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MLM Success, The Secret Formula To Rise From The Ashes

MLM Success Is Just One Breakthrough Away…

Too often, this industry is made out to be some sort of ‘mysterious‘, mystical business, that can only be built or comprehended after you buy a slew of E-books, courses, seminars, and attend thousands of conference calls – when the simple, fundamental reality is that not only is it simpler than you ever imagined, once you ‘get it’, it’s easier, too.

We all start off in our path to MLM Success with a straight, and narrow vision of living our dream lifestyle, driving the nice cars, giving our wealth away to charity, and firing our stupid boss (a LOT of reps in this industry are part time), but we get hung up on the slow growth, small paychecks, and the ‘magic’ that seems to surround success, not realizing that LITERALLY the answers we seek are right in front of our eyes.  What I’m going to cover in this article is the TOP SECRET, magical formula to break through in ANY MLM business… (so hopefully, you can get your butt to work)

numis coins

It Starts With A Burning Desire…

Absolutely at the core foundation of this industry is the SIZE and power of your vision.  People who have a dream and a desire that is BIG enough will do whatever it takes, whenever it takes, no matter how long or how many hours they need to work – and people who DO NOT have a dream or desire will never put in the amount of energy, work, and passion that it really takes to build a thriving, prosperous organization.

I challenge you to question yourself, and ask the HONEST question – is your DESIRE for great wealth strong enough, that you will fight in the face of adversity, challenge negative emotions, and press through rejection and frustration with the ENERGY that you must to reach your desired lifestyle?

If not, you may have to be beaten down by life until you reach a point so low that finally, you make an internal decision where you stand up and say ‘ENOUGH is ENOUGH’ and decide that you are going to make something happen.

About 18 months ago, that is EXACTLY what happened to me – I was living in a green, 1996 Dodge Caravan on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, and a stupid police officer wrote me a ticket for my last $35 for being homeless, and at THAT MOMENT, I knew that something in life had to change, and I started painting the vision that I live inside today.

The #1 most important SECRET in the MLM industry is to TRULY make a decision.

Start With What You’ve GOT NOW, Not With Comparisons To Others…

The second part of the MLM Success Formula is that you CANNOT grow a business like someone else who has a dramatically different level of resources, you have to START with what you have available NOW – and the most important part of that statement is ‘START’.

What do I mean?

Well let’s take myself as one example – when I got started in my original business in September of 2009, I could have very easily fallen into the ‘expert’ trap and tried to build my business like Mike Dillard, Jonathan Budd, or Randy Gage – but there was a massive problem with that – THEY had massive financial resources, I didn’t.

If you’ve got $200 left in your life, total, it’s a bit difficult to run a business like someone who has $2,000,000 of disposable income.  The fact is, the SMARTEST, fastest way for YOU to build a business is to use the resources that you have available to you RIGHT NOW, and be willing to be honest about it.

When I got started, I had only a few things – about $200, a wife who was willing to work a menial job to support our business growth, parents who were willing to help us get into a business when I asked, (I paid them back), a list of about 500 warm market contacts, an incredible creative spirit, and every waking moment of every day.

THAT was all I needed.  I didn’t have money to buy the latest course (they’re mostly useless anyways), I didn’t have an email list, and I didn’t have a cell phone – I just had a burning desire, a list of contacts, and a willingness to do whatever it takes.

The second MLM Success Secret is to START with whatever you’ve got.

Exposure Is Everything

A lot of times, gurus in this industry make sponsoring people WAY too complicated, cumbersome, and filled with mystery.  Let me give it to you in the simplest, most direct route possible – WHOEVER has the most exposure wins, every time.  (As long as the message is powerful)

What do I mean?  Well, in the last year, I’ve had over 1,000,000 people see my videos – whether it’s on YouTube, this blog, or my generic MLM funnel.  In addition to that, last week I had over 5,000 copies of a CD that I created moved into the marketplace, and at any given moment, I might have 200 presentations going on in my team for my primary MLM company.

