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Using Bonuses and Giveaways in Your Marketing (Only for Real Gangsters)

times square NYC
Slidin thru Times Square

Hey everyone, Joe here!

Sorry for the delay in posting. If we are connected on Facebook you probably know I was up in New York for a few days visiting the city, and doing some work on my next book with my co-author Mr. Terrence Freeman.

My other business partner Korey Niese out in St. Louis and I are putting the finishing touches on the bonuses we are giving away to people who join us in our respective ventures.

This is a trick I learned from Darren Little a few years back. If people have to pay $49 for your product/affiliate status, you want to put together bonuses worth 10X more than what they pay. People can’t say no whether they are focused on their respective biz or not. Many will buy our products for the bonus alone, and never log in their back office.

We are okay with that.

Others will catch the vision, enjoy the personal performance products and stick around for life simply because of the VALUE. They won’t have to be rock star recruiters, or paid ad gurus… all they have to do is giveaway bonuses, point and direct people to a video aka be a ‘tour guide.’

Unlike most marketers these days… no fear tactics needed here, just value.

Those on the outside will be looking in at us like:

“How do they turn profit with giving away ALL THAT FOR FREE?”

Gurus will hate us, leaders will lock arms & noobies will win here.


korey niese's twitter marketing domination
Korey Niese’s Twitter Bonus

That is when this gets fun!

We will be giving away Korey Niese’s Twitter Marketing Domination product, my Facebook Marketing Concepts DVD, a copy of my book ‘Create Your Own Economy‘ along with a professionally branded graphic design of your choice. Most people get banners for their blog or Facebook cover, other people might want a banner ad to place on the side of their blog and so on.

We wanted to give people a broad range of courses and options they can choose with their bonuses.


This will put money in your pocket, and your new customers will not only appreciate you for giving away so much stuff, but they will continue to buy from you time and time again because of their first positive giveaway experience with you. I have run promotions like this countless times where I giveaway free paperback copies of my book to the next 2-3 people who join my team… it creates a sense of urgency, and it’s fun!

It makes you look like a cool marketer who’s not only in it for the money. Your prospects will be like “Hmm these guys are giving away social media courses, Free books, Free graphic design work, they must have money to be able to do all of this cool stuff!”

Your prospect WILL NOT join you if they feel you are broke. What vibes are you giving them with your Facebook statuses? Are you coming off as broke, desperate for sign ups?


If that’s the case, latch on to what I am teaching here and start leading with value folks… it’s called ATTRACTION MARKETING for a reason!

If you just take the time to create some training courses and videos for your team, package it up into a HUGE product bundle that looks very valuable and expensive that they can’t get anywhere else, they will be happy to join your team because of the VALUE.

No value=no sign ups.

See you at the bank…


Call or text me: 772-626-4271

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