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MLM Energy Drinks: Cost and Quality Comparison

Are you a promoter for Amway, ViSalus or maybe MonaVie?

Trying to find some comparison charts to show your potential reps and customers?

I have scoured the internet to make an easy to read comparison chart between the different energy drinks offered by Multi-Level Marketing companies.

Some of them are all natural, low in sugar, and overall more healthy than some of the mainstream brands you find in shopping centers or gas stations. A lot of these drinks are unfortunately loaded with synthetic caffeine, sugar, and a whole host of other harmful ingredients.

That is why many network marketing companies have came out with their own brand of energy drinks to offer people.

Every month or so, I hear stories on the news of children and young adults across the nation dying due to some of the harmful toxins and ingredients in these drinks. There is a reason why multiple countries actually ban certain energy drinks due to the ingredients.

MLM Energy Drinks: Who Measures Up?

After researching the 5 main companies in MLM that offer their own version of an energy drink, I have come to find out which ones are all natural, which ones are loaded with sugar, and which MLM owners are greedy when it comes to price of their product.

mlm energy drinks

So as you can see… MonaVie, Vemma and EPX Body are the only MLM energy drinks that contain 100% all natural ingredients! Good job guys, that is what most people are looking for these days and that is what’s healthy!

Amway’s XS Energy Drink and Visalus’s GO Energy Drink Shot both contained sucralose, sodium benzoate, and artificial flavors… all 3 of which are not recommended from doctors (ones not being paid by these companies of course) and nutritionists.

Sodium benzoate is a preservative that promotes cancer and kills healthy cells. It has the ability to deprive the cells of oxygen, break down the immune system and cause cancer.

Learn more:

I hope this article has opened your eyes to the truth about which MLM companies offer healthy energy drinks in alternative to a lot of the mainstream, synthetic brands!

I personally decided to purchase EPX Body Thrive Energy Drink for obvious reasons. It is the lowest cost whether you buy it at a monthly supply, or in bulk (6 months supply). It has all natural ingredients, and honestly tastes better than the four competitors I listed here (Yes I have tried all of them many times).

I can’t WAIT to hear your success story!

If you want to start working for yourself but feel you don’t have the money then you’re wrong. If you have a computer and space to put it then you have all you need. You can also start you home business and work it around your job. You can gradually commit more time as your home business grows.

If you’re tired of your job and really want to work for yourself then stop making excuses and do it.

Though affiliate marketing programs and selling services you will find that having your home business is easier than you think.

All it takes is time and a commitment to succeed…

let me in now

By taking advantage of the affiliate marketing programs that are currently available to you on this very page, you can make money and improve your marketing skills. Remember, you can always expand into other areas and venture out totally on your own later. Right now, get marketing and get clicking.

brig hart monavie
Brig Hart and I

joe stewart


Call or Text: 772-626-4271

“Your friend on the inside…”

Author of Create Your Own Economy 

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EPX Body Releases EPX One80: An Affordable Marketing Suite

EPX Body Releases EPX One80

epx one80
EPX One80

EPX180 has a long term vision to help people turn their life around and conquer their financial struggles by giving them affordable tools, benefits, and education to help start a successful leveraged business.

Leverage is the only way you can create true residual income, if you are only being paid while you are on the job then there is no way you will ever have time freedom. If your income depends solely on you there is very little chance you will achieve financial freedom.

One80 was started by a group of very successful businessmen with decades of combined experience; they have now made an opportunity to help you understand the exact steps you need to take in order to be successful and provide the tools to succeed and take advantage of all the benefits that are available for starting a new business.

If you have always wanted to be the boss but never had the opportunity now is your chance. For less than $20 month, I’m confident any business owner, manager, affiliate, or employee that takes a close look at this product package will either make or save at least 10 times your monthly cost within 90 days or we will refund your money. All we ask is that you give it a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

EPX One80: The Product

The One80 Product suite is designed to help you take advantage of the emerging trends in the marketplace and at the same time make sure you are able to take advantage of the benefits of owning your own business.

There are four key parts to the One80 business Training, Tools, Action, and Accountability.

EPX One80: Training

Training is the first step to success and without the proper training and understanding of what creates success you are leaving your entire business to chance.

We have discovered 5 traits that successful marketers follow and we not only teach those to you we show you exactly how to implement them into your business.

In a leveraged business, duplication is the real key to success and we have an exact formula for duplication. We cover this formula in detail and provide all the tools you need to put it into action. With our turnkey training we teach people how to succeed on purpose and once you understand this you can implement it into any leveraged business.


