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Is Bitcoin “Too Big To Fail?” Regulators Worry About Money Laundering

bitcoin price soars
Bitcoin Price Soars

As Bitcoin becomes more popular day by day, regulators are getting worried about potential money laundering risks associated with this digital currency and its possible misuse by fraudsters to lure gullible investors into ‘e-ponzi’ schemes.

The Bitcoin Challenge 

Adding to the challenges posed by Bitcoin before the regulators, this e-currency is already being accepted by some online retailers in countries like the US, China and a few others, for various purposes including pizza delivery.

Hardly three years into existence, Bitcoin has already become the world’s most expensive currency with a per unit value of over USD 1,000 or about Rs 63,000, and it is posing all possible questions to regulators in India — whether to regulate it or not, who should do it, what should be the norms, how to regulate etc.

Those looking at this new phenomenon include almost all financial sector regulators as also agencies mandated to handle economic crimes, such as RBI, Sebi and various agencies under the Finance Ministry, a senior official said.

When contacted, an RBI spokesperson said, “As of now we don’t regulate bitcoins, but are observing developments.”

While regulators are tight-lipped about their plan of action, a senior official said that one possible way forward can be following the US, where authorities have decided to subject bitcoins to money laundering rules applicable to all other financial transactions in the country.

Regulators are also looking into claims being made by some entities of being registered bitcoin exchange providers, although they might have merely registered as a company with the Registrar of Companies with some generic business purposes.

Sources said that regulatory and enforcement authorities here are very much concerned about potential money laundering risks emanating from growing use of bitcoins. To make the things worse, this virtual currency has become the latest tool adopted by fraudsters who are promoting bitcoins as the next big investment products with unlimited returns.

A few complaints have already poured in about bitcoins being used by some operators in certain new-age and e-versions of multi-level marketing or ponzi schemes.

Regulators fear that this new phenomenon can give rise to a new kind of illegal investment schemes that could be very difficult to track and clamp down. This is because there is almost zero physical activity when dealing in bitcoins and nearly all transactions take place in the electronic format.

Being an ‘open source’ product, bitcoin can be mined by anyone through a complex computer software through solutions shared on an entire network, although the process is complex and such ‘mining’ can be done only on very powerful computers.

The huge surge in the valuation of bitcoins, from little over USD 200 to well past USD 1,000 during the last month, has certainly added to their investment profile and people are also getting attracted to it in India, which already has a few significant players offering bitcoin exchange service online in lieu of rupee or other currencies.

The collapse of another digital currency operator Liberty Reserve after charges of money laundering, as also the fall of a few other smaller digital currency exchanges in different parts of the world, have added to the concerns of regulators.

The US authorities have charged Liberty Reserve of operating as a global banker for criminals and of laundering over USD six billion of crime proceeds. Incorporated in 2006, it had over a million users, including about one-fifth in the US.

Bitcoin came into existence in 2009 and the current number of bitcoin units generated so far stands at about 12 million. However, only a small number of bitcoins are being used for real commercial and retail purposes and a vast majority of exchanges are taking place due to speculative investment purposes.

Besides, the US authorities have already come across a few cases of bitcoin being used for illegal activity. As Bitcoin becomes more popular day by day, regulators are getting worried about potential money laundering risks associated with this digital currency and its possible misuse by fraudsters to lure gullible investors into ‘e-ponzi’ schemes.

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Is Numis Network Expensive Coins Or Bullion In A Slab?

The Numis Network 

Are you looking for more information about the Numis Network?

Still not 100% sure if you should join yet due to all of the “Numis Network Scam” claims across the internet?

numis coins
Is Numis Doomed?

In this Numis Network Review, I will break down the companies management team, their often controversial gold and silver product line, and then I will show you a simple way to almost guarantee your success in Numis Network at the end of the review.

What Is Numis Network Up To Now?

The company is currently shaking up network marketing ‘industry standards‘ by holding a $10 Million Dollar Free Silver Giveaway.

They also recently announced at their recent leadership trip that they now have manufactured silver sample cards which contain a 1 gram silver coin attached to a business card which is now available for Numis Network distributors to purchase.

numis network coinsThe idea is to hand them out to potential business partners, or directly mail them to people who opt in to their Numis Network Free Silver Giveaway capture pages. This is a lot different than passing out your typical energy drink, diet pill, or consumable product!

The founders of Numis Network also announced that the first distributor inside the company to build a team of 5,000 reps over the next 18 months would earn a one time, $1 million dollar cash bonus.

This created quite a frenzy across the industry, and many top leaders who had left Numis Network in the past decided to come back and give it another a shot.

The Numis Network |  Founders of Numis

The Numis Network was founded by Chris Kent, Jake Kevorkian, and Ian Cordell, a group of 3 successful businessman who have been active in the direct sales industry for over twenty years.