On top of that, I actually am one of these people that talks to his friends and family, connects with people when I’m on an airplane, and helps his down line do presentations and 3 way calls.

CREATE exposure at whatever level you can, and it STARTS with what you’ve got – don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have my level of resources to start – BEGIN with whatever you have now, and let’s move it forward, piece by simple piece.

START with a simple act of committing that EVERY DAY, you will expose 3 new prospects to your business (or more), and grow it from there.

MLM Success Secret #2 is that EXPOSURE is EVERYTHING.

MLM Is An Industry Of The Masses, Marketing Is A Business Of The Few

The next MLM Success concept that I wanted to cover in this article is the difference between MLM and direct response marketing – and WHY this concept is important to the longevity and growth of your business.

I often talk about the difference between online and offline marketing in the MLM business, and how online marketing doesn’t duplicate, and will always have problems.  I should CLARIFY that direct response marketing doesn’t duplicate – on or off the internet unless you have systems and tools in place that someone can use to enroll reps with absolutely no learning curve.

What do I mean?  It goes back to the concept of starting with what you’ve got – not with what someone else has.  Think about your business from a bird’s eye view, a thousand miles up looking down, and what do you see?

Thousands of people, 98% of whom have never, ever ran even a traditional business, trying to succeed in Free Enterprise, maybe for the first time in their lives, and most of them have very little spendable income, only have part time hours, have family’s to support, but are willing to do what it takes.

What most people online do, is try and get EVERYONE to learn to be a full time, 18 hour a day direct response marketing god, and there is just one problem with that…

…none of their team outside of 2% even have the ability to do that RIGHT NOW (when they start), so the act of trying to get people to build a business destroys the ability of an organization to grow past a small level of personal production.

xplocial banner

Make sense?

It’s not that people can’t learn it – it’s that THE MASSES don’t have the time, energy, and money RIGHT NOW to do it, they’ve got to start by making $500 per month, graduate to $5,000, and THEN they can fire their stupid boss and learn to be a guru if they want to turn it into $100,000 per month.

I’m going to leave it there with one story – I have had over my career in this industry what I call ‘levels’ of breakthroughs – one layer of a new concept on top of another that has begun to paint a picture that there was no way I could see when I started, and my biggest breakthrough came when I discovered that direct response marketing doesn’t, and can’t duplicate – and that I really like the MLM business as a long term model BETTER than I like direct response.

It caused a shift in thinking, and simultaneously such a dramatic level of increased production that I was able to hit the top level in my MLM company by shifting my methodology just a little bit to INCLUDE those who are part time in MLM, and it changed my life.

I hope that these concepts helped you in your business, and if they did – tweet it for me, share it with your team, and if you want to take your business to a whole new level, be sure to go through my MLM Success Bootcamp, and I’ll see you at the top!

To YOUR Success,
david woodDavid Wood

P.S.  Leave me your thoughts on this for me :)

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Are You Up For the Home Business 90 Day Challenge?

The Home Business 90 Day Challenge

The most crucial thing you can do in your new home business is to make a commitment to stay consistent with it for at least the next 90 days! You cannot judge your daily results with this system or any other system or “shortcut” out there to help you succeed.

Just like many things in life results take time to measure. The unique part of this business is that you can make a lot of money with a success rate of less than 1% and this can be done in less than an hour per day. This guide is meant to help get your business on the right track from day one so that in the next 90 days you can have a profitable business that is growing every day whether you recruit, make a sale or not.

We will start by going over the tools and scripts, then we will go over a daily action plan. This 90 day plan of action is meant to go along with our Train to Retain success system.

Building YOUR list

build your listThis is the first and most important step for building your home business. Without a list of people to talk to, there is absolutely no way you can be successful. We are going to cover three ways to build your list including your current center of influence, social marketing, and leads you purchase.