One80 offers two kinds of tools, tools for tracking and tools for marketing. In most cases there is a hard way to do something and an easy way. The One80 tools alow you to build your business the easy way.

The Formula for duplication requires contact management, follow up, presenting, and coaching tools and we provide them all.

There are also three major trends going on right now — the Internet, MobilePhones, and Social Marketing. Our tools are designed to help you take advantage of all three.

Internet: It is no secret that the internet has changed the way most people live but very few people are really taking advantage of it to earn extra income. We offer:

Lead Capture Pages
Powerful Marketing Presentations
Automated Email Follow Up
Business Tracking tools and much more.

Mobile Phones: At One80 we know that marketing is going Mobile. Mobile phones are growing at more than 5 times the rate of the Internet and very few people understand how to profit from this. One80 has created Mobile optimized squeeze pages, videos, and sign up pages but we also have tools to help you build your business using your mobile phone. Think about it; almost everyone 12 years old or older has a cell phone and every phone has contacts but how many people are actually capitalizing on this? We also have amazing phone apps to help track your business and make sure you are taking advantage of the tax benefits that come with owning a business.

Social Marketing: Just like the internet and mobile phones pretty much everyone knows social sites like Facebook, Google Plus, twitter and many others are attracting billions of people but again very few people are taking advantage of this huge trend. One80 offers the tools and training so that you can build your entire business using this one platform for little of even no marketing expense.

The One80 Secret Weapon

If what we had was not already enough One80 has taken it a step further to make sure that everyone wins with One80. We have partnered Taxbot, an amazing business tax tracking and training software and phone app to make sure that everyone wins with One80. With our quarterly package an entire year of One80 membership is only $200 and with Taxbot alone the average yearly savings is $2000 so for most people the absolute worse case with One80 is you will save 10 times more than the business cost.

Taxbot & EPX180 is the easiest way for small business owners and 1099 contractors to turn expenses into deductions!

I hope you have enjoyed this review of the new marketing suite offered by EPX called One80!

I can’t WAIT to hear your success story!

If you want to start working for yourself but feel you don’t have the money then you’re wrong. If you have a computer and space to put it then you have all you need. You can also start you home business and work it around your job. You can gradually commit more time as your home business grows.

If you’re tired of your job and really want to work for yourself then stop making excuses and do it.

Though affiliate marketing programs and selling services you will find that having your home business is easier than you think.

All it takes is time and a commitment to succeed…

let me in now

By taking advantage of the affiliate marketing programs that are currently available to you on this very page, you can make money and improve your marketing skills. Remember, you can always expand into other areas and venture out totally on your own later. Right now, get marketing and get clicking.

brig hart monavie
Brig Hart and I

joe stewart


Call or Text: 772-626-4271

“Your friend on the inside…”

Author of Create Your Own Economy 

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Develop Your Own Weight Loss Plan Online

Develop Your Own Online Weight Loss Plan 

weight loss planAre you interested in developing your own weight loss plan?

If you are looking to lose a few pounds, there is a good chance that you may be interested in doing so.

Although you can pay to have a weight loss plan supplied to you or you can choose to join an existing weight loss program, you may find the cost of doing so a little bit difficult, especially if you are trying to lose weight on a budget.

That is why many disgruntled dieters choose to develop their own weight loss plans.

If this is your first time developing a weight loss plan for yourself, you may not necessarily know how you should proceed. What is nice about developing a weight loss plan for yourself is that you have freedom.

With that in mind, you will still want to make sure that your weight loss plan is one that you can benefit from and one that you can lose weight while on. For that reason, you may want to think about turning to the internet, when looking to develop your own weight loss plan or weight loss program.

Start Your Own Weight Loss Plan

eating healthyWhen it comes to using the internet to help you develop your own weight loss plan, there are a number of different ways that the internet can offer you assistance. For starters, a good part of a weight loss program involves eating healthy.

For many individuals, eating healthy is something that is difficult to do, as they are unsure as to what they should cook or how they should cook it. There are a number of websites that you can find online, many of which are free to use, that give you access to healthy foods and recipes.

Many of these recipes are accompanied by pictures; therefore, you should be able to tell right away whether or not the food in question is something that you would eat.

Online Weight Loss Resources

Another part of losing weight involves exercise. For some individuals, taking a simple walk is enough to help them lose weight, but others must participate in more active exercise activities.

