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Joe Budden WakeUpNow WUN Rumors? **Shocking Truth Revealed **

Joe Budden WakeUpNow Rumors? ***Shocking Truth REvealed*** 

From WikipediaJoe Budden (born August 31, 1980) is an American hip hop recording artist from Jersey City, New Jersey, who, in addition to being a solo artist, is a member of the American hip hop super group Slaughterhouse, alongside fellow rappers Royce da 5’9″, Joell Ortiz, and Crooked I.

There was a photo circulating around my Facebook news feed, as well as MLM/Network marketing based groups shown below:

joe budden joins wakeupnow wun


Thanks to Jamie Gill for exposing this photoshopped image of Joe Budden, you can view the original post here.

It seems as though some marketers were using this photo as a way to attract new customers or distributors and prove the legitimacy of WakeUpNow.

Now don’t take this article the wrong way, I actually like WakeUpNow as a customer not an IBO. I drink the coffee and plan to try their new energy drinks soon called THUNDER Awaken or something like that. WUN is a great company where people can come make roughly $500 per month (after their $99/mo fee) with a small team of only 12 people… you won’t find a payout like that in any other network marketing company believe me I’ve looked. The little guy can definitely succeed here if they put in some work.

Unfortunately marketers like this are giving the company a bad reputation. A lot of WakeUpNow IBOs use aggressive recruiting tactics and have cross recruited hundreds (if not thousands) of distributors from companies like Vemma and World Ventures. This has started a “turf war” we’ll call it, and distributors from each company have publicly bashed each other on social media sites such as Facebook/YouTube/Twitter you name it. Due to all of this, CEO of Vemma BK Boreyko has actually went as far as hiring Len Clements of Inside Network Marketing to write a lengthy article about WUN. Although he listed the pros and cons, it is all part of the war between WakeUpNow and Vemma… period.

Here is what Kevin Thompson the MLM Attorney had to say in response to BK Boreyko:

kevin thompson MLM attorney

It seems as though the only leader on both sides who wanted to clear the air and make peace with all the companies involved was Seemore Green (Eric Turner) who is the top income earner in WakeUpNow. He is earning a whopping $114k per month after only being involved with WakeUpNow for a year now.

I think all companies mentioned above need to get their act together. They all have great products, fair compensation plans, and fantastic leadership in their companies, there is no need to run smear campaigns to try and bring each other down. Let’s face it… Vemma isn’t going anywhere, WUN isn’t going anywhere, and competition is healthy for business! Do you ever see Pepsi and Coca Cola talking shit about each other? NO!

I don’t know why IBO’s feel the need to lie about celebrities joining their respective MLM. When I join an MLM, I join it because I will personally use the product every month and enjoy it enough to where I would tell others about it. I wouldn’t join ViSalus just because Hulk Hogan and 50 other celebrities are on board are you freaking kidding me? WHO CARES!

If you’re a network marketing professional, act like it!

See you guys at the bank!

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