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Jonathan Budd Launches The MyStand App

my stand app jonathan buddOnline entrepreneur Mr. Jonathan Budd announced on his Facebook fan page on March 19th, 2014 that he was launching the MyStand app.

His exact status was “I am in absolute shock… after 3 1/2 years… a POWERFUL dream is now being born. My friends… I invite you to join the MyStand Movement, & participate in creating a thriving, just, sustainable future for life on this planet.”

On the official MyStand websiteย it states “We’re on a mission to reach 1 billion people and shift the direction of humanity… will you help?”

my stand

Underneath this, there is a smartphone displayed that says ‘Track Your Ripple Effect: MyStand lets you see your impact on the world. You can track your own progress, and you can also see the impact of everyone in your circle. That means everyone youย recruited, everyone they recruited and so on. Start with one small action, and see how far your ripple can reach.”

Now this may not mean anything to most people outside the industry or new here, but isn’t it interesting that the last app that Jonathan Budd was involved in launching was called “Rippln” which recently went out of business in January? I feel that My-Stand is basically Rippln with a new name due to all the negative press associated with Rippln.

Now this is not a negative post or review of Jonathan Budd, I like him and have learned tons of stuff from him during my 5 years in the industry… he rocks, I’m just pointing out the obvious here folks.

We will see how MyStand plays out in comparison to Rippln, hopefully they learned what would work and wouldn’t work, and made the necessary changes to make sure MyStand lasts longer then Rippln.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick article about Jonathan Budd recently launching the MyStand App.

As the company progresses over the next few weeks and I learn more, I will update this article or write a newer one. Wishing Jbudd and everybody involved in the new My-Stand app great success!

I’ll see you on the beaches of the world…

Joey StewartJoe Stewart

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