If you are one of those individuals, you can find a number of websites that outline exercises that you should be able to do. You will likely find a number of fitness websites that come with detailed pictures or videos, which outline each step of the workout in question.

You can also use the internet to order weight loss resources, like weight loss books or exercise equipment. One piece of exercise equipment that you may want to look into buy is that of an exercise video.

What is nice about using the internet to find an exercise video, which you can incorporate into your at-home weight loss program, is that you can not only buy videos online, but you can also find product reviews online.  Product reviews are a great way to determine if the exercise video you are interested in buying is really worth the money.

Setup A Schedule To Exercise 

Once you have found a number of exercises that you would like to do or a number of healthy meals that you would like to make for yourself, you are advised to develop yourself a list, in writing or on the computer.

This list can act as a schedule for yourself. For instance, you could outline each workout that you would like to do on Monday’s, as well as which meals you would like to eat on that same day. Having a detailed weight loss plan for each day of the week is likely to improve the chances of you following your own plan.

As you can see, the internet is a nice tool to have, when looking to create your own weight loss plan. For the best results, with finding what you need online, you may want to perform a standard internet search.

Epx Body

As a reminder, not everyone is able to develop their own at-home weight loss plans and follow them. If you find that you are having a hard time with staying on track, you may want to think about joining one of your local gyms or even an online weight loss program.

I personally use this online weight loss program to help me stay on track, and know exactly what to eat and how to work out for the day in order to reach my health and fitness goals. It is affordable and they offer high quality supplements at a very low cost.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about some basic weight loss plans, and seeing which one I personally use!

joe stewart, joey stewartJoe Stewart 772-626-4271

Founder of The MLM Times & MLM Apparel

P.S- Buy My New Network Marketing Book

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Ever Fail In Network Marketing?

I did. I fell flat on my face again and again and
again until I was about to pull out my hair in total

I had done it all: cold calls, parking lots, flyers,
banners, hotel meetings and parties… you name it.

I even tried to get grandma to just try the products…
and after she said “no”… I was done!

I was about to throw in the towel on my dreams of
financial independence when I was told about this
refreshing new take on MLM.

You really have to flush what you “think” you know
and just go take a look because it really is different,
refreshing and unique for a change.

It’s only $39 to join and $39 a month to be “all-in” and active with no
increases in your auto ship ever required

They guarantee you a minimum monthly check
once you have 4 people on your team to cover
your auto ship expense (up to $40/month).

join epx body

Get 5 paid team members in your first 30 days and
you are guaranteed to earn at least $1000/month
within your first 6 months or they will refund ALL of
your auto ship expenses, up to $40/month (only 2
have to remain active for the 6 months)!

They have a tremendous marketing system that’s
complete with an autoresponder, contact manager,
tracking and much more… all 100% free…

…and you can even outsource your marketing
through the company itself
with our new PHP
Co-op that enables you to get highly qualified
prospects right from your back office!

This is changing the entire industry!

There really is too much to talk about here – so
check it out for yourself…

…and sign-up fast because this is going viral as
we speak!

Let’s Get You Started RIGHT NOW!

I will personally call you and welcome you to the team

when I receive notification that you have joined.

Then we will set up your first coaching call so we can help you get your new EPX business into rapid fire momentum!

Joe stewart

Joe Stewart

772 626 4271


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Are You Up For the Home Business 90 Day Challenge?

The Home Business 90 Day Challenge

The most crucial thing you can do in your new home business is to make a commitment to stay consistent with it for at least the next 90 days! You cannot judge your daily results with this system or any other system or “shortcut” out there to help you succeed.

Just like many things in life results take time to measure. The unique part of this business is that you can make a lot of money with a success rate of less than 1% and this can be done in less than an hour per day. This guide is meant to help get your business on the right track from day one so that in the next 90 days you can have a profitable business that is growing every day whether you recruit, make a sale or not.

We will start by going over the tools and scripts, then we will go over a daily action plan. This 90 day plan of action is meant to go along with our Train to Retain success system.

Building YOUR list

build your listThis is the first and most important step for building your home business. Without a list of people to talk to, there is absolutely no way you can be successful. We are going to cover three ways to build your list including your current center of influence, social marketing, and leads you purchase.

Your Center of Influence- You should try to make a list of at least 100 people. There is a memory jogger to help you think of the people you know. You do not have to contact them all right away but this is your best chance of building a business fast because they already know you. Start with everyone you have in your cell phone and email contact list.