Chris Kent and Ian Cordell have been friends since the 3rd grade and business partners since 1994 when they started their first company together.

In 2001 Ian Cordell and Chris Kent established International Direct Selling Technology Corporation. Under their leadership, IDSTC has become one of the best providers of technology and software services for the direct selling industry with many clients throughout the world.

What makes Numis Coins So Expensive? 

The flagship product of the Numis Network is a MS70 graded 1 oz coin of silver each month. Their auto ship is known as the “Silver Premier  Club” which currently costs $119 per month plus an additional $20 per month to pay for your marketing websites, email auto responder, and a monthly subscription to Success Magazine along with audio CD’s packed with training from the three Numis founders and top income earners.

There have been a lot of people surprised at the price of the MS70 coins provided by Numis Network. A lot of die hard coin collectors have come out and stated that the ANACS coins that are frequently sold to distributors each month don’t hold their value well against NGC and other coin grading services.numis network coins

Coin dealers have said that most new coins that come out of the mint are MS69 or MS70, and that the mass production of these graded coins has devalued the market place.

The only thing valuable about the product is the 1 oz of pure silver and not necessarily the mint state grade. Although a lot of coin collectors drool over MS70, you will only get what collectors are willing to pay for that MS70 stamp.

Now that is not to bash Numis Network, they have a great product that needs no explanation and is pretty neat to be offered through a network marketing business model. If you love building home businesses or want to get into online marketing then Numis Network might be a great fit for you.

But if you are looking to invest in silver to eventually sell it when the price goes up in the years to come, I would recommend simply purchasing bullion rounds or bars of silver for close to spot price.

You can find similar MS70 coins for less than half the price Numis is offering them for at websites like Provident Metals, APMEX or Silvertowne.

Silver is at about $22 right now as I am writing this review almost $100 less than the monthly cost of the MS70 Silver Premier Club coin from Numis.

I hope you have enjoyed this Numis Network Review, and I hope you now know the answer to the common question “What is Numis Network?”

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A Numis Network Review from David Wood of Empower Network

A Numis Network Review from David Wood, Co-Founder of Empower Network

I’ve been hesitating to write this review for the last week, because of the controversy and pain of dealing with all of the comments that reviews of this nature create, but because of certain things that I said over the last couple of months, I find that it would be useful to bring out in the open a discussion of ‘The Numis Network‘ from the perspective of someone who not only thought he’d never join, but was an open, public critic of the company.

The Numis Network Is An Interesting Animal:

The Numis Network Is A Funny Animal

It’s actually funny to watch the emotional, knee jerk reactions that both myself, and hundreds of other people have had to this company.  Numis seems to spark more controversy, critics, and on the flip side – fanatical promoters than any MLM company that has emerged either on or off the internet for the last 20 or 30 years.

In fact, when I first became aware of the company, I thought it was the stupidest thing that I had ever seen.  I wrote a review bashing it, told people not to join it, told people I didn’t think it would last, and here’s the funny thing…

…I gave people a million and one reasons why they shouldn’t buy numismatic coins – as if I knew something about the industry and was some kind of coin expert.

Sound familiar?

Sometimes the responsibility of a leader in this industry, and also a leader in life is to be willing to step down and admit that he is wrong.  The fact is, as a leader in this industry, I should have never, ever criticized a company that I knew so little about – however, I wanted to take some time to address some of the specific criticism that I brought out, AND that has been raised by others.

“So Why The Heck Does Numis Attract So Much Criticism?”

The first thing that I would like to address is why The Numis Network creates such dramatic criticism in the first place, something that if you’ve found your way to this review, you’ve probably noticed.  In fact, never in the last seven years in this industry have I ever seen a company that creates such massive controversy.  I recently found out that hundreds of industry leaders privately thought that my last company, iLearningGlobal, wouldn’t last – but for some reason no one criticized it, ever.

In fact, not only did they not criticize it, there was no information on the internet, anywhere, from anyone who wasn’t a distributor. (The reason is, I later found out, I had one of only two teams in the company that was actually growing, so no one really cared about it – they all thought it would just fizzle out, which it did).

The reality is – people criticize what they don’t understand and they are afraid of.  Why would someone be afraid of Numis Network?  Because it’s growing so fast that people from all kinds of Network Marketing companies are both joining, and taking their down line with them.  When I was in iLearningGlobal, I got 5-10 phone calls a day for a month straight asking my opinion on The Numis Network, and I had someone quitting my business and joining it at least every 3 days.  I promise you, that the reason people, ESPECIALLY who know absolutely nothing about the company (which is most of them), are simply afraid that their down line is going to leave, and for good reasons.

I wanted to take a second to publicly apologize for being an ‘ignorant‘ scaredy cat.

