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Growing YOUR Online Social Media Presence…

~Growing YOUR Online Social Media Presence~

When I first got the idea to bring my business online & release my 1st book a few yrs ago, I did what any networker would do & reached out to all the SEO gurus, web designers & Social Media experts in my space.

I put my ego aside to not only learn but freaking master these skills, only to be disappointed when they told me it’d take YEARS for search engines to pick up my articles/vlogs, they said the site I’d need would cost more than my budget, they said I’d never be able to have my book about MLM/affiliate marketing & grow a following within those niches on social media lol

PS: Pick Up A Copy

With that being said.. I didn’t take their advice and just put my nose down into some books, free articles and resources & learned how to setup a blog, basic SEO to get the ball rolling, and starting posting on FB to promote my new content.. after doing this for a few yrs now I’ve learned a few things I’d like to share with you guys to hopefully save you time, energy, money.. all that.

1.) You can’t outsource the social media aspect.. you can’t delegate building relationships w/prospects, customers, and entrepreneurs on your team. Even if you’re not in MLM or affiliate marketing.. any business is always about relationships!

2.) They say be everywhere but I did it a little backwards.. I started w/ FB and built that up a good amount before I started using other outlets daily. Now I am driving friends from FB to follow me on IG, Twitter, blog, YouTube etc.. seriously don’t lose your mind trying to be active on every new app/site that pops up.. I like to have a life outside of my phone/computer so I ‘try’ to limit my use lately. What’s made this easier for me (common sense) was to upload the content from FB to blog/blog to FB, Instagram pic to FB/Twitter at same time.. kill 2 birds w/1 stone.

3.) Instead of always selling or advertise your product/service, switch it up.. people want to laugh, they want to learn.. so educate them.. inspire them.. get to know them.. I can’t explain it but just entertaining people, engaging w/them, giving them pointers etc. has always resulted in them getting back to me wanting info about my product.. ‪#‎AttractionMarketing‬

People want to be entertained, feel good, be right, make better decisions, know things others don’t, stay in the loop, make $$$, save $$$, hear the latest gossip, and be part of the ‘in crowd’.

For social media to work you have to be entrepreneurial, creative, engaging and entertaining.

I’m not saying I’m a social media expert but this has been my main form of marketing, business & book sales over the past 5 years.. so I’ve seen what’s worked for myself and others and what hasn’t. I get inbox msgs everyday asking for help on social media.. how I got my book all over.. edgerank questions etc so with that:

Any Social Media Questions?

I’ll do a Q&A below just comment your questions below… thanks for reading!

Terrell Wallace NIKE MLM Author Joe Stewart Create Your Own Economy Network Marketing MLM Book Candace Ross TTW Enagic KangenJoe Stewart

Author of Create Your Own Economy 

MLM Consultant & Social Media/Branding Coach

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Remember the ‘social’ in social media…

Remember the ‘social’ in social media… it’s all about engaging with others.

Treating it like a pissing contest with your old sponsor, people who quit yo team, ex’s, or people in other companies doesn’t count as being social..

Instead just cheer your competitors on and get back to dominating!

Only post when you have something inspiring, important, or valuable to share w/everyone.. don’t just post to “get likes” or “generate a lead or sale” because people can smell desperation a mile away..

Remember folks: “People don’t care how much you know until they knows how much you care.” -So engage on their posts.. get to know them.. follow up w/them until you are blue in the face or they block you Lol..

That’s all I got! Until next time, enjoy this extra sexy Joe Stewart selfie! 😀

Also be sure to buy my book here!

joe stewart MLM FITTEAM Author

PS: I don’t just post on FB about being ‘social’ because it’s the “cliche” “marketer” thing to do… I truly enjoy getting to know each and every one of you guys I’ve made friends with the past few years.

(This was originally posted to my FB wall ^^^)

Feel free to call/text me anytime at 772-626-4271 & if I don’t answer just leave a msg/text and I’ll get back to everyone!

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Facebook Marketer Kai Lo of Skinny Body Care Joins Modere

Facebook Marketing Rockstar Kai Lo of Skinny Body Care Joins Modere

Hey what’s up internet land?

I was browsing through my Facebook news feed last night and I was very surprised to see that FB Rockstar Kai Lo has decided to partner up with direct sales company Modere.

Kai Lo was previously focused on Skinny Body Care, before making the announcement that him and his girlfriend Kelly Brennan had joined Armon Anderson in Modere.

Here is what Kai Lo posted on his Facebook wall last night:

“I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. It has been very hard for me to write this as I am going to lose friends and credibility in this industry

I’m frowned upon as a jumper

There’s a lot of uncertainty and fear when transitioning to another company

Ultimately, I needed to find something that I am truly passionate about

Kelly Brennan and I took a leap of faith to start from scratch in Modere with my friend Armon Anderson

I don’t see him as an upline or sponsor, but a good friend that I can relate with and build together

It wasn’t about whether or not the grass is greener on the other side, but more about following what I believe in and my passion

When it comes to network marketing, I want to focus on customer acquisition and retention more so than on recruiting other marketers. People that enjoy a brand would keep buying whether there is a comp plan or not attached to it. I wanted to be behind something that I am passionate to sell

This is the risk I’m willing to take to be part of the social retail movement and hope my friends would still support me no matter what I do

My business decisions have always been unorthodox, but I always believe in myself

Start from scratch, keep my head down, and grow the business in silence

Normally, a good post takes me less than 2 minutes to write, but this took me several hours to write and hit the Post button

I wish nothing but the best for each and every one of you.”legendary marketers of facebook joe stewart and Kai Lo in atlantic city new jersey.jpg

Joe Stewart

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Author of Create Your Own Economy 

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From ‘Broke Pill Popper’ to Author & Successful Entrepreneur

popping pillsThinking back, it’s cool to see where I came from. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but I had a great childhood.