Social Networks- There are a lot of social networking sites but just to keep it simple we are only going to talk about Facebook. There are more than 800 million people with Facebook profiles and millions of them being Network Marketers. With this strategy we are only looking for Network Marketers. If you do not already have a Facebook profile then focus on the other methods of building your list.

Step 1 would be finding Network Marketers. This is very easy with the search tab write in keywords such as MLM, Network Marketing, Home Business, Work at home, Online Marketing, or the name of any mlm company. If you are new to MLM and don’t know of any companies, I would browse through the MLM rankings website.

Step 2 is to send them a message. Before you do this though, I usually recommend going through their profile, about me, or photos if its not private. I try to find something I have in common with this person like pictures of their dog, or favorite sports team. I never lead with business, I like to compliment the type of dog they have, or if I see sports/political/music photos I will talk about that. People like to talk about themselves, so just let them talk and listen.

Step 3 is get their name, email, and phone number and add them to your list. With Social Marketing I do not recommend inviting them to look at your business right away. This is more of a long term strategy. To build your business fast over this 90 day challenge, I would contact your center of influence and leads you can purchase. The goal here is to build a list of a minimum of 1,000 network marketers in your first year as this will help you in the future.

Leads that you purchase- This can be a very great way to build your business, but you have to be willing to go through the numbers. Most people do not buy from people they do not know, like, and trust. Most of the time this is a 2 step process, you can start with the invites covered in this training but most of the time people will not be interested the first time you contact them. If you talk to someone that sounds good make sure to add them to your permanent list and stay in contact with them every 90 days or so.

If you are interested in taking part in this Home Business 90 Day Challenge, contact me below so I can get you plugged into our team and we can start building your list of emails and phone numbers and building a massive network marketing organization for you!

I can’t WAIT to hear your success story,

…and I will see YOU on the beaches of the world!

joe stewart, joey stewart

Joe Stewart


Founder of The MLM Times & MLM Apparel

Apply to Work With Me! (You’ll be glad you did 😉 )

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EPX Body Daily Sea Veg

EPX Body Daily Sea Veg

epx body daily seavegEPX Body Daily Sea Veg is a 100% vegetable sea weed supplement containing over twelve different nutritionally dense species of organic sea plants that are safely harvested and imported from pristine oceans across the world.

This proprietary blend of green, red, and brown sea plants is the most extensive blend of sea plants ever created, and no other health product on the market today contains this powerful formulation of whole plants and the whole spectrum of phytonutrients.

EPX Body Daily Sea Veg |  What is the Benefit?

Eating whole sea plants daily can improve your health. Sea vegetation has long been acknowledged as a detoxifier, and a great source of organically bound nutrients. Many scientific studies have shown sea vegetation works as an amazing healing agent.

Sea plants are extraordinary in that they live only on light and sea water. Although they are not rooted, they can grow up to 2 feet each day! When sea plants are added to the daily diet even in small amounts, profound improvements take place in your biological health. These changes begin with the organic vegetable iodine found naturally occurring in EPX Body Daily Sea Veg.

Every known mineral and vitamin is contained in whole sea plants, all in naturally occurring and bio available amounts. Hundreds of phyto (plant) chemicals are also present, each having a contributing role to play in our overall health.

Regular Diet vs. Sea Plants in Diet?

Cultures that have diets rich in fish and other sea food, such as the Japanese and Korean people who on average consume over 7 grams of sea plants each day, experience remarkable health and wellness that can be traced back to their diet from the sea. Fish are considered health food mainly because they consume sea plants all day long.

In contrast, societies with diets based on foods and supplements altered by chemistry and science are suffering from rapid increases in degenerative disease. Most people’s bodies are pH imbalanced and highly acidic, which causes a long list of ailments as well as significant decreases in health and longevity. Man and his science cannot and will not ever create whole food nutrition.

EPX Body Daily Sea Veg Vs. Competitors?

Unlike mainstream synthetic tablets or liquid supplements, which tend to contain more tap water than actual nutrients, EPX Body Daily Sea Veg feeds your cells with the most nutritionally potent, mineral-rich family of whole sea plants on Earth.

It contains a full spectrum of natural seaweed nutrition, trace minerals, lipids, plant sterols, amino acids, omega 3’s and 6’s, antioxidants, growth hormones, polyphenols, flavonoids and much more. It also contains powerful phyto nutrients , Fucoidan and Laminarin, which are not found in land plants or mainstream supplements.