“What About The Coins?  Aren’t They A Rip-Off?”

One of the funniest things about network marketers who take a look at Numis is the questions that they ask that they never bring up about any other company in the industry.

For example, I was talking to a distributor in a juice company last week who said ‘I would never buy over-priced coins‘, and at the same time they were both selling and buying a couple hundred dollars worth of juice per month – amounting to a grand total of about two gallons of product.

Now, I would never criticize a juice company, and I buy some of those products myself – but does that even make sense as a distributor in this industry?  From a consumer perspective, it’s a valid question – but if you’re in network marketing, don’t be crazy.  In my last company, I was marketing a personal development service that cost $179 per month where you could get almost all of the information on YouTube for free – and hundreds of new people were subscribing on a monthly basis who felt that it was worth it.  When I was in my last company, I was spending $250 per month on an auto-ship for about the same amount of vitamins that I could get at my local health food store for $50.  Now, they may have been BETTER vitamins – but let’s stop being hypocrites, okay?

The amount of people on the internet that have never made a dime in network marketing that all of the sudden claim to be ‘coin’ experts is astounding.  Did you know that no-one ever made a statue to celebrate the accomplishments of someone who wasted their day criticizing things they don’t understand?

So what about the actual value of the product?  The ‘value’ of a product is what someone is willing on a large scale to pay for it – it’s a simple phenomenon of supply and demand.  The reality that I didn’t want to admit when I took a look at the company – because I was never a coin collector – is that the Numismatic product niche is a $100 billion worldwide market, and one of our partners, Mike Mezack, PERSONALLY does more than $100 million in sales for this exact product annually – and there are hundreds of thousands of people who are more than happy to pay for it.

There was a guy in my old team (no-mentioning names here, because he’s a cool guy) who went off on me about how it’s ‘unethical‘ to sell numismatic coins and he could never do it because of his fantastic ‘ethics‘.  Well, it just so happens that this guy has also never made more than maybe $100 a month in network marketing, and in five months sponsored a grand total of one distributor, and every single other person that he had in his team – I personally put there, for a grand total of about 15 people.  Now, I LIKE this guy – he’s cool, and I do believe he can and will succeed in this industry (or I wouldn’t have put people in his team), but don’t give me bull-crap.

If you’re going to claim to have some kind of superior ‘ethics’ – don’t talk to me about it until you have some results to show.  My ethical friend there is now selling water for $50 a case.  (***As a note – I love the water deal, and will probably buy some – and I’m not talking about my friend John, who is a great leader who I believe will eventually make a million a year in this industry and who HAS sponsored a LOT of people – I’m just pointing out a general inconsistency that is created out of fear of failure).  If you’re going to claim ‘ethics’ don’t pretend you’re a leader if you have never made $200 a month in network marketing.

buy what's working now MLM

“Is Numis An Investment?  David X Seems To Say That Numis Reps Are ‘Claiming’ It’s an investment.”

One of my biggest hang ups when I first looked at The Numis Network was that I just couldn’t figure out why someone would pay $99 for a coin that had around $18 of silver in it.  I was looking at it through the eyes of a precious metal investor – and the fact is, that I had never even watched an entire business presentation from the company and I had no idea what the word ‘numismatic’ meant.

Funny enough, when I finally did, I noticed that not just once, but at least three times throughout the course of the presentation, that not only did the rep specifically mention that Numis is NOT an investment, but that there was a whole five minute section of the presentation dedicated to explaining the exact difference between an ‘investment’ and a ‘collectible’.

Because we can legally make a statement ‘historically, the value of these coins has increased’ DOES NOT mean we are even remotely claiming that it is some kind of investment – so stop being an idiot.  David X is known now in our inner circle as ‘The Coin Messiah’ or ‘TCM’ because of his desire to ‘save everyone‘ from buying numismatics.  (As a side note – I like David, and I don’t think he’s intentionally being ignorant – I think he’s just spoken out and now maybe his pride is in the way).

See, once I actually saw the presentation, I got it right away – because I’ve been collecting things my whole life.  When I was about 8 years old, I started collecting comic books, and today that collection is probably worth $20-$30 thousand dollars.  If I told you ‘historically, comic books have gone up in value…’ would you think that I was an investment adviser?

No. So stop trying to pretend that Numis reps are proposing investments, when on every page of our websites, and for five minutes in the presentation we explain the exact difference between investments and collectibles.  Collectibles DO go up in value, it might not be in 5 years, 10, or even 15, but my dad had a mint condition copy of Spiderman #1 – which I believe is worth over $100,000 because over time, collectibles get more rare.

Do you see how silly the whole ‘investment’ objection is?  It doesn’t even remotely make sense unless you’re trying to say that the company does the EXACT OPPOSITE of what is right on the front of their websites.