When I got introduced to entrepreneurship, I kept hearing the quote “You’re the average of the 5 people you hangout with the most.” At first it didn’t sink in, but the more & more I thought about it, I saw the truth. I was a drug addict at the time.

Every last dollar I had went to pot and pills, & when I ran out of money I would lie & steal to get my next fix. I take full responsibility for that & not looking for your sympathy, but back to that quote. The people I hung out w/ the most at the time were also broke drug addicts & liars, everything that I had become.

I had 2 choices: either learn how to make more money so I can sustain my drug habit or stop popping pills & take the small income I had to invest it in one of these online business things I kept seeing everywhere. I figured if I was making $3k+ per month I wouldn’t need drugs anymore… I could go to the mall, travel, or go do whatever I want and that this would keep me busy enough to stay away from drugs.

Boy was I wrong…

$3,000 a month came and now that my income more than doubled so did my drug use. Although I had learned the skill to get money deposited into my bank every Friday, I had failed to master my mindset.

I was emotionally attached to drugs and no matter how much money I made, the downward spiral would continue.

I finally got pulled over with friends one day and got searched by the cops. Good thing I only had a small bag of pot or I would have been facing serious time. Although I was LIVID that day, I am so happy it happened. I was placed on probation for a year and had to take a drug test every 2 weeks. Sometimes it’s really just mind over matter. How come I couldn’t just STOP when I knew enough was enough?

Why did I have to wait for a third party source like the police, or the fear of prison time to finally wake the fuck up? I’m not quite sure… but the moral of this story is we all have different backgrounds good and bad. Some people see my website or read my book and think ‘Wow overnight success, he’s lucky etc.” I remember saying I wanted to be an author and business owner while they saw me spending my whole paycheck on drugs… some laughed, others listened. But here I am. Funny how life works sometimes right?


Don’t give up, I believe in you. 

joe stewartJoe Stewart

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Author of Create Your Own Economy

P.S – Learn how to master your mindset like I did.


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Why Building a Brand for Yourself is Crucial to Success

joe stewart
Click for my Personal FB

As you read the word ‘brand‘ what comes to mind?

Coca-Cola, Apple, or maybe Amazon?

There are so many big brands out there nowadays it is hard to get noticed as a new business owner.

As an author and online marketer, I have it much easier… because I am just building my brand: The Joe Stewart brand.

Hmm that has a ring to it… maybe I’ll pick up the guitar again and start the Joe Stewart Band? Lol.

Anyways, I am not out there trying to compete with Apple or other massive companies… I compete with non-fiction authors in my niche, and other online marketers who usually make themselves look like dingbats anyway with bogus claims, and make my job really, REALLY easy.

So how did I get my brand started when I was flat broke? I started this blog in 2012 for like $18, and started writing company reviews and marketing training. Success from this blog didn’t come fast, it took consistent posting for a 90 day+ period so if you think blogging will get you hundreds of leads a day fast think again… it takes a lot of time, energy and passion.

After publishing 100+ something blog posts I was like well now what do I do? I had also recorded and uploaded 50 or so videos on YouTube with links in the description to capture pages, my blog, as well as my phone number and email at the time. Again, success with these videos didn’t come overnight, it took months to start getting free traffic and free leads!

At this point I was at a stand still in a business.

My team was cranking out multiple 6 figures per year in our business and everything was good, but we just couldn’t seem to get to that next level. I was reading a blog post on branding by the founder of Empower Network David Wood, and on that post he talks about everything that I was doing at the time such as my official blog, YouTube videos, PPC, media buys and social media of course… but no matter how much content I put out or advertising dollars I spent, my income was at a stand still.

If you continue reading that post I linked to about branding by David Wood, you would know that his recommendation to take your brand to the next level was writing a book… a physical book, not an e-book or PLR garbage. He used the example of Timothy Ferriss, the author of the Four Hour Workweek and other best selling books. Think about it, the people in bookstores will never find your blog, click your ugly banner ad, or find you online. They may however, find your paperback book in Barnes and Noble and hunt you down to join your team… it’s happened for me so it can happen for you too if you take action.

So after taking a few months off from the industry, I read hundreds of books about networking, marketing, among other stuff related to our niche, I went to every seminar I could and paid the best consultants to teach me how they were making 6-7 figures per month hand over fist.

With all this new found knowledge in my head, I applied everything that I had learned. I found out which strategies worked for me personally in my business, and which ones did not. I also took into effect what was duplicating for my team, and what tactics only veteran marketers could do vs someone brand new.

joe stewart's new book
Buy My New Book!

After testing and tweaking everything for months, I had a little system in place that worked very well for me and my team. I finally sat down in 2012 and wrote my first book which tells my story and explains my whole digital real estate system called ‘Create Your Own Economy.’

This is when my brand went to a whole new level!

Radio shows started contacting me by email and phone, top network and online marketers, you name it… I was literally attracting my ideal business partners into my life each and every day.

(Check out my radio interview with Syndicated News)

I’ve hung out with the owner of Salt Life many times, been featured on quite a few radio shows and news websites as well as been invited to do book signings at bookstores and coffee shops across the USA. I don’t say all of this to brag because I still have a longgggg way to go, but I am just showing you what is possible when you take the time to build a solid brand.