Your Center of Influence- You should try to make a list of at least 100 people. There is a memory jogger to help you think of the people you know. You do not have to contact them all right away but this is your best chance of building a business fast because they already know you. Start with everyone you have in your cell phone and email contact list.

Social Networks- There are a lot of social networking sites but just to keep it simple we are only going to talk about Facebook. There are more than 800 million people with Facebook profiles and millions of them being Network Marketers. With this strategy we are only looking for Network Marketers. If you do not already have a Facebook profile then focus on the other methods of building your list.

Step 1 would be finding Network Marketers. This is very easy with the search tab write in keywords such as MLM, Network Marketing, Home Business, Work at home, Online Marketing, or the name of any mlm company. If you are new to MLM and don’t know of any companies, I would browse through the MLM rankings website.

Step 2 is to send them a message. Before you do this though, I usually recommend going through their profile, about me, or photos if its not private. I try to find something I have in common with this person like pictures of their dog, or favorite sports team. I never lead with business, I like to compliment the type of dog they have, or if I see sports/political/music photos I will talk about that. People like to talk about themselves, so just let them talk and listen.

Step 3 is get their name, email, and phone number and add them to your list. With Social Marketing I do not recommend inviting them to look at your business right away. This is more of a long term strategy. To build your business fast over this 90 day challenge, I would contact your center of influence and leads you can purchase. The goal here is to build a list of a minimum of 1,000 network marketers in your first year as this will help you in the future.

Leads that you purchase- This can be a very great way to build your business, but you have to be willing to go through the numbers. Most people do not buy from people they do not know, like, and trust. Most of the time this is a 2 step process, you can start with the invites covered in this training but most of the time people will not be interested the first time you contact them. If you talk to someone that sounds good make sure to add them to your permanent list and stay in contact with them every 90 days or so.

If you are interested in taking part in this Home Business 90 Day Challenge, contact me below so I can get you plugged into our team and we can start building your list of emails and phone numbers and building a massive network marketing organization for you!

I can’t WAIT to hear your success story,

…and I will see YOU on the beaches of the world!

joe stewart, joey stewart

Joe Stewart


Founder of The MLM Times & MLM Apparel

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Is Old School Marketing Dead and Gone?

Is Old School Marketing Dead and Gone?

I can remember a few years back when I first started building my first home based business.

My instructions from my mentor were very simple:

old school marketing“Make a list. Call the people on that list. Share your opportunity with them. Talk to new people. Add their name & number to that list. Repeat the process.”

So I did this for almost a year.

I enrolled around 4 people personally into the particular company, and they branched out and it turned into about 75 people.

I thought we were on fire! I thought the duplication was through the roof and we were about to get into the “real money”…

Until I realized that most people aren’t going to make a list.

They aren’t going to call their mom, dad, uncle, grandpa, neighbor, nor best friend.

Most people pre-judge the ones they know and love the most, and don’t want to be embarrassed when they call someone about their new “business opportunity”.

So what is the Solution?

People new to our industry prefer a simple system that will get them the names and numbers of people who have already shown an interest in starting a home business.


Because they are just names and numbers on a piece of paper.

No need to worry about being embarrassed while calling John Doe from across the country.

Sure, the whole “calling friends and family thing” worked for awhile…

…but not everybody was interested in the triangle shaped “pyramid thing”.

I struggled for over a year building it this way only to make a few hundred a month, and maybe you can relate to this.

Then one day, a light bulb went off.

Ding Dong

I thought to myself, what if I could find a way to get my message of additional income, tax savings and more freedom to the people who ALREADY WANTED this?

People who wouldn’t settle for the status quo.

People who realized that Social Security, some 401k or a JOB isn’t the solution.

People who don’t give a shit what the naysayers have to say.

People who aren’t afraid to take a few risks…

…and guess what happened?

Once I learned how to get my message and opportunity in front of ONLY these qualified people, my results nearly doubled.