“Hasn’t This Been Tried Before?  I Knew A Guy Who’s Best Friends Dad Lost His Shirt In A Coin Deal”

No.  In fact, when I looked into the company – I thought that it had because I’ve seen ‘Gold and Silver’ deals go under before.  The critical difference is that those companies were dealing in an entirely different product niche – they were marketing ungraded bullion coins for an unwarranted mark-up in price.

In fact, I’ve sponsored several people into Numis that were in ‘Gold Unlimited’ in the 90′s, and from what I understand, what we do couldn’t be further from what has happened in the past. The Numis Network markets Gold and Silver NUMISMATIC coins graded by the three most respected grading agencies in the world, and we market a LEGITIMATE product that people are already spending money on – at competitive market prices – which is not just different from what you have seen – it is an entirely different kind of industry from anything that has hit the Network Marketing model in the last 120+ years of this industry.

We are a ‘first mover’.

“Isn’t The ‘Executive Kit’ Just An Excuse To Pass Money Around?”

One of the things that I criticized about the Numis Network when I first looked at it was that it seemed that 90% of the income came from something called a ‘coded’ bonus (which was an accurate assumption, it does).  Well, the coded bonus is created from the sale of ‘The Executive Kit’ when you’re enrolling a distributor for $495 and they purchase the ‘Fast Track Collectors Kit’. Len Clements, a well known network marketing analyst, said that the value of the actual sign up is questionable, and that it could be viewed as something that just exists for the sake of compensation – which would be valid if there wasn’t actual, tangible value in the enrollment kit.

As a distributor who has purchased the kit – I can tell you nothing could be further from reality.  Let me just give you a couple of examples.

In my last company, iLearningGlobal, I had to manually enter all of my distributor’s information into a contact management system just to be able to email my down line and keep them in the loop of what we’re doing as a team – a chore that took at a minimum 2, and usually 5 hours a week and cost me an extra $50 per month – or $600 per year.

Just ONE of the things that is included in that $495 signup is a BBS system that I would have gladly paid $495 for by itself just to save the time, not to mention the actual savings from the system itself as the team expands.  I also had to completely design a sales funnel from the ground up in that company, where in Numis, they have a pre-designed custom internet marketing sales funnel that’s included, IN ADDITION to the most professional customer website I’ve ever had, a website that I have ACTUALLY had customers just go to and buy product because that Mike Mezack guy is so good at selling.

In fact – as a distributor, I’d have to say that the $495 distributor enrollment is going to save me $5,000 a year in pointless fees and systems that I would have to pay for elsewhere, but don’t need at all as a Numis rep – PLUS, you get a perfect Mint State 70 Silver American Eagle (retail value of $125) with the $495 distributor kit – so don’t give me crap, especially if you’re selling a $1000 package of vitamins you could buy for $200.

When I was in a vitamin company, I had to pay $1,000 for the vitamins when I joined and order another $500 in sales tools – and I GLADLY paid, because it made me money, I just don’t need any of that ‘extra’ stuff here – because it’s included.  If you buy a Subway franchise, it costs over $20,000 PLUS you’ve got to pay overrides every month to the Subway corporation and rent real estate space and pay for employees – now THAT’S passing money around.

The ‘Numis Doesn’t Have Residual Income‘ Myth

When I first saw Numis, I called an industry leader (who shall remain anonymous), and asked him what he thought, and he said something that I thought was fascinating, he said ‘In my opinion, you can’t mark up a fixed priced product enough to pay a downline’.

Well, when I first wrote a review on Numis, I mentioned how the residual income is crappy because they are, in reality, only paying out about 30% of the ACTUAL MONEY SPENT on the flagship product – the MS70 Silver American Eagle.  Well, I was right about the 30% part (they pay 50% of BV, and there is 60 BV points from one MS70 Silver Coin that costs $99).

You see, I was comparing the payout of Numis to the payout of juice companies, vitamin companies, and my company, which range from 40%-60%, and I pointed out how, magnified over a team of thousands of people, 30% seemed like a lot less money.

Well, if retention rates were all the same, that would be completely true, and if Numis didn’t have a coded bonus (more on that in a bit), you would need quite a lot of people to make a significant monthly income.  What I wasn’t admitting, however, is the whole myth of residual income in most companies isn’t really true, anyways.

For example, in my last company, I was told we had a company wide retention rate of 93%, which if it had been 100% accurate, the residuals from that product would have been absolutely astounding.  What I wasn’t aware of, though, that I found out when the company closed down, is that we ACTUALLY had a 93% monthly retention rate (big difference), and that in the Network Marketing industry, 93% monthly retention is actually pretty good.  (Now to be fair on myself, I think I had a bit better retention than average, but still…)

I built a team of around 1000 people in a well known vitamin company, years ago, and today I still have that business – THE ONLY people that are still on an auto ship are people that had life changing product experiences.  All of the ‘I take vitamins, and feel great’ people have canceled their product orders, one by one and now there is a grand total of MAYBE 30-40 people who got ‘cured’ of something for taking them (don’t tell the FDA).