Some people don’t realize that its as easy as going on and having some professional graphic design done for your Facebook and website. This is the start of building a good looking brand, without having to be a guru or expert in the industry… (yet.)

Just be sure to constantly be growing yourself. What I mean is read daily for 30 minutes or more, something positive like personal development etc. Listen to some audios by peak performance trainers inside your specific industry, so this way you have tons of knowledge and leadership to be able to offer your marketplace and your potential customers. If you can’t help your prospects get to where THEY want to go in life, they have no reason to buy anything from you… period.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about why building a brand for yourself is CRUCIAL to success.

If you have any further questions about branding, leave a comment below!

If you got value out of this post, be sure to share it on Facebook or Twitter… you never know who might need it!

Call or text me: 772-626-4271

“I don’t hide behind a laptop like most online marketers 😉 “

Author of Create your Own Economy


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Empower Network’s New Product High Ticket Academy

What’s in High Ticket Academy?

In video 2 of the new High Ticket Academy product, founder of Empower Network David Wood stated that he reached out to one of his mentors Cedrick Harris to learn how he sold high ticket (more expensive) products. This was somewhat a funny coincidence to me, because I literally just met Cedrick Harris like 12 hours ago and definitely picked up some golden nuggets while we were hanging out for a bit… so I can see why D Wood hit up Cedrick for advice about selling high ticket stuff.

cedrick harris
Hanging W/ Cedrick Harris

He said he was riding around in Cedrick’s car one day and while he was asking him for advice for selling high ticket stuff, Cedrick’s phone rang. After talking with this guy for a few minutes he simply said “alright man well here’s what I want you to do… go to this website, and start putting in your credit card info.” Apparently David Wood was shocked as he saw all of this happen.

Next thing you know Cedrick’s OTHER phone was ringing (because he had one cell # for a high ticket business and another cell for a business opportunity or something like that) so he put the other guy on hold so he could take this other call and close them as well lol… talk about killing two birds with one stone, eh?

But the one thing David Wood noticed about this whole thing playing out, was that Cedrick pulled out his closing journal, where he would write down notes about the words he was using or some of the objections he would get or whatever. So the one thing I got from the first few minutes of this video was to have a journal with me whenever I am selling products over the phone or Facebook chat.

Aaron Rashkin – The Master of High Ticket Sales!

aaron rashkin empower networkMoving on into the other part of High Ticket Academy, Aaron Rashkin covers the importance of simply preparing yourself to make high ticket sales. Although it takes the same amount of energy to sell a $25 product as a $5,000 product, you still have to be prepared mentally and emotionally in order to earn the trust of somebody so they will fork over that large amount of money. You literally have to condition your mind in a different way to shift over from selling cheap stuff to products for $1,000 and up.

As a high ticket closer, you have to find out what your prospects want but can’t have because of what they are currently doing, so you have a lot of questions to ask and a lot of investigating to do! So yes that means you have a lot of chatting on the phone to do… I know some of you guys hate picking up the phone because we all got spoiled with capture pages leading to sales videos and making sales on auto pilot.

“You must know more about your prospects then you know about your product! You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going!” – Aaron Rashkin

Another nugget I picked up from Aaron’s high ticket academy training was something that me and my cousin Craig used to do which is to simply be each others assistants. As you have leads coming in to your marketing system with their phone numbers, it is a good idea to have an ASSISTANT to call these leads and screen them. It puts you in a position of authority and leadership, and if you have a personal assistant who calls your leads for you and sets up an appointment for them to talk to YOU, they are much more likely to see you as the person who can get them to where they want to go… its more of a psychology thing then marketing or sales.

Imagine when you walk into a doctors office or a dentist, there is an assistant or somebody sitting at the front desk in an office, hair salon you name it! You don’t just walk in and get access to the big important doctor right away. The assistant screens you and makes sure that you actually have an appointment.

Well I can’t tell you guys EVERYTHING I learned in High Ticket Academy because that wouldn’t be fair to the people who paid hundreds of dollars for this information.

Feel free to contact me below if you need any further assistance in selling your high ticket products or you want to get in the high ticket world of affiliate marketing.

I will see you on the beaches of the world…

joe stewartJoe Stewart


Author of Create Your Own Economy 

P.S- This is the marketing system I use to generate leads, and enroll people into my primary home business… it will DEFINITELY help you out!

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From Pirate Ships to the Adam’s Family, All the Way to Carmen Electra’s Mansion

I didn’t want to name this blog post something boring like “Miami Weekend Business Trip Recap” or “OMG I wanna go back to Miami” so I decided on the above. 🙂

If you joined us in Miami this weekend, you might understand why I chose that for a title. If you weren’t with us however, continue reading and I will do my best to break it down for you below.

Eight Figure Fellas in MIA
Eight Figure Fellas in MIA

Let’s go back a few months. The day I heard David Wood announce that the next Empower Network event was in Miami, Florida (2 hours South from my house) I was hanging out with two of my business partners, Craig Ronaldson “The MLM Jedi” and Andrew Tiffany, co-founder of The MLM Times.

At the same exact time, the three of us said “we’re going” and at that moment we made the decision to go. We didn’t look in our calendars to see if we were available… we didn’t log in to mobile banking to check and make sure we had enough cash to pay for the tickets, travel, hotel, rental car etc… we simply made the decision that we were GOING.