What Can EPX Body Daily Sea Veg Do For YOU?

EPX Body Daily Sea Veg is up to 60 times more potent than any land plant salad and contains hundreds of organic plant compounds known as phyto (plant) chemicals. These organic compounds are extremely necessary for proper cell health, but many are missing from our processed food supply and not found in man-made synthetic supplements, making EPX Body Daily Sea Veg an ideal supplement to any healthy diet for the entire family!

Once you make EPX Body Daily Sea Veg a part of your daily regimen and lifestyle, your blood will become more oxygenated, your tissues and organs will function more efficiently, your skin will become more youthful in appearance, and your life will improve as your move day by day, towards superior overall health.

I hope you have enjoyed this EPX Body Daily Sea Veg Review!

Joe stewart, joey stewart, joseph stewart, author of create your own economy

Joe Stewart


Founder of The MLM Times & MLM Apparel

Apply to Work With Me! (You’ll be glad you did 😉 )

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EPX Body: People Helping People PHP Movement!

EPX Body: People Helping People PHP Movement!

php movementThere’s no excuse for not going after what you want!

We have heard it all…

“I don’t have the money, I don’t know how, I don’t have leads, nobody will help me, I don’t know what to say…”


If you have lost hope in this Industry, if you have ever wished there was somebody that would just take the time & interest to help you be successful, then you will love our pay it forward, People Helping People movement!

What is the PHP Movement?

The PHP Movement is a campaign to help even the newest guy on the block have success in his home business without all the “hoops and bounds” most training systems put you through.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about…





Getting left behind.

and total bull shit

It hurts I know.

I have been lied to, fed hype and all sorts of bull shit over the years.

But here with the PHP Movement, nobody gets left behind!

So let’s get down to it.

I am looking for a few committed individuals that need a helping hand to get started in my home business today, with no risk and no cost to you.

The only requirement to get positioned on my team for FREE and receive my one on one coaching, which includes my daily marketing routine to remain effective and profitable is…

You must have big dreams!

Nobody has ever gone broke giving back!

We are changing lives here at EPX Body.

If you have a heart for helping people get healthy, and succeed in making money from home, then we want you on our team!

If you decide to take action today and join our team you are fully qualified with your first months supply of the product of your choice, shipping, multiple marketing web-sites you can use to generate FREE leads and even make retail customer commissions, one on one training and even leads… again at no cost to you!

Look I know this PROBABLY sounds too good to be true…

It almost is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

php movement But here at EPX we have a simple system in place so that even the little guy, who has NEVER had any success in network marketing, or NEVER made money online can FINALLY have the chance to earn his first commission check!

And to be quite honest gang, I feel so confident that even if you are new and have never signed anybody up or maybe you are too afraid to call your friends and family, even if you don’t have any tech skills or marketing ability whatsoever…

…I feel you will finally be able to collect that 6-figure bonus check on stage, look out into the audience to hear rounds of applause, and see tears running down people’s faces knowing that your story may have just changed their life.

How does it feel?

Does it make you want to put your fist in the air and SCREAM at the top of your lungs:


Are you ready to finally help other people?

Are you ready to help the “little guy” have a shot?

Are you ready to crush mediocrity, and create a prosperity movement?

If you’re nodding your head up and down in agreement, click below:

What are you waiting for?

Make a decision,

…and take massive action.

Get started today.

I will see you on the inside my friend…

and Welcome to the Team 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed hearing more about theEPXbody PHP Movement!

Joe stewart, joey stewart, joseph stewart, author of create your own economy

Joe Stewart


Work With Me! (You’ll be glad you did ;) )

P.S- Buy My New Network Marketing Book



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ATTN! Are You Looking to Start a Business? Click here:

ATTN! Are You Looking to Start a Business?

Dear Future Top Earner,

Not reading this article could cost you millions! Seriously.

Joe stewart, joey stewart, joseph stewart, author of create your own economy
Joe Stewart- Went from failing marketer, to building teams in the thousands and then wrote a book about his mistakes and successes in his home business.

Hi, I’m Joe Stewart and I want to welcome you to this page personally because I believe your life is truly about to change by the end of reading this letter.

If you are not looking for a change then you should probably exit this page.

There was once a time when I was broke, hopeless, and couldn’t even afford to put food on the table, let alone pay my cell phone or internet bill.

I was at the lowest point in my life and would DO ANYTHING for a change!

