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Jeunesse Bought Out Monavie aka MYNT.. MYNT & Jeunesse Merge

Jeunesse MYNT Monavie merger bought outJeunesse Bought Out Monavie aka MYNT.. MYNT & Jeunesse Merge

Rumors have been floating around Facebook the past few days that Jeunesse Bought Out Monavie aka MYNT. I went over to current MYNT (formerly MonaVie) top earners, Steve & Gina Merritt’s Facebook page to see that they are having a very important webinar tonight at 7:30pm with a “big announcement”. I am assuming that the big announcement is that their company MYNT was bought out or has merged over to Jeunesse.. almost like Numis Network and World Ventures did a few years back.

This comes to no surprise to me for quite a few reasons:

For one, we all know Mona Vie sales have been way down the past few years.. ever since Brig Hart left and they appointed a new CEO it has kinda gone downhill no offense to any of current MonavVe MYNT leaders.. they just lost that “fire” they used to have. MonaVie branded cars used to be all over South Florida where I live… haven’t seen any Monavie cars or t-shirts in years..(Not even MYNT).

On top of that, there was a video posted on the Monavie corporate page of their CEO talking about their struggles and some debt they were in. SO the whole news that Jeunesse is buying them out.. makes sense.

What about Jeunesse?

Well.. it just became public knowledge a few weeks ago for people not in the know, that Jeunesse has been paying leaders to come over to their company and bring their teams for awhile now. Up front bonuses, contracts, positions near the top of the Jeunesse binary comp plan with “300k volume” under you… lol. Sounds enticing… I know a lot of people have taken these deals or positions in the company.. and although I wish everybody had to pay the initial start up cost and build organically, some people are given special deals and up front money… I have worked for every dime I have ever earned so I can’t relate to the contracts or being “given” volume or teams lol.. but to each his own, obviously anybody who was offered money to join is a talented network marketer to begin with, and people in sports, colleges and every other industry pays recruitment commissions… but you can’t just pay a starter fee and take part in the NFL or college football, so there is a fine line in the sand… just my opinion though as this is my blog.

I guess Jeunesse started thinking bigger… why buy leaders when you can just buy entire network marketing companies?

I am curious to hear what a lot of top MonaVie or MYNT leaders have to say about the transition, as well as field leaders in Jeunesse.

Here is what Monavie MYNT Top earners Steve & Gina Merritt had to say after the announcement had been made:

“It’s Official! The Mynt-MonaVie Leadership Call just finished and we have a new strategic partner. This is the Biggest Acquisition in the history of our industry! Gina and I are MORE excited about the potential and future of our Company than we’ve ever been. We have been working together with field and corporate leaders for quite some time to make this happen. We thought it would be done sooner but with a company as big as ours it takes time to find the right strategic partner.

If you are serious about your future be sure you are getting facts for the right source. When these merges take place so many people get mixed up in drama and rumors. If Steve and Gina are confident that because of this we can now create history by breaking our own records you should be as well. This is a very, very exciting day!

Here is what the Fastest Growing Company in our industry was in Mynt-MonaVie. They love our history, records in the industry, loyalty, leadership, commitment, passion, energy, excitement, ability to re-invent ourselves with Mynt and of course our Billion Dollar MonaVie Brand.

Here is a few ways they can help us as Mynt-MonaVie moves forward. Because we are expanding so rapidly with our product lines, and launching Mynt is so many countries we will receive help in investing in brand awareness, marketing, product development, bigger production and events, expansion in other markets, and most importantly put us on the offense.

Questions you might be having. Are we still Mynt-MonaVie can we keep our culture? Of course that’s why they sought after and invested in us! Do we keep our products? Yes they stay the same and of course we are always adding additional innovative ones. Are we Jeunesse? No! We are Mynt-MonaVie they are behind the scenes helping orchestrate or vision. Does Comp Plan Change? No unless we decide to add MORE Incentives! Does the genealogy of the tree stay the same? Yes! Even though there was some messaging that was confusing all companies will stay separate and operate business as usual. More importantly all lines of sponsorships will remand the same as well as our tree genealogy.

Remember there will be plenty of rumors going around of people wanting to create doubt in your mind. This always happens when an opportunity gets better. We want you to know that our prayers have been answered. We are confident, and MORE excited than ever. We encourage you to you stay calm and focused. Time could not be better for you to achieve your goals and dreams with the Mynt-MonaVie Opportunity. The question now is what are you going to do with the opportunity that has just been handed to you? We are already out talking to people and doing meetings and encourage you to do the same. Have an amazing week! Fired Up, Steve and Gina”

At least on a public setting like Facebook they are excited… hope everything works out for all MYNT and Jeunesse reps moving forward as the transition takes place over the next few months and years ahead.

To your success…

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