Sometimes it doesn’t really matter if you have enough money or have other things going on. Once a decision is made and you are serious about it, your subconscious mind will almost always figure it out for you.  Andrew, Craig and myself had plenty of obstacles leading up to this event, maybe you can relate. For one, our local mastermind team was growing with the addition of our newest leader Mr. Robert Fuller the CEO of the new Eight Figure Fellas brand. So now we had to make some changes to our travel plans, hotel, vehicle situation and so on.

Fast forward to the day before the event. All of our bags were packed, tickets in hand, and a desire to learn something new after leaving the event. I didn’t care if it was only one golden nugget I took away or ten, I had a burning desire to up my game and learn new skills that would take my team and I to the next level in our business. We loaded up the 2014 Ford Expedition we rented for the weekend and headed south on I-95.

The first day we arrived was simply registering for the event. So we went to the auditorium where the event was held, gave them our tickets and they gave us our lanyards so we had access to the event for 3 days. Now we had a full day in MIA to kill time because the event didn’t start until 7 pm on Friday night. Walking down Biscayne, we ventured towards the water and marinas to find this massive pirate ship. A guy with long black hair approaches my team and I, and tells us all about this pirate ship and how it takes you all through Star Island, Palm Island and some other island I forgot the name of…

Only $26 for an hour and a half on a pirate ship? How could we turn it down?

Next thing you know are wallets are out and we are boarding this huge ass pirate ship. Some people were sitting on the bottom, there were 2 top levels, one in the front and one in the back where the captain was steering. They had a tour guide with a microphone pointing out some of the landmarks in Miami, and different celebrities mansions on the water. They even took the boat past the houses where they filmed Scarface and the Adam’s Family!

Carmen Electra's yacht
My Girl Carmen’s Little Boat

If you were wondering, Denzel Washington has a PAD let me tell you…

…even cruising past Carmen Electra’s mansion was a site to see.

She has a HUGE yacht on the dock behind her house with “Electra” on the back just so you know its her I guess lol.

I will write another post about our weekend in Miami sometime soon since I can’t fit everything into one article.

But I really wish you were there WITH US!

Seriously had too much fun and can’t wait to go back… I freaking love Miami. The food, the site seeing just the whole city is straight gangster… like me.

Joe Stewart

772 -626-4271

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Meet Us In Miami, Florida January 23rd-26th

Hey you.

Yeah, you…

I got a question for ya.

Are YOU coming to meet us in Miami this weekend?

empower network miami
Come hang with us!

The biggest internet marketing conference of the year is going down…

…and although we are jam packed booked with radio shows, book signings and other “shenanigans’ I still have some time set aside to meet up for some coffee or lunch with YOU… My fans and friends!

So are you going to make the trip to meet us there? I live in Florida so it’s just a few hours drive south… but we have team members flying in from New York, Texas, all 50 states to be quite frank and even people from other countries… This is gonna be too cool!

Now obviously this event is top secret and only members of the Empower Network have inside access.

Are you on my Empower Network team yet?

You can join right here, right now.

It’s only $25 for the basic product and $19 if you want to become an affiliate and qualified to earn commissions on any products we help you sell… so NO we are not trying to put a man on the moon here or anything.

We’re both adults here right?

We make $25 decisions all the time.

Did you think twice the last time you asked your girlfriend if she wanted to go out for dinner and a movie?

Of course you didn’t… and I bet it cost you way more then $25 am I right?

It wasn’t hard for you to make that decision because you like seeing your girlfriend happy and spending time with her.

So if you have to sit back and think it over as to whether or not you should start your own online business for $25, you should probably just exit my page.

I am only looking to work with serious people.

People who want more out of life.

More time freedom, more vacations with family, more money… what do YOU want more of?

Look if you’re still on the fence it is time to hop off.

Decide you’re gonna do something different with your life.

Decide that you’re be apart of something bigger then yourself.

Decide that you’re gonna do whatever it takes to make full time income with us from home.

Are you ready?

Join Now.

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Organo Gold Opens In Singapore

Organo Gold Opens in Singapore

organo gold revieworgano gold opens in SingaporeVANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/

Organo Gold ( ), the global gourmet coffee company that caters to consumers’ active lifestyles, today announced that it has expanded its Asian presence with the opening of operations in Singapore. Sunny Ooi, Regional Vice President Southeast Asia, will manage the company’s activities in the country.

“The opening of Singapore is critical for Organo Gold to help meet increased product demand in Southeast Asia,” said Bernardo Chua ( ), Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Organo Gold. “We will continue to aggressively establish the OG global footprint 2014 and look forward to serving customers in Singapore who are seeking to make Organo Gold products a part of their healthy, active lifestyles.”

Singapore marks the sixth Country in Asia where Organo Gold has opened operations in less than five years,” added Holton Buggs ( ), Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Organo Gold. “The constant inquiries about the OG opportunity and the country’s diverse demographics make Singapore a critical component of OG’s South East Asia business strategy.”

Organo Gold Global Master Distributor and Co-Founder Shane Morand ( ) will be in Singapore on January 4 – 5. The weekend includes leadership training for current OG Distributors on January 4and income opportunity training on Sunday, which is open to guests. Shane added, “I’m excited to start the New Year off in Singapore with our new OG Family members.”

Products currently available in Singapore are Gourmet Black Coffee, Gourmet Mocha, Gourmet Latte, Gourmet Hot Chocolate, Green Tea, King of Coffee, Cafe Supreme and Royal Brew.

