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Facebook Marketer Kai Lo of Skinny Body Care Joins Modere

Facebook Marketing Rockstar Kai Lo of Skinny Body Care Joins Modere

Hey what’s up internet land?

I was browsing through my Facebook news feed last night and I was very surprised to see that FB Rockstar Kai Lo has decided to partner up with direct sales company Modere.

Kai Lo was previously focused on Skinny Body Care, before making the announcement that him and his girlfriend Kelly Brennan had joined Armon Anderson in Modere.

Here is what Kai Lo posted on his Facebook wall last night:

“I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. It has been very hard for me to write this as I am going to lose friends and credibility in this industry

I’m frowned upon as a jumper

There’s a lot of uncertainty and fear when transitioning to another company

Ultimately, I needed to find something that I am truly passionate about

Kelly Brennan and I took a leap of faith to start from scratch in Modere with my friend Armon Anderson

I don’t see him as an upline or sponsor, but a good friend that I can relate with and build together

It wasn’t about whether or not the grass is greener on the other side, but more about following what I believe in and my passion

When it comes to network marketing, I want to focus on customer acquisition and retention more so than on recruiting other marketers. People that enjoy a brand would keep buying whether there is a comp plan or not attached to it. I wanted to be behind something that I am passionate to sell

This is the risk I’m willing to take to be part of the social retail movement and hope my friends would still support me no matter what I do

My business decisions have always been unorthodox, but I always believe in myself

Start from scratch, keep my head down, and grow the business in silence

Normally, a good post takes me less than 2 minutes to write, but this took me several hours to write and hit the Post button

I wish nothing but the best for each and every one of you.”legendary marketers of facebook joe stewart and Kai Lo in atlantic city new jersey.jpg

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