I talked to Ray Higdon, one of the founding distributors here at The Numis Network, and he’s been a distributor for around 8 months at the time of this writing and has had right around a 94% total persistency for 8 months in his business – that’s A LOT better than a 93% MONTHLY retention, and a LOT better than you’ll get in any vitamin company in the world.

Sometimes, LESS is more – as is the case with this.  Why aren’t people canceling their auto ship?  I guess there’s something that’s cool and attractive about getting pure, Mint Condition Gold and Silver coins in the mail every month – people don’t feel like they’re spending money, they feel like they’re purchasing a valuable collection of assets – BIG difference.

Here’s the COOL thing… Residuals are just an ‘EXTRA’ bonus in The Numis Network…

So people are keeping their auto-ship (because getting Gold and Silver in the mail is ‘cool‘ or for whatever reason – it’s still happening, which is getting me pumped just thinking about it) – but here’s the best part about Numis…

…residuals are just ‘extra’ here.  You see, in most actual MLM companies, there are no residuals – incomes are formed and maintained by systems that keep people flowing in to the company faster than they leave – that’s not residual income, it’s ‘promotional’ income.  REAL residuals in most companies are actually quite small (with a few big exceptions), because people don’t like being on auto-ships – so when they decide not to build a downline, they cancel their product order – which happens about 85% of the time within 12 months.

Well, in The Numis Network – people LIKE their auto ship – because they’re building value every month – but aside from that – it’s totally irrelevant in my opinion, because the ‘Coded’ bonus pays so much danged money out if you’re growing at all – the residuals are just a nice, extra bonus.  Let’s face it – residuals take forever to build, anyways, I want to make money now, don’t you?

If you’re critical of the coded bonus, I understand.  I didn’t understand it either when I looked at it, and I didn’t know my history.  The coded bonus was innovated by a company called Excel Telecommunications in the 90′s, which was the fastest growing MLM company in the history of America, hitting $1 billion in sales four times faster than Microsoft. The top earner in Excel earned $1.7 million per month for 18 months straight, 95% of which came from a ‘coded bonus’ written almost ‘exactly’ like the bonus in Numis.

(We’ve made some improvements, and we have residuals, too – which Excel just didn’t have…)

I can’t say exactly how much I made my first week in business – but I’ll tell you this – that ‘coded’ bonus made me more money in my first 14 days than I ever made in a month in my last MLM company after SIX MONTHS of aggressively building.

It’s VERY, VERY cool – and we pay it weekly.

…and if we’re going to talk about ‘ethics’, let’s talk about the ‘ethics’ of telling someone their is residual income when there is not.  I’m so sick of people filling my head with crap in this industry – that it’s time for us ALL to set a new standard, don’t you think?  How about the ethics of getting someone involved in an ‘opportunity’ that gives them a grand total ‘promotional’ check of $200 after they finally have their 200th person in their downline?

With Numis, people have the ability to generate commissions quickly, now that’s an ETHICAL business to promote – because let’s face it – we’re in this industry to create wealth…

…or are you just here to ‘piddle around‘?

My Final Thoughts

The reality is, even thought people aren’t willing to admit the simple truth – The Numis Network is growing like a wild, uncontrollable fire.  In this, or any other profit driven industry – you can either get involved with an idea that is moving on it’s own, or you can do what I tried to do in my last venture – which is to FORCE an idea that nobody gets into the minds of the mass populace.

That’s hard – and it doesn’t work for the average person.

The Numis Network is hot.  It’s moving.  It’s easy for the average person to explain – COMMISSIONS can be generated quickly if you’re producing, and let’s face it…

…getting Gold and Silver in the mail every month is just cool.  It’s almost like we have an extra paycheck once per month… We get paid weekly through all of our ways of earning – and monthly on an auto ship of Gold and Silver.

As my good friend, Larry Beacham, a GREAT Network Marketing leader says:

“Everyone sells something – why not sell money?

Everyone collects something – why not collect money?”

Ha ha.

Let me tell you what I told Cedrick Harris and Brian Fanale the other day – I believe that The Numis Network is MY FIRST legitimate chance to build a team of 100,000 distributors in the network marketing industry – it’s the only thing that I’ve ever been a part of that ACTUALLY duplicates, and I’m just flat excited.  My PRODUCT is money – and I’m proud of it.  Let’s go out – and TRANSFORM the destiny of nations.