Founded in 2008, Organo Gold remains focused on its mission to bring the treasures of the earth to the people of the world through its Ganoderma-enhanced coffee and other products. OG meets this mission through the principles of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, of which the Company has a long-standing and exclusive collaboration. Organo Gold offers its suite of products through its Independent Distributor network and to consumers through its Coffee Connoisseur Club in the United States and Canada. The company was named the 66th largest direct selling company in 2012 by Direct Selling News.

About Organo Gold

Founded in 2008 with headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Organo Gold is a global gourmet coffee company that sells Certified Organic Ganoderma lucidum through a variety of coffees, teas, nutraceuticals and personal care products. Organo Gold offers its suite of products through its Independent Distributor network and to consumers through its Coffee Connoisseur Club. The company currently operates in over 30 countries and is privately held. For more information about Organo Gold, visit their website at

Read the original article here.

cedrick harris
Hanging W/ Cedrick Harris

Joe Stewart

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Jstew’s Winter Blogging Break

Hey what’s going on my friends and fans!

Hope all is well with you…

santa claus model
Well hello! 🙂

I am just writing a quick blog post for you guys since I haven’t been active on my website for the past few weeks.

Every year I usually take most of December off (from blogging at least) to spend time with family and friends, get ready for Christmas and get all my shopping done early.

We’ll call it my “Winter Blogging Break.” 😉

Although this blog that you are currently on is well over a year old, I have had many other sites in the past.

Some are still here with us today, others are resting in peace :p haha

The point of that rant is that my blog traffic always drops during December


Check out this post by fellow blogger Jon Morrow.

What… would you rather me lie like a lot of online marketing ‘goo-roos’ and tell you I quadrupled my web traffic in the month of December and sell you a webinar explaining how I did it for $297?

People are busy this time of year. They have family from out of state in town, or they are traveling a lot themselves. Trying to get all their Christmas shopping done whether they shop on or their local Wal-Mart… they are busy, and don’t have time to do their normal Google searches where they find my blog or yours. 🙂

Just wanted to update everybody! I appreciate all the Facebook messages and replies on here asking me where I have been for these past 2 weeks… I am still here! Just taking a MUCH needed break.

Now don’t get it twisted, just because I took a break from blogging a few times per week doesn’t mean I took a break from my primary businesses. Business is booming. We are in the middle of a huge launch right now and our team has gone from 3 members to 63 in less than 2 weeks all with:

-No paid marketing

-No Blogging (obviously)

-No harassing friends & family

-No cold calling

-No shenanigans

So what have I been doing these past 2 weeks that caused our new business to BOOM?

-Updating my Facebook status

-Talking to people on Facebook chat

-Reading a book for 30 mins/1 hr per day and reading the news or my favorite blogs

Yes those 3 activities are far more profitable then chasing friends and family, blogging daily, cold calling people to invite them to your weird hotel meeting for a business opportunity.

If you want to connect with me and learn my Facebook Cash Secrets, add me as a friend and follow me here.

If you want some more information about the launch me and some millionaires have put together for the community, secure your spot here for FREE while you can!

I hope all of your Christmas shopping has been stress free so far! Are you spending too much time looking at price tags? Maybe you need to start a home business or e commerce site so money is no longer an issue.

Again, add me as friend in the link above and secure your spot with my new team… period.

Merry Christmas! Happy holidays! Enjoy this time of year!

joe stewartJoe Stewart


Author of  Create Your Own Economy

CEO of MLM Apparel & The MLM Times

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ViSalus & Business For Love Hate Relationship?

So if you follow most of the top income earners/corporate staff for some of the bigger direct sales companies you probably noticed one of the biggest social media meltdowns of an MLM company for the year 2013. The sad part is, this company and SOME (not all) of their top earners/corporate people is always caught up in some sort of drama…

I posted this as my Facebook status the other day and feel it sums up the whole situation:

“Keeping Up With the ViSalian’s should be TVs next big drama hit… anyone agree? 

If I offend you, unfriend me!”

This caused a few laughs and pissed some people off but hey… one thing you will find about me is that I am always blunt and to the point.

Here is what caused ViSalus’s #9134676461564631297 Social Media Meltdown of 2013:

ryan blair business for home
U mad, bro?

People ask me how I get sales in different programs, or even recruit people into volunteer armies like USA Assoc. It’s very simple…

I always tell it like it is good or bad and people respect that nowadays. I have never been intimidated to go head to head with top earners, CEO’s, whoever, if they are running around acting like kids…

So here is what makes this post funny.

When Business For Home writes a positive article about ViSalus like all the articles I’m going to link to below:

The list goes on by the way of positive articles about ViSalus… the positive articles actually outweigh the few negative articles published on the site.

When Business For Home publishes that ViSalus does something GREAT, guess what?

The founders, top earners, and “challenge promoters” share that article ALL over Facebook, Twitter, anywhere they can show their friends and family just how legit ViSalus is.

But the SECOND they write how a few top earners leave to join a new company, all of a sudden is a fraud?

Sounds like a love hate relationship to me…

In America, you are allowed to do as you please. If you want to join ViSalus, awesome! Go for it.

If you join ViSalus and weren’t happy with the product quality or other issues you may have found, leave! Go join a new company! This IS America, isn’t it?

Why would Ryan Blair or other top earners get mad when 2 out of the 100’s of people they have earning 6 figures quit? It’s only 2 freaking couples for crying out loud…

vi til i die
Til Death Do Us Part

I know the founders are obviously “Vi Til I Die” as they made it very apparent after this massive social media meltdown. Although they are usually a pretty well oiled PR machine, the youth of the founders definitely showed after a few more of their top leaders jumped ship to a competing multi-level marketing company.