Moral of the story? Marketing is only effective and profitable if you deliver the right message about an excellent product, to the right people, at the right time.

Contact me below if you are sick of calling friends and family, and want to talk with like minded individuals who are SEARCHING for what you have to offer!

Joe stewart, joey stewart, joseph stewart, author of create your own economy

Joe Stewart


Founder of The MLM Times & MLM Apparel

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Productivity Improvement Method for Home Business Owners!

Productivity Improvement Method for Home Business Owners!

productivity improvementHey everyone, Joe Stewart here! Hope everyone is having an awesome President’s day weekend! Today I wanted to take some time and write you a brief article that will cover a few tips and tricks that I use on a day to day basis to increase my productivity in my home business. When you run a home business, YOU are the boss! So it is totally up to you to improve your productivity so you remain effective, and keep your business profitable!

It takes a lot of time, energy, and focus in a home business to have everything running smoothly and quickly turning a profit. The problem with most people is they get started in business, then sit back on the lazy boy and sit there… waiting for checks to “magically roll in”. It doesn’t work that way folks… Below I will go over some things I do to increase my productivity while working at home.

Increase Productivity Tips and Tricks

-You must set realistic goals and tasks for yourself every month, week, even day.

-When doing your work routine for the day whether it be actively prospecting, or doing some passive marketing like this blog post, or recording a video of yourself, set a stopwatch of timer. Only allow 30 minutes to an hour for each assignment. You don’t want to get stuck on one project all day. Try this and watch your productivity increase.

-More than 90% of your time must be spent on income producing activities. For a home business owner, the only two things that bring us money every week is marketing and communicating with prospects. Nothing more, and nothing less!

walking your dog-Take a 15 minute break every hour or so. Go outside, walk around your neighborhood, walk your dog, have a glass of water. Sitting in front of your computer at your desk all day isn’t fun… probably not good for you either.

-Exercise as much as you can! You would be surprised how much this helps increase productivity and can even bring up your energy levels. Go for a walk, run, bike ride, or swim. Get in a routine of doing this and watch your energy levels go up as time goes on! Try it!

-Check and reply to your emails twice a day, set times for this. Like once at 9am and again at 5pm. Read and respond to emails at these two times only, instead of refreshing your inbox over and over every hour to see if a lead or client wrote you.

-On top of your daily work from home routine, you also want to set away some time in the morning or at night for education. Whether it is reading a book or educational magazine, or watching an online webinar or course you purchased. We can sit here and market all day, but we still have to feed our brains with new information everyday to stay on top of things, and stay ahead of our competition.

If you have enjoyed this article about how to increase your productivity, please share it!

joe stewart, joey stewart, author

Joe Stewart


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Network Marketing VT Closed: Why was NMVT Shut Down?

Network Marketing VT Closed: Why was NMVT Shut Down?

nmvt shut downWell after months of speculation, the founder of NMVT Jason Spurlock finally announced that NMVT will be closing its doors. There has been a lot of negative buzz on Facebook, Google and all over the internet about NMVT not paying their affiliates the commissions they had earned. As of today, January 22nd, 2013, here is what their CEO Jason posted on his Facebook wall:

Network Marketing VT, as it is now, is closing for business.

I want to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who helped make the company and this journey what it has been been. The journey was certainly worth it. However, we live in a world where perception does not always match reality and in the network marketing industry trust and confidence have tremendous worth; especially in the age of social media.

The software and programming issues we have experienced since re-launching the comp plan in September 2012 have left many affiliates with the opportunity to express negative emotions in the social networking space based on wrongful assumptions that they were never paid fairly. This company has not processed one credit card payment since the first week of December 2012. And it’s important to understand that NMVT has been through 2 full audits in the past, we have hired programmers direct from First Data, our consultants have been the most respected in the industry, and our staff has always maintained the highest integrity.

