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From Vaping During Congressional Hearing To Endorsing Donald Trump: Meet Congressman Duncan Hunter

I know I’m a marketer and usually write about personal development and avoiding the news… but I wanted to write about the first sitting congressman to endorse Republican Presidential Candidate (and currently the front runner)Β Donald J. Trump, Mr. Duncan Hunter.

The first time I heard about Rep. Duncan Hunter, he was vaping during a congressional hearing and another politician near him was complaining about it. He went on to defend the benefits of vaping.

duncan hunter endorses donald trump

Today, Congressman Hunter crossed my newsfeed again for being the first representative to endorse Trump.

Seems to me like he might be trying to get the GOP front runners attention? πŸ˜€

I bet a lot of senators, governors and other congressman from all 50 states start coming forward and endorsing DonaldΒ Β Trump, you know they would LOVE to be selected as his VP nominee and piggyback off his brand and following… Trump is not an idiot though… πŸ˜‰

duncan hunter endorses donald trump

I think he will see right through all the republicans trying to endorse him for a shot at being VP or chosen for his cabinet.

What’s your thoughts on politicians using each other for exposure?

(Positive endorsements like this vs negative ads/social media back & fourths)

Who do YOU think the GOP Nominee will be, now that Trump has won 3 states in a row?

If it is Trump, who do you think he will select as his VP?

Thanks for reading, comment below!

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