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MLM News for the Week 10/23/2014

MLM News for the week 10/23/2014:

Innutra LLC announced the opening of the European Union for the Innutra products and opportunity. They have products on the ground in their warehouse in Europe, and they are in a final stage of the process to certify, register and sell their products in all 28 EU countries. In November of 2014, Innutra’s top earner Chris Hummel launched FITTEAM Global and merged with Innutra.

Direct Selling Association (DSA) announced that it has endorsed 13 congressional candidates in recognition of their commitment to direct selling and the entrepreneurship and opportunity it creates for millions of Americans.

CEO of Genesis Pure Robert Lindsey Duncan, who has appeared on “The View” and other TV shows hawking nutritional products, was charged by the Texas Attorney General’s office on Wed with duping the public by claiming to be a doctor when he isn’t one.

Tony Rush from Dothan, Alabama, USA in one of the Top Earners in Empower Network and he is now inย Dubli. Although typically frowned upon from the ‘enticement’ standpoint, Tony Rush opened his back office showing his Dubli commissions in a YouTube video. He has made $153,000 in less than 60 days and used proper income disclosures.

Rumor on the street is ILN (Internet Lifestyle Network) hasn’t been paying affiliates for a few wks (mos?) Although some koolaid sippers argue in defense of the company saying they have been paid, many ILN affiliates have shown screenshots of the money transfer being declined etc. Also a lot of my friends in ILN said their sponsors have blocked them on FB when they questioned why they haven’t been paid.

Good job troops…

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