The goal, vision, mission, and purpose of Network Marketing VT continues forever. It truly is our life’s most expressive and dutiful work. The message will simply evolve into a bigger, more robust, trustworthy, and valuable brand in the near future. You will always have an open invitation to join us.

jason spurlockThe training schedule, including the webinars and the NMVT Wake Up To Success calls are being put on hold for the time being. As most of you know, I really do enjoy hosting the Wake Up call; however, this is a very difficult time for me personally and hosting the Wake Up call is very hard to muster up the courage for — when I feel I would be better served through quite contemplation and meditation at this time. Pretty soon, I will be back on the line and I hope you’ll continue to invest your time on the morning call too. The Wake Up call is one of the purposes of my life…so after a week or two of rest, we’ll resume the schedule.

I love you. I care for you. I believe in you. And I’m sorry. If there has been anything that left you feeling offended, it was never intentional and I pray you’ll forgive me. More than anything else, I hope you’ll call me your friend and will keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers.

I promise to keep in you touch and keep you updated. You please do the same.


My Thoughts on NMVT Closing its Doors?

I feel that Jason did everything in his power to launch a successful training platform. I think it was out of his control that the merchant account or E-wallet wasn’t working. Although at the end of the day he is the CEO and it is up to him to fix this or make some changes, he is just a human like you and I and he makes mistakes just like the people who were supposed to be processing payments for NMVT affiliates.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about the truth behind NMVT closing down.

Leave your thoughts and comments below!

joe stewart, joey stewart, author

Joe Stewart


CEO of MLM Apparel & The MLM Times

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Self-Publishing Empire: Why You Should Write Your Own Book and Publish it Yourself

Why You Should Write Your Own Book

joe stewarts new book self publishing empireHey everyone! Joe here, and today I wanted to write a brief article going over some of the main reasons I decided to write my own book, and why you should write your own book as well.

On top of the fact that it is just pretty bad ass to be able to call yourself an author, it also gets your brand in front of people you normally wouldn’t be able to attract via your online blog, email list or YouTube channel.

You are now targeting readers, people who still get their information from the book store instead of an online news site or blog like this one.

Take Your Brand to a Whole New Level

You want to evaluate your brand as a whole right now. What do you have to offer? What products have you released to your market place? Do you give true value to your fans and potential followers?

As an author, you may take yourself from an average blogger who writes about (your niche) to now a respected figure in your certain niche.

Look at how Mike Dillard wrote one of the first attraction marketing courses for network marketers many years ago. It positioned him as an expert in the field of attraction marketing, and people were probably hunting him down for his phone number and email just BEGGING him to let them join his primary company and receive his mentorship.

Propels You to an Authority in Your Industry

joey stewart mlmNow look… I don’t care if your a sports blogger, home business owner like myself, or a doctor who wants to prove their credibility by writing a book.

As soon as you have a published book (with valuable information inside obviously) the people who follow your market and industry will now notice you as an industry leader or authority figure. Everybody wants to work with the guy who ‘wrote the book’ so they say.

From personal experience, it is pretty cool when I am striking up a conversation with local people at a coffee shop or business luncheon and they ask me for a business card.

I try to have a few copies of my book in my backpack or laptop case, so when they request my business card, I tell them I ran out of business cards but can give them a free copy of my new book. You see the difference in posture here?

You’re immediately positioned as the authoritative figure of the business or hobby you wrote a book about.

Well guys I hope you have enjoyed this article with my reasons as to why you should write a book. Leave your thoughts, comments, or questions below!

I will see YOU on the beaches of the world my friends 🙂

If you want to start writing but feel you don’t have the money then you’re wrong. If you have a computer and space to put it then you have all you need. You can also start your home business and work it around your job. You can gradually commit more time as your home business grows.

If you’re tired of your job and really want to work for yourself then stop making excuses and do it.

Though affiliate marketing programs and selling services you will find that having your home business is easier than you think.