Just last month the MLM company Ocean Avenue filed a lawsuit against ViSalus for alleged espionage and theft.

Now this is not to bash ViSalus they have a pretty cool company and culture for the most part… but this is a business not a drama TV series. I mean if I was the owner of a big bad billion dollar company I really wouldn’t give a shit what the little bloggers like me are saying about your company… unless business isn’t as big as bad as it used to be?

Ah yes… their sales are WAY down and over half of their distributors have jumped ship.

Business is a roller coaster guys don’t worry, I’m sure everybody will come running back to try that new $100 per month Vi Crunch ‘super cereal’ 😀

“Cause many people think it, I just had the guts to say it” -Ludacris

Leave your thoughts and comments below… good, bad, constructive criticism is always welcomed!

Oh and don’t call my website a fraud… I have a right to free speech and can and will say good/bad things about companies as I see fit.

For example, if Ryan Blair would have posted something like “Best wishes to the two top earners who left ViSalus today, I hope you are happy with your new company.” Guess what? I would have wrote a completely different article…

Leave the PR to the PR department, leave the drama for the Kardashians… can’t we all just get rich from home without all the hate?

brig hart
Mick, my cousin Craig, Brig Hart and I

Be blessed,

Joe Stewart

Author of Create Your Own Economy

CEO of The MLM Times & MLM Apparel

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Is Bitcoin “Too Big To Fail?” Regulators Worry About Money Laundering

bitcoin price soars
Bitcoin Price Soars

As Bitcoin becomes more popular day by day, regulators are getting worried about potential money laundering risks associated with this digital currency and its possible misuse by fraudsters to lure gullible investors into ‘e-ponzi’ schemes.

The Bitcoin Challenge 

Adding to the challenges posed by Bitcoin before the regulators, this e-currency is already being accepted by some online retailers in countries like the US, China and a few others, for various purposes including pizza delivery.

Hardly three years into existence, Bitcoin has already become the world’s most expensive currency with a per unit value of over USD 1,000 or about Rs 63,000, and it is posing all possible questions to regulators in India — whether to regulate it or not, who should do it, what should be the norms, how to regulate etc.

Those looking at this new phenomenon include almost all financial sector regulators as also agencies mandated to handle economic crimes, such as RBI, Sebi and various agencies under the Finance Ministry, a senior official said.

When contacted, an RBI spokesperson said, “As of now we don’t regulate bitcoins, but are observing developments.”

While regulators are tight-lipped about their plan of action, a senior official said that one possible way forward can be following the US, where authorities have decided to subject bitcoins to money laundering rules applicable to all other financial transactions in the country.

Regulators are also looking into claims being made by some entities of being registered bitcoin exchange providers, although they might have merely registered as a company with the Registrar of Companies with some generic business purposes.

Sources said that regulatory and enforcement authorities here are very much concerned about potential money laundering risks emanating from growing use of bitcoins. To make the things worse, this virtual currency has become the latest tool adopted by fraudsters who are promoting bitcoins as the next big investment products with unlimited returns.

A few complaints have already poured in about bitcoins being used by some operators in certain new-age and e-versions of multi-level marketing or ponzi schemes.

Regulators fear that this new phenomenon can give rise to a new kind of illegal investment schemes that could be very difficult to track and clamp down. This is because there is almost zero physical activity when dealing in bitcoins and nearly all transactions take place in the electronic format.

Being an ‘open source’ product, bitcoin can be mined by anyone through a complex computer software through solutions shared on an entire network, although the process is complex and such ‘mining’ can be done only on very powerful computers.

The huge surge in the valuation of bitcoins, from little over USD 200 to well past USD 1,000 during the last month, has certainly added to their investment profile and people are also getting attracted to it in India, which already has a few significant players offering bitcoin exchange service online in lieu of rupee or other currencies.

The collapse of another digital currency operator Liberty Reserve after charges of money laundering, as also the fall of a few other smaller digital currency exchanges in different parts of the world, have added to the concerns of regulators.

The US authorities have charged Liberty Reserve of operating as a global banker for criminals and of laundering over USD six billion of crime proceeds. Incorporated in 2006, it had over a million users, including about one-fifth in the US.

Bitcoin came into existence in 2009 and the current number of bitcoin units generated so far stands at about 12 million. However, only a small number of bitcoins are being used for real commercial and retail purposes and a vast majority of exchanges are taking place due to speculative investment purposes.

Besides, the US authorities have already come across a few cases of bitcoin being used for illegal activity. As Bitcoin becomes more popular day by day, regulators are getting worried about potential money laundering risks associated with this digital currency and its possible misuse by fraudsters to lure gullible investors into ‘e-ponzi’ schemes.

Eight Figure Fellas in MIA
My team in MIA

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Active Income vs Residual Income: Which Do YOU Prefer?

hump day

Hey what’s going on readers!?

Hope everybody is having an awesome Hump Day 😉

This is probably the longest I have gone without writing a blog post since I started this site just over a year ago.

I am usually pretty prompt and do my best to blog daily if not a few times a week.

But with the holidays, traveling, and visiting family… things get pretty hectic and something that is normally as simple as firing up my laptop and writing a post, is now heading to a Starbucks or McDonalds just so I can ‘steal’ their Wifi for a few hours.

Active Income or Residual Income: The Choice is YOURS!

