUS each day can help:

  • SUPPORT A HEALTHY MEMORYbrain-fuel-plus

Brain Fuel PLUS helps you realize your brain’s full potential – work smarter, not harder.

Brain Abundance – Comp Plan

From their website, the Brain Abundance compensation plan is an accelerated binary and is “one of the most aggressive in the industry” we’ve all heard that one before, right? 😉 So on top of this accelerated binary thing, there are a few other ways to get paid in their payout structure.

1. Powerline Bonus – One of the most powerful parts of our Powerline driven system is your ability to earn income on the first three people below who have at least 50BV in personal volume, just by locking in your position. The Powerline Bonus is paid out one time and is paid out weekly.

2. Fast Start Commissions with Infinity Coded Overrides – For each new person you introduce to Brain Abundance, you will earn between $25 and $75 on their initial product order. PLUS, with 6 generations of Coded Overrides based on rank, you can earn up to $10.50 on the first order of everyone in your entire team. There is no limit as to how many people you can enroll or how much you can earn in Fast Start and Coded Overrides.

3. The industry’s FIRST and ONLY Accelerated Binary Compensation Plan, this very aggressive version of one of the most popular compensation plans in the industry combines a super high payout with the easiest qualifiers anywhere.

What makes the Accelerated Binary different?

  • Get Paid FASTER – The reason it’s called an Accelerated Binary is because traditional binaries pay out in a one-third, two-third fashion requiring you to have, for example, 3 people on your right leg and 6 on your left leg for a total of 9 people in your team before you get paid…which is difficult for many people. With our Accelerated Binary, you get paid much FASTER. As soon as you enroll just ONE person in each leg, you get paid!
  • BIGGER Commissions – While traditional binaries pay out a set amount per cycle to keep their actual payout in the 30% to 40% range, the Brain Abundance compensation plan GUARANTEES an incredible 75% of BV payout (almost DOUBLE the industry average) up to $20 per cycle!

When you lock in your position in Brain Abundance, you are given your own business center which will track all members in your team. Your business center has two teams: a Left Team and a Right Team. To qualify to earn monthly Accelerated Binary commissions, all you need to do is have a minimum of one personally enrolled active member with a minimum of 50BV in personal volume in each of your legs.

Once you do that, you are qualified to earn Accelerated Binary commissions for that month. As long as you maintain that qualification each month, you will earn a commission check for that “cycle.” Each time there is just 50 BV (1 order) on your left leg and 50 BV (1 order) on your right leg, regardless of who enrolled them, YOU get paid another cycle. Cycle’s pay out a very generous 75% of the total binary BV up to $20 per cycle. New members in your teams can be enrolled by you, or by any of your Team Members below you, or even by any team members ABOVE you in the Binary. All new members count equally toward the cycles and globally to unlimited depth…and with our state-of-the-art Powerline system, you may ALREADY have members signed up under you RIGHT NOW!

In the event that there is unused volume, (Example: You had 200 people in your left leg each with 50 BV in personal volume and 160 people in in your right each with 50 BV in person volume, you would be paid 160 cycles which will generate up to $3,200 (160 x $20 cycle) in commissions to you. That would leave 40 people in your left leg that you didn’t get paid on yet. ALL of that volume will carry over to be used next month.

4. Rank Achievement Bonus – Final way to get paid, simply climb the ranks in the Brain Abundance compensation plan and you will be rewarded with a one time bonus ranging from $1,000 to $100,000 dollars.

Brain Abundance Review – Can YOU Succeed?

So after reading my third party review, you should know much more about who is behind Brain Abundance, the ingredients and benefits behind their main product Brain Fuel PLUS, as well as everything I could find about the Brain Abundance comp plan. All that is left at this point is for you to decide if you feel this product is something YOU would personally consume and benefit from, and if you have the guts to tell all your friends, family and other people in your network about the product so you can earn an income.

Unfortunately this is 2014, and most people don’t like to be sold, and people don’t like to sell either! (Except me, I’m weird.)

brain abundance review

Now that you know most people hate sales, questions are probably starting to pop up in your mind like

“Can I sell this? If I recruit new people to use and market this product with me, will they be able to sell it as well?”

What if I told you that hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of people are going on Google and other search engines each and every day typing in stuff like “How to buy Brain Fuel PLUS” or “How to join Brain Abundance?”

Wouldn’t it be much easier for you to get your message and website in front of those targeted people, vs calling all your friends and family members? I’ve done both… and I’ll take the targeted people who are already looking for your products/business any day of the week.

If you feel this information would help YOU and YOUR team have massive success in Brain Abundance, I welcome you to contact me below so I can recommend some training and tools I personally use to build my home businesses.

I hope you have enjoyed this third party Brain Abundance review!

Eight Figure Fellas in MIA
My team in MIA

Joe Stewart


Author of Create Your Own Economy

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