If you’re on the fence, get back to the person who invited you to view this article, and find out how you can lock in a spot.  Timing in this, and in life, is critical.  I’ll look forward to working with you.

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Silver Premier Club: The Untold Story

Silver Premier Club

Hey everybody, Joe Stewart here and today I wanted to talk about the Numis Network and why their auto ship is so controversial.

numismatic coins***HEADS UP*** I am not here to try and get you to jump out of your seat and LEAVE your primary home business I am NOT in Numis!

I just want to share with you a few of the key reasons as to why  the Numis Network Silver Premier Club is very popular, and why people are calling Numis Network the “MLM for people who hate MLM”.

How the Silver Premier Club Got Started

Here is a timeline of some of events in history over the past 24 years or so.

The timeline shows why the demand to purchase gold and silver has gone through the roof during these past 24 years.

1986- While in office from 1981 until 1989, President Ronald Reagan a conservative icon passed the Liberty Coin Act. This legislation allowed American citizens to own gold and silver again.

So he made an executive order that the United Sates Mint would immediately start producing Gold and Silver American Eagles, so people could start backing their dollar with a tangible asset like gold or silver.

1999 Y2K- During the inception of the internet, a lot of people were scared that their money in their checking or savings account would be lost through online banking. During this time, a lot of people started buying gold and silver.

2000- Partners of the Numis Network such as Keith Love and Mike Mezack began grading, and certifying these modern issue coins for the first time.

2000-2005: Numis partners Keith Love and Mike Mezack struck gold yet again. For the first time ever, Keith and Mike were able to sell millions of dollars worth of these Numismatic coins on Television for the first time.

2006- With the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Liberty Coin Act, interest in modern graded coins was beginning to explode. Top coin grading companies were also beginning to enter the numismatic market for the first time in 2006.

2007-2008: Silver and gold demand continue to rise, as politicians like Ron Paul and economists alike began to predict the global financial melt down was about to take place. Read my article about by clicking here: how to prepare for hyperinflation during the next meltdown.

2008- The global financial crisis has started, just like Ron Paul and some political junkies had predicted in the years previous to this. The demand for gold and silver is now at record highs because people fear the value of the USD is about to drop rapidly, and would feel safer with tangible assets like gold and silver.

2009- The first home business offering these modern, certified coins known as the Numis Network, launches and begins attracting a lot of heavy hitters from the network/online marketing arena such as David Wood, Ray Higdon, Dave Lovett, and many other network marketing legends.

xplocial banner
Coin collectors with deep pockets LOVE these modern issue coins that Numis Network has to offer, and it has become the fastest growing segment of the Numismatic industry. But if you are simply looking to INVEST in silver you need to be buying it at next to spot price which has been floating around $18-$20 the past few weeks. You do this by purchasing bullion rounds, bars and so on… but spending $119 a month on an ounce of silver just because it says ANACS MS70 on it is crazy.

I hope this article has opened to your eyes to the Silver Premier Club!

Joe StewartJoe Stewart


Author of Create Your Own Economy

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Gold & Silver: Is 2013 the Perfect Time to Invest in Gold & Silver?

Gold & Silver: Is 2013 the Perfect Time to Invest in Gold & Silver?

Hey everybody Joe Stewart here with a brief article which poses the question as to whether or not the year 2013 is the right time for people to start buying precious metals again. The price has been a roller coaster the last few years, but when you look at a gold and silver chart for 10 years or more, you start to see the long term potential when it comes to investing in gold and silver.

As the value of the dollar continues to goes down the drain each and every year, this can only mean one thing: gold and silver prices are about to be going through the roof. But the real question here is when?

What about the Fiscal Cliff?

After President Barack Obama has won another 4 years in the White House and the up and coming fiscal cliff, the richest people in America have been turning their cash and 401k’s into hard, tangible assets like gold and silver for many years now. They must know something that we don’t know. Is now the best time to start stocking up on gold and silver? Here’s my thoughts.

As citizens, we can only hope that lower and middle class families have had the chance to stock up on gold and silver while it is still cheap. When the US dollar crashes along with the stock market and everybody’s 401k plan, people will be looking for a way to pay bills and accumulate a boat load of gold or silver to replenish what they lost through their 401k or savings accounts.

When to Sell your Gold or Silver?

I know plenty of couples who bought silver when it was under $10 per ounce, and later on cashed in on all their silver when it was $40+ an ounce and went out and paid cash for their families home. Imagine how that would feel for just a second… Paying for a big house for you and your kids to live in for decades to come, without even having a mortgage! Trading cash for gold and silver is really a smart thing to do at this point if you ask me.

I hope this article has informed and educated you as to the power of buying precious metals in today’s shady economy. Learn how to prepare for the worst of times, so you only know the best of times.

Take care my friends!

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Silver or Gold: Should You Buy Silver Or Gold After Election?