That is what I love about residual income though!

Although I wasn’t able to use my laptop the past month (or more? Who knows…) I still got checks in the mail from work that I did close to 2 years ago. Can you imagine walking into your job and asking your boss for another check from some project you did last year? How about 2 years ago?

I highly doubt he/she is gonna cut you a check… because jobs payout in what’s called active income. You show up, do what they say for whatever you are scheduled that week whether its 20-40 hours, and they pay you based on the amount of hours you were punched in for x your hourly wage. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met anybody who ever got rich in this business model. Sure, you can climb to the top of the corporate ladder and hey you might get to 6 figures or even multiple 6 figures if you are with that company for decades devoting 40+ hours per week to them.

What about Residual Income Though?

rock star incomeEvery multi-millionaire that I have ever had the pleasure to have coffee, lunch or do business with, have all gotten wealthy by creating residual income streams. So what is residual income anyway?

Think of rock stars, athletes, authors like myself, or network marketers.

Rock stars and authors write a song or book one time… they record it, master it and upload it to a CD or Itunes where it is now available to purchase until the end of the time.

Use me for example, I wrote my first book over a year ago. I haven’t edited it, or worked very hard to make sales of this book. I simply wrote it, published it, marketed it for a few months to get the title and cover out there, and now people purchase it day after day and I get a check in the mail each and every month whether I think about that book ever again. Same with rock stars, look at Elvis. He’s been dead for years but I guarantee you his family members still get royalties every month from Elvis CD’s, posters, apparel you name it… being sold month after month.

You see, rich people don’t have jobs.

They build networks.

They build distribution channels.

They build membership websites or shopping clubs like Costco or USA Association.

This way, they build the network, distributor base, or membership site ONE TIME and one time only… and people continue to purchase their products and services month after month if the products/service are as good as they say.

This business model is what attracted me to the controversial multi-level marketing industry. Think about it, if I was never approached to join Amway a few years ago, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here writing this post.

I probably wouldn’t have published my own book last year.

I would probably be broke, burnt out, and stuck in my job for another 30-40 years…

…but I decided to make a decision.

If all these multi-millionaires followed a system, did the work consistently and never gave up, what makes me any different? I have the attitude of “If they can do it, I can do it too!” I don’t put people in this guru like category where I think oh wow they make $100 million dollars a year I could never do that

…I see what they are doing.

…I follow them.

…I learn from them and implement it in my own business.

…my own marketing efforts.

…my own writing style.

…and guess what? It worked 😉

Residual income has saved my life many times. Ever have an unexpected bill or emergency pop up and not have the money in the bank to take care of it? It happened to me one time… I sat there upset all day even into the next day. Wondering what I was gonna do to come up with the money…

Should I head to the pawnshop with one of my prized guitars or amps? Maybe pawn a gold coin or tube of silver coins?

All these things crossed my mind that day… For whatever reason I told myself to stick it out another day, God is good and works miracles in times like these.

The next day I checked my mailbox to find a check from some affiliate marketing deal I stopped marketing months previously lol…

…and yes, that check covered my unexpected bills and I still had money left over to save/invest/spend you get the idea.

I hope you have enjoyed this post about why I personally prefer residual vs active income.

Which do you prefer? Clocking in and out everyday working hard in what seems like a vicious cycle?

Or are you ambitiously lazy like myself, and prefer to do work one time and continue to get paid for that work for the rest of your life?

Leave your comments below and let me know!

Also, if you liked this post or learned something new, please share it on your Facebook, Twitter, or whatever Social Network YOU prefer 🙂

You rock!

brig hart

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BREAKING NEWS: YouTube Comedian/Rap Artist Steven Jo Joins Wake Up Now!

Hey what’s going on readers!

You got Joe Stewart here, Author of Create Your Own Economy (as you can clearly see above.)

Just wanted to shout out and say HEY to ya! Quick update in the MLM/YouTube celebrity industry:

I was just scrolling down my Facebook news feed like any normal Facebook addict, and I noticed that one of my favorite YouTube comedians and rap artists, a young guy by the name of Steven Jo has moved up to New York and decided to pursue the work from home opportunity that is called Wake Up Now.

You can “Like” Steven Jo on Facebook here to stay up to date on his music career, pranks and new network marketing ventures.

steven jo joins wake up nowSteven Jo Joins WAKE UP NOW

Soulja Boi, other rap artists, and even some celebrities have recently joined the company as well… I guess they are running out of money from the rap game or want to earn TRUE residual income through an affiliate marketing opportunity like Wake Up Now.

This is all just a really funny coincidence that Steven Jo joined this Wake Up Now biz opp, because somebody that I used to do business with a few months ago actually pitched me for the company last night… Lol

So I went on to tell him I wasn’t interested because I was already focused on my current affiliate marketing opportunity and building the USA Association brand with Brig Hart, a cause that I am very passionate about… no hard feelings!

Just wanted to kinda update everybody and let you know about this shocking news! I was really surprised that Steven Jo joined Wake Up Now myself… it seemed as though he was 100% focused on his music career, pranks and comedy stints he produces and uploads to YouTube, just like I am 100% focused on my company and promoting my book.

(Subscribe to Steven Jo’s YouTube Channel by clicking here)

After speaking with Steven Jo late last night, he was very proud to announce he has already hit a rank in the company called Founder 3 and is only a few people shy from hitting Founder 4, meaning the company is going to be paying him $2500 every month and it only goes up from there! If you would like to join StevenJo’s team and start making a lot of money, email him at and get started on building your future with him today!!!