All it takes is time and a commitment to succeed…

By taking advantage of the affiliate marketing programs that are currently available to you on this very page, you can make money and improve your marketing skills. Remember, you can always expand into other areas and venture out totally on your own later. Right now, get marketing and get clicking.

joe stewart

Call or Text: 772-626-4271

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Tap Into Your Unconscious Mind At a Moments Notice…

Tap Into Your Unconscious Mind At a Moments Notice…

Have you ever wondered if it was really possible to tap into your unconscious mind at a moments notice?

unconscious mindCan you really go back to a time in your life when you were in control of the situation, or felt powerful, and literally bring that feeling into existence today, allowing you to change your current situation for the better?

I never knew this was possible until I watched a training video done by David Wood, the founder of Empower Network and online marketing legend.

Watch my video above to see how I have used this little trick to overcome fear of rejection, depression, and help with the anxiety I used to struggle with. This simple trick helped me more than any pill or even herbal/all natural solution I could find. Which kind of lead me to believe that the fear, depression, and anxiety I used to struggle with was really just “all in my head”.

I hope this video and article will help you tap into your unconscious mind as well, and do things you never thought possible…


joe Stewart, joey stewart, authorJoe Stewart

772 626 4271

Author of Create Your Own Economy

CEO of MLM Apparel & The MLM Times

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Coaching: Why Being a Coach Can Change Your Life For the Better

Coaching: Why Being a Coach Can Change Your Life For the Better

coachingWhen you hear the word “coach”, what comes first into your mind? Do you picture a basketball team with a man/woman shouting out directions?

Or perhaps a football team with a man/woman pacing to and fro and calling out the names of the players?

Coaching is no longer reserved to sports teams; it is now one of the key concepts in leadership and management.

Why is coaching popular?

Coaching levels the playing field.

Coaching is one of the six emotional leadership styles proposed by Daniel Goleman. Moreover, it is a behavior or role that leaders enforce in the context of situational leadership. As a leadership style, coaching is used when the members of a group or team are competent and motivated, but do not have an idea of the long-term goals of an organization. This involves two levels of coaching: team and individual. Team coaching makes members work together. In a group of individuals, not everyone may have nor share the same level of competence and commitment to a goal.

A group may be a mix of highly competent and moderately competent members with varying levels of commitment. These differences can cause friction among the members. The coaching leader helps the members level their expectations. Also, the coaching leader manages differing perspectives so that the common goal succeeds over personal goals and interests. In a big organization, leaders need to align the staffs’ personal values and goals with that of the organization so that long-term directions can be pursued.

Coaching builds up confidence and competence.

Individual coaching is an example of situational leadership at work. It aims to mentor one-on-one building up the confidence of members by affirming good performance during regular feedbacks; and increase competence by helping the member assess his/her strengths and weaknesses towards career planning and professional development.

Depending on the individual’s level of competence and commitment, a leader may exercise more coaching behavior for the less-experienced members. Usually, this happens in the case of new staffs. The direct supervisor gives more defined tasks and holds regular feedback for the new staff, and gradually lessens the amount of coaching, directing, and supporting roles to favor delegating as competence and confidence increase.

Coaching promotes individual and team excellence.

Excellence is a product of habitual good practice. The regularity of meetings and constructive feedback is important in establishing habits. Members catch the habit of constantly assessing themselves for their strengths and areas for improvement that they themselves perceive what knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to acquire to attain team goals.

In the process, they attain individually excellence as well. An example is in the case of a musical orchestra: each member plays a different instrument. In order to achieve harmony of music from the different instrument, members will polish their part in the piece, aside from practicing as an ensemble. Consequently, they improve individually as an instrument player.

buy what's working now MLM

Coaching develops high commitment to common goals.

A coaching leader balances the attainment of immediate targets with long-term goals towards the vision of an organization.

As mentioned earlier, with the alignment of personal goals with organizational or team goals, personal interests are kept in check. By constantly communicating the vision through formal and informal conversations, the members are inspired and motivated. Setting short-term team goals aligned with organizational goals; and making an action plan to attain these goals can help sustain the increased motivation and commitment to common goals of the members.