Silver or Gold: Should You Buy Silver Or Gold After Election?

gold and silver

One of the posts I have been seeing all over FaceBook and some respected news and investment publications, is to stock up on gold and silver after the presidential election.

Everybody believes the price will drop a few weeks after the election, giving the collector or investor a great time to bulk up on bullion or numismatic coins. Just take a look at the stock market after Obama won a second term, it dropped over 300 points the day after… hint hint.

So how do you prepare for a post dollar world? We should all know by now that the value of the dollar is in rapid decline, and the wealthy people are backing their money by gold, silver, real estate, and so on… but they are not keeping money in the bank, IRA’s, 401ks, stocks and bonds. Since the stock market dropped over 300 points since Obama won the election, that means your 401k has already dropped between 2-3%… Ouch.

So what is better at the moment- gold or silver?

In my research, I have come to find out that silver is more rare than gold. I know that is hard to believe because gold has been ranging between $1,700-$1,800 per ounce while silver has been up and down averaging $30-$35 the past few months. But truth be told, there is less silver than gold on the planet right now. Almost 95% of the gold that has ever been mined is still in existence today.

Silver is used all across the world in over 10,000 different ways such as:






-Medical/Antibacterial qualities

-Water purification

The list goes on my friend…

The reason I say that is because these technology companies like Apple, Microsoft and others need silver for their computer manufacturing, so when the price of silver goes up, they aren’t gonna cry and go out of business because silver is $100+ an ounce… they are going to raise the price of their computers by $100! Duh!

silver inside electronics

So in conclusion, the price of silver is definitely expected to go up. Can I guarantee that? Of course not… just do your own research and look at a 10 year silver chart and see if you would be better off today if you had purchases pounds of silver when it was under $10 per ounce.

What is really cool though, is a new home business concept dealing in gold and silver… you can literally buy gold and silver each month from your own home business, build your own customer base, and help other people open a gold and silver franchise from the comfort of home. This will earn you residual commissions for the rest of your life, and the tax benefits are AMAZING!

Watch my video below for more info:

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I will see YOU at the top!

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Gold Coins: Why Should You Collect Gold Coins?

Gold Coins: Why Should You Collect Gold Coins?

gold coins

Coin collecting is something that dates back to the when coins were first issued for trade. It was only in the Middle Ages that people turned this into a hobby because of the art work and the historical value.

Coin collecting today is still a hobby that many people enjoy. One of the most precious and most expensive, tangible assets that anyone can ever have are those of gold coins. The most expensive gold coin ever purchased was worth around eight million dollars. This was the American 1933 Gold Eagle. This is why the collecting of gold coins deserves to be called the hobby of kings.

Gold coins were one of the oldest forms of money.

This was later followed by silver coins. Gold coins were in circulation in the United States from 1838 to 1933.

The design was the Liberty Head bust but this was only made until 1907. The design was then changed to the Indian Head and Saint Gaudens motifs and was used until 1933 when the Great Depression began. This prompted the recall of gold coins which makes them very difficult to find today.

Since these are no longer in circulation, the price for one of this rare commodity is quite high. Gold is now used for other things such as jewelry or bars that people retain as an investment.


South Africa minted its first gold coin called the Krugerrand in 1967. This coin has no face value but merely stands as a symbol. It is made of 1 ounce of gold and can be purchased for investment purposes.

Since then other countries also minted bullion coins. Canada made the Gold Maple Leaf in 1979 and Australia made the Gold Nugget in 1981. These two are much more popular than the South African coin because of its 24 carat purity.

A lot of people retain gold today as an investment because they speculate that the demand will cause its market value to increase. Others hold it as a form of insurance should the financial situation become worse.

There was a point in time when the more paper money that was made, the higher the price of gold which maintained gold and cash as equal value. After this standard ended in 1971, this enabled government to produce more paper currency without increasing the price of gold.

Since gold coins can no longer be used to purchase merchandise most coin collectors just keep them to remember that people once used them as currency, and not an asset or type of investment.

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Canadian Coins: How to Collect Authentic Canadian Coins

Canadian Coins: How to Collect Authentic Canadian Coins

2013 canadian antelope coin graded

In Canada, where the popularity of collecting coins has shown a significant increase because the value of money as we know it, or ‘paper money’ tends to decrease as much as 25% to 30% in a short time frame.

For this exact reason, coin manufacturers all across Canada started making multiple kinds of coins to replace the value that was lost in the depreciation of paper money. Gold continues to thrive in various types of coins and their value continues to increase.

Coins function as solid emblems of a nation’s history. Canada has gained importance by producing Canadian coins serve as a means of monetary exchange and a source of historical enrichment.

