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Empower Network’s New Product High Ticket Academy

What’s in High Ticket Academy?

In video 2 of the new High Ticket Academy product, founder of Empower Network David Wood stated that he reached out to one of his mentors Cedrick Harris to learn how he sold high ticket (more expensive) products. This was somewhat a funny coincidence to me, because I literally just met Cedrick Harris like 12 hours ago and definitely picked up some golden nuggets while we were hanging out for a bit… so I can see why D Wood hit up Cedrick for advice about selling high ticket stuff.

cedrick harris
Hanging W/ Cedrick Harris

He said he was riding around in Cedrick’s car one day and while he was asking him for advice for selling high ticket stuff, Cedrick’s phone rang. After talking with this guy for a few minutes he simply said “alright man well here’s what I want you to do… go to this website, and start putting in your credit card info.” Apparently David Wood was shocked as he saw all of this happen.

Next thing you know Cedrick’s OTHER phone was ringing (because he had one cell # for a high ticket business and another cell for a business opportunity or something like that) so he put the other guy on hold so he could take this other call and close them as well lol… talk about killing two birds with one stone, eh?

But the one thing David Wood noticed about this whole thing playing out, was that Cedrick pulled out his closing journal, where he would write down notes about the words he was using or some of the objections he would get or whatever. So the one thing I got from the first few minutes of this video was to have a journal with me whenever I am selling products over the phone or Facebook chat.

Aaron Rashkin – The Master of High Ticket Sales!

aaron rashkin empower networkMoving on into the other part of High Ticket Academy, Aaron Rashkin covers the importance of simply preparing yourself to make high ticket sales. Although it takes the same amount of energy to sell a $25 product as a $5,000 product, you still have to be prepared mentally and emotionally in order to earn the trust of somebody so they will fork over that large amount of money. You literally have to condition your mind in a different way to shift over from selling cheap stuff to products for $1,000 and up.

As a high ticket closer, you have to find out what your prospects want but can’t have because of what they are currently doing, so you have a lot of questions to ask and a lot of investigating to do! So yes that means you have a lot of chatting on the phone to do… I know some of you guys hate picking up the phone because we all got spoiled with capture pages leading to sales videos and making sales on auto pilot.

“You must know more about your prospects then you know about your product! You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going!” – Aaron Rashkin

Another nugget I picked up from Aaron’s high ticket academy training was something that me and my cousin Craig used to do which is to simply be each others assistants. As you have leads coming in to your marketing system with their phone numbers, it is a good idea to have an ASSISTANT to call these leads and screen them. It puts you in a position of authority and leadership, and if you have a personal assistant who calls your leads for you and sets up an appointment for them to talk to YOU, they are much more likely to see you as the person who can get them to where they want to go… its more of a psychology thing then marketing or sales.

Imagine when you walk into a doctors office or a dentist, there is an assistant or somebody sitting at the front desk in an office, hair salon you name it! You don’t just walk in and get access to the big important doctor right away. The assistant screens you and makes sure that you actually have an appointment.

Well I can’t tell you guys EVERYTHING I learned in High Ticket Academy because that wouldn’t be fair to the people who paid hundreds of dollars for this information.

Feel free to contact me below if you need any further assistance in selling your high ticket products or you want to get in the high ticket world of affiliate marketing.

I will see you on the beaches of the world…

joe stewartJoe Stewart


Author of Create Your Own Economy 

P.S- This is the marketing system I use to generate leads, and enroll people into my primary home business… it will DEFINITELY help you out!



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