Coaching produces valuable leaders.

Leadership by example is important in coaching. A coaching leader loses credibility when he/she cannot practice what he/she preaches. This means that a coaching leader should be well organized, highly competent is his/her field, communicates openly and encourages feedback, and has a clear idea of the organization’s vision-mission-goals.

By vicarious and purposive learning, members catch the same good practices and attitudes from the coaching leader, turning them into coaching leaders themselves. If a member experiences good coaching, he/she is most likely to do the same things when entrusted with formal leadership roles.

Some words of caution though: coaching is just one of the styles of leadership. It can be done in combination with the other five emotional leadership styles depending on the profile of the emerging team. Moreover, coaching as a leadership style requires that you are physically, emotionally, and mentally fit most of the time since it involves two levels of coaching: individual and team.

Your members expect you to be the last one to give up or bail out in any situation especially during times of crises. A coaching leader must be conscious that coaching entails investing time on each individual, and on the whole team. Moreover, that the responsibilities are greater since while you are coaching members, you are also developing future coaches as well.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about coaching and different leadership styles!

Joe Stewart, joey stewart, author of create your own economyJoe Stewart 772 626 4271

Author of Create Your Own Economy

CEO of MLM Apparel


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Self-Publishing Empire: How to Self Publish a Book

How to Self Publish a Book

how to publish a bookSo if you have found yourself on this blog post, then I would assume you were doing some research on how to self publish your own book. You are making a great decision by doing so…

No time hassles with editors and publishers, the time and freedom to write what you want, when you want…

You can also earn higher royalties, but the marketing and sales of your book is totally up to you. With social media, online advertising through solo ads or Google adsense, you can get your work in front of thousands of people.

Publishing a Book for Beginners

So where to begin?

If you haven’t started writing already, that is okay.

I want to teach you a quick, painless trick on how to get your outline and basic ideas all into place in just a few days.

When I wrote my first book called ‘Create Your Own Economy Via Network Marketing’ , I did it the old fashioned way without this secret trick I am going to share…

Instead of sitting in front of a blank word pad page on your computer just THINKING about where to start, here is what I recommend:

I like to get out a blank piece of paper and just jot down basic thoughts and ideas that I plan to write about in my book. I get all the ideas written down with several bullet points, facts and figures below them.

Speak Your Reality Into Existence

Once I have between 10-20 ideas written down, I organize them into chapters by whatever order would make the most sense to my readers. Once everything is outlined and in the correct order, I am ready to speak my book into existence…

What do I mean by that?

Well instead of sitting there writing down thoughts and information about each chapter and bullet point, I like to record myself talking about each chapter and the bullet points associated with it. I will either ramble on for 10-15 minutes or have a friend interview me about the chapter and each bullet point.

Once the video is complete, I simply write down (transcribe) everything that I said in the voice recording. You obviously speak better, and faster than you can type. So why not speak your book into existence rather than sitting around staring at a word pad page all day?

If you need help getting your book started, check out my newest book called ‘Self-Publishing Empire’. 

I published my first book through Amazon’s self publishing company. Look them up on Google, they have a free program to get your Title, ISBN number, front/back cover all set up. They walk you through margin and formatting errors so even the beginner author (like me) can get a book written and published fairly quickly.

I can’t wait to read your first masterpiece!

If you have a computer and space to put it then you have all you need. You can also start you home business and work it around your job. You can gradually commit more time as your home business grows.

If you’re tired of your job and really want to work for yourself then stop making excuses and do it.

Though affiliate marketing programs and selling services you will find that having your home business is easier than you think.

All it takes is time and a commitment to succeed…

By taking advantage of the affiliate marketing programs that are currently available to you on this very page, you can make money and improve your marketing skills. Remember, you can always expand into other areas and venture out totally on your own later. Right now, get marketing and get clicking.

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