Many coin collectors are enticed to try Canadian coin collecting. They know that collecting such Canadian treasures not only offer them remarkable diversion but can also provide them with additional value in the future.

Steps to Collecting Canadian Coins:

So for those who wanted to start collecting Canadian coins, here is a list of some ways to get you started:

1. Do your homework

Like in any side venture you must do your homework before you start collecting coins. Try to research how Canada manufactures their coins. Deal in coins only with somebody you know, like and trust.

Also go ahead and learn the history of the coins you are purchasing, and how they may offer great opportunities to earn capital in the future, and at the same time be an enjoyable hobby.

2. Finders keepers

To get your coin collection accelerated, try to get as many coins or tokens as you can obtain without having to spend a great amount of money. Your parents or your grandparents may have some coins that they kept because they did not hold any monetary value at that time.

3. Use some guides

Coin collecting is not a complicated activity but it is not that easy either. You would likely need some references that will guide you in choosing the kinds of Canadian coins to collect. You can refer to many brochures that will provide you with adequate information regarding Canadian coin collecting.

If you can buy your Canadian coins graded from one of the three respected grading services, I recommend you do so just to make sure you are getting with you are paying for and not a fake.

4. Enjoy and have fun

The idea of coin collecting is not to get the most expensive and the rarest coins that you can find. What matters most is that you enjoy what you do and that you are amazed by the kinds of coins that you are able to obtain. Coin collecting may differ from one place to another but Canadian coin collecting is sure to give a hobbyist great pleasure and not just the feeling of owning ‘tangible treasures’.

If you want to start working for yourself but feel you don’t have the money then you’re wrong. If you have a computer and space to put it then you have all you need. You can also start you home business and work it around your job. You can gradually commit more time as your home business grows.

amara gold mining

If you’re tired of your job and really want to work for yourself then stop making excuses and do it.

Though affiliate marketing programs and selling services you will find that having your home business is easier than you think.

All it takes is time and a commitment to succeed…

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By taking advantage of the affiliate marketing programs that are currently available to you on this very page, you can make money and improve your marketing skills. Remember, you can always expand into other areas and venture out totally on your own later. Right now, get marketing and get clicking.

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Coin Collecting: Some Basics of Coin Collecting

Coin Collecting: Some Basics of Coin Collecting

coin collecting

Coin collecting is said to be the “Hobby of the Kings.” Coin collecting is different from money hoarding. Collecting coins as an art form can be traced back to the 14th century. Today, people all over the world are collecting coins. Some collect it for their value, some just like the sheer fun that they get from getting their hands on different coins.

If one is interested in making coin collecting a hobby, he can very well do so. It is a hobby which does not require a certain skill and it can be done by almost everyone.
There are many different kinds of coin collectors. There are those who do it for fun, and others do in a more serious manner.

Informal coin collecting

Most coin collectors, especially the children, start out as informal coin collectors. They are laid-back collectors which do not have a specific goal in collecting coins. They might collect coins from different countries or from different time periods without any intention of being serious about it.

Inquisitive coin collecting

Once the informal coin collector starts noticing the details of the coins, he becomes an inquisitive coin collector. This kind of coin collectors won’t bother much into spending money to get coins. He merely wants to appreciate the coins. Soon, he will start to put them in containers or albums.

numis network coins, numis, mlm, coins, graded coins

Advanced coin collecting
An advanced coin collector will collect coins with a specific target in mind. He may want to collect coins from a certain nation, or a certain time period.
There are many tracks which coin collectors pursue when engaging in their hobby.

Here are some of the ways one can use in collecting coins:

Coin collection according to nation

Many coin collectors would want to collect coins from a certain nation during a certain period of time. This kind of coin collection lets the collector travel the globe through the coins. People may want to collect coins from countries they had visited.
Historical coin collection
Another way of collecting coins is by taking in mind history. Many coin collectors engage in collecting coins during a certain period in history like wars or declarations of independence.

Error coins

There are people who find collecting coins with errors exciting because these kinds of coins are rare nowadays.
There are many ways to collect coins and each way is as fun as the other. One must feel the hobby first before he decides whether to stick with it or not. Coin collecting can require certain amounts of money and the collector must be wise in engaging in such a hobby.

If you want to start working for yourself but feel you don’t have the money then you’re wrong. If you have a computer and space to put it then you have all you need. You can also start you home business and work it around your job. You can gradually commit more time as your home business grows.

amara gold mining

If you’re tired of your job and really want to work for yourself then stop making excuses and do it.

Though affiliate marketing programs and selling services you will find that having your home business is easier than you think.

All it takes is time and a commitment to succeed…

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By taking advantage of the affiliate marketing programs that are currently available to you on this very page, you can make money and improve your marketing skills. Remember, you can always expand into other areas and venture out totally on your own later. Right now, get marketing and get clicking.

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