But there are points in your life where you hit a fork in the road.

Should you take the opportunity someone has offered you and run hard with it…

…or let it slip right beneath your fingertips leaving it available to the billions of people on planet earth.

I am wishing Steven Jo much success in his new journey in network marketing. He has teamed with his enroller Miguel Matias and Darren Fryer, who is only 21 years old and is making $14,000 a month with this company. Not only has he partnered up with some great leaders in the business but he also has a huge following, can make people laugh… and obviously already knows how to market hence the “huge following”. I’m expecting to see big things from Steven Jo and can’t wait to see where he’s at with this company 6 months from now.

This is great news for the network marketing and direct sales industry! It shows that more and more celebrities, musicians, sports stars… you name it, are aligning themselves with the best network marketing opportunity that is presented with them.

I hope you have enjoyed this post about the breaking news that Steven Jo has OFFICIALLY joined Wake Up Now!

Joe Stewart

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brig hart

If you’re tired of your job and really want to work for yourself then stop making excuses and do it.

Though affiliate marketing programs and selling services you will find that having your home business is easier than you think.

All it takes is time and a commitment to succeed…

let me in now

By taking advantage of the affiliate marketing programs that are currently available to you on this very page, you can make money and improve your marketing skills. Remember, you can always expand into other areas and venture out totally on your own later. Right now, get marketing and get clicking.

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Did Your MLM Upline LIE TO YOU Too!? (SHOCKING Truths Revealed!)

Have you ever sat there and wondered to yourself if what your MLM up line was teaching you, could possibly be totally wrong, and ass backwards?

You are probably asking yourself:

“Is there an easier, faster, more realistic way to build my new home based business, or do I truly have to “grind it out” and “lay a solid foundation” for 2-5 years in order to build a nice future?”

That is a great question and I’m glad that you are open minded enough to actually go on the internet and search for the answer, because as we all know most network marketers are pretty brainwashed by their mentor or the top income earner in their primary opportunity. So the fact that you are online today looking for a solution to your problems I’m proud of you and I applaud you!

MLM Upline Lying

So let me guess… your upline mentor in your MLM has probably been telling you to make a list of all your friends and family, call them and tell them about the new business opportunity that you have, and invite them to some hotel meeting this week so they can see a business plan. They say if you just repeat this process and work through the numbers for 2 to 5 years that you will most definitely make a very nice income, but is that the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

I call total BS.

Think of it like this… 97% of people don’t WANT a business, they want a safe secure job with a guaranteed income… they don’t realize that risky is the new safe.

So if you were to make a list of your friends and family members, we’ll say the list had 100 people to keep the math easy (I suck at math.) You can call the WHOLE entire list, tell them about the new “gold mine” that you found, tell them you guys are gonna get filthy stinking rich… and they are still gonna laugh at you and call it a pyramid scheme, PERIOD!

All you really need to do is get your message or business presentation in front of the 3% of people who have that entrepreneurial spirit. The 3% of people WHO DO realize that risky is the new safe, the 3% of people who keep their options open to making extra money.

After reading this you are probably like “WOW how come my MLM mentor never told me this stuff?”

Well my friend, it is probably because they don’t know it… and it’s not their fault. The reason 97% of entrepreneurs and network marketers fail is because their mentor is taking bad advice from his broke mentor, and spreading it around his team thinking it will help with “duplication” when in reality, they are just ruining their chances at success.

MLM Meeting? LOL
MLM Meeting? LOL

I know, I know… your mentor who joined back in 1980 built his entire business doing 1-on-1’s and hotel meetings before the internet launched. But nowadays, if you tell someone you have this new business opportunity that they must check out at the lobby of your local hotel Friday night, an immediate “negative light bulb” is going to go off where they already know its some type of MLM business, and without even knowing which company it is they will already come up with reasons as to why they can’t make it.

Maybe you have already experienced this… you found someone at your local Wal-mart, spent 10 minutes building rapport and getting to know them better, finding out that they hate their job and are looking for more out of life… but as soon as you brought up “business opportunity” or “hotel meeting” they ran to the hills right?

So how can you turn the tide around and have people approach you, who are already sold on network marketing or want to start a business for themselves? You do realize that THOUSANDS of people go on Google everyday and type in stuff like “How to work from home” or “How to join Amway, ViSalus, Your primary business etc.)

If you can really grasp this, you will finally start to sign up 1-2 people EACH and EVERYDAY into your opportunity!

You won’t have to go around Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Any mart… EVER AGAIN!

You are probably thinking Joe, this is too good to be true man… and yes, it is really good, but it’s also true.

It’s called attraction marketing.

The people you see on stage at your companies functions making 6,7 figures a year use attraction marketing. They don’t have time to chase people around Wal-Mart… people approach them.

That’s why they’re f***ing paid.

If you want to start working for yourself but feel you don’t have the money then you’re wrong. If you have a computer and space to put it then you have all you need. You can also start you home business and work it around your job. You can gradually commit more time as your home business grows.

If you’re tired of your job and really want to work for yourself then stop making excuses and do it.

Though affiliate marketing programs and selling services you will find that having your home business is easier than you think.

All it takes is time and a commitment to succeed…

let me in now

By taking advantage of the affiliate marketing programs that are currently available to you on this very page, you can make money and improve your marketing skills. Remember, you can always expand into other areas and venture out totally on your own later. Right now, get marketing and get clicking.

brig hart monavie
Brig Hart and I

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