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Javita Coffee – Next Startbucks or Next Flop?

Javita Coffee

Javita-coffeeHey Everybody, thank you for stopping by the page here today! If you have found yourself here than there is a good chance that you are looking for a Javita Coffee Review. For those of you who don’t know about Javita Coffee, they are quickly become one of the more popular company’s lately in MLM, and starting to gain some serious momentum.

Javita was actually my first ever MLM and I must say I didn’t do too bad with it. I partnered up with them the day they launched and had a team of about 20-25 in my first two or thee months, all on autoship, building and expanding business. I was experiencing time leveraging, and really thought I would retire with my first MLM.

Until the third month came along, you see this is when everything started to change. The autoship would go up, payouts got cut, almost all the top leaders would end up leaving, as well as the rest of my team. So needless to say I left too. But from what I have been told they have completely changed up everything in the company, and it running like a well oiled machine now.

The autoship every month is as you guest, coffee. But not just any type of of coffee, instant gourmet coffee made from only the top ingredients on the planet.They also have a weight loss coffee called “burn” that is clinically proven to curve your appetite and metabolism. I believe its $39 for one case (28 servings) and $75 for the autoship(two cases).

Javita Compensation Plan

Now time to get to the meat and potatoes; the Javita compensation plan. Well for starters it’s a binary which has worked for numerous companies like Monavie and Numis Network. They have also added the three for free program just like competitor Visalus. This has worked very well for Javita; I mean who would quit if you are getting your product free, right?

Now all that is cool and everything, but if you really want to be THE BEST at Javita; I’m talking HEAD AND SHOULDERS ABOVE EVERYBODY ELSE….. You have to position yourself correctly and start have people CALL YOU(with credit card in hand) wanting to JOIN YOUR TEAM!

Epx Body

So how do you position yourself correctly? Well for starters it starts with branding, getting on Google, actually treating it LIKE A BUSINESS, and MOST IMPORTANTLY…. GETTING ON THE PHONE!

Do, follow, and repeat those four steps and there is no reason you won’t have success in your new home business.

But… If you really want to knock Javita Coffee, or any company for that matter, out of the park; I recommend you give a call so that we can map out your journey to success!

Craig Ronaldson“See You at The Bank!”

Craig Ronaldson


P.S. Don’t forget to checkout Javita’s Biggest Competition

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No Monkey Business: What is Social Monkee?

No Monkey Business What is Social Monkee? 

what is Social Monkee

Hey my friends you have got Craig Ronaldson here doing a guest blog for my good friend Joe. I’ll try too hard not to monkey around on here, so we’ll get straight to the point.

If you are running your website and not getting the views you want, and can’t seem to find your website anywhere online, than there is a good chance that A. you don’t have enough backlinks going back to your site <- like that back link will take you back to my main website or B. you aren’t putting it out there for people to see.

What is Social Monkee?

So what is Social Monkee? Well Social Monkee is a website that allows you you to spin and send out your article to over 25 different website giving you two things, back links and more traffic, views and sales at some point!

That is insane!

So you write your article and then send it out to your list, submit it to Social Monkee, and then they send it out to over 25 different sites! If that doesn’t help your views and increase your ratings than I don’t know what will my friend!

Imagine how many targeted views you will have after sending your article to all your websites plus all the other websites of Social Monkee. This is a true upper hand in the SEO game.

How Much Does Social Monkey Cost?

buy what's working now MLM

Getting over 25 back links per blog isn’t free, but hey if you cant afford a one time, teeny weeny seven dollar fee for 25 backlinks to an endless amount of blog posts you publish, then I would not be surprised if you are not serious about your business. and probably just treating it like a little part time hobby.

The Social Monkee program is cheap, very easy to use with step by step video instructions on the inside. This website has helped numerous different entrepreneurs get their message out there to the world. So if you don’t have the views you want or aren’t where you want to be on the Google charts, stop by Social Monkey and get your backlinks going today!

May Success Be With You!

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