I was hungry, and eager to make a comeback.


If the economy has got you down, or you lost your job and you are struggling to pay your bills like I once was, I have a solution.

Let me ask you a question:

What do you think about when I say home business or making money online?

Does it scare you?

Does the thought or idea excite you?

What if I told you, that you can get your own ‘turnkey‘ business for only $25?

Doesn’t the thought of that just excite you?

Its really a no brainer, right?

You see, what most people don’t know is that the tax laws in the United States are setup for business owners, not the wealthy. Everybody is complaining that taxes are too high, and ‘rich’ people are getting all the breaks…

Although this is true to a certain extent, people who are self employed and running a business from their home receive similar tax benefits… just like the wealthy!

So lets be real for just a second here guys…

Is spending $39 today to take control of your financial future, have more freedom in your life to spend time with friends and loved ones, and receiving tax advantages worth it to you and your family?

It’s not like we’re trying put a man on the moon here.

We are simply enrolling people into the fastest growing industry in the United States today.

Think about that for a second.

So now that you can see for yourself why investing $25 to open a business today is a smart move, let me tell you what is included in our low cost entry system:

-Free Training and Guidance from Professional Marketers & Entrepreneurs

-Online marketing capture pages to generate targeted leads to expand your new franchise.

-No need to worry about stocking up on product, shipping product, or manufacturing anything!

-There are no fees for your marketing system at all. This includes a contact manager, auto responder, tracker, downline manager, and more.

-We have custom business cards, shirts, brochures, and flyers at A VERY low cost even compared to Vista Print and other competitors.

-Its a COMPLETE turnkey business.

Get YOUR own turnkey operation here:

Get Your Turnkey business

YOU owe it to yourself and your family!

Can you really leave your future in the hands of some job or 401k?

I didn’t think so!

It is time to take action and secure your financial future TODAY!

What do you have to lose?

Get started here.

Joe Stewart

772 626 4271

Author of Create Your Own Economy

Online Network Marketer

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EPX Body Nourish Review: The Lifestyle Meal Replacement Shake

EPX Body Nourish Review: The Lifestyle Meal Replacement Shake

epxbody nourishHey everyone you’ve got Joe Stewart here with a brief review today covering the nutritional shake offered by EPX Body. They are one of the newest health and wellness related network marketing companies. EPX body is just under a year old, but they are growing at record speeds with over 11,000 people joining last month.

One of the reasons so many people are joining is because of the low cost, yet high quality products found at EPX Body. Today though, I want to specifically focus on EPX Body Nourish, which is their meal replacement shake.

Why Choose EPX Body Nourish?

When the formulators were coming up with ideas as to what ingredients they wanted to use in the EPX meal replacement shake, they used only the highest quality ingredients. No short cuts or cheap imitations were ever considered.

EPXbody Nourish is perfect for anyone on the move who wants to lose weight, get fit, or just balance their nutrition. This unique shake provides you with all of the nutrition of a well-balanced meal: including healthy fats, carbs, fiber, and protein.

Each shake is made to exact specifications using a special Whey Protein/Casein Protein mix, which in turn gives you the best of both rapidly and slow-releasing proteins.

Each serving includes the nutrients from 4.5 servings of actual fruits and vegetables, in addition to 10.5 grams of our high-quality, proprietary flax seed.

Who says a 2-Minute Meal can’t be healthy?

EPX Body Nourish provides you with the healthy fats and fiber your body needs. Get the energy, get the fuel, get the nourishment your body and muscles need to perform at their peak with The Official, Lifestyle Meal-Replacement ShakeEPXbody NOURISH. Simply add some milk or water, a little ice, and fire up your blender! Now you have a healthy shake for breakfast or lunch!

***If you click the photo below it will take you to an attachment page, simply click the photo again and it will open up in full screen so you can read all of our ingredients and nutrition facts. Nothing to hide here gang!***

epx body nourish

Benefits of EPXbody Nourish

EPXbody Nourish  accelerates fat loss with the aid of the essential omega fatty acid flax seed. Enjoy a synergistic blend of protein, vitamins, minerals, and natural and low glycemic sweeteners that combine to ensure long lasting satiety as well as satisfy the body’s most immediate needs.

Nutritious and delicious, EPX Body Nourish fills you up and curbs hunger, increases energy and burns fat, improves muscle performance and recovery, plus it promotes general health. Get the energy, get the fuel, get the nourishment your body needs to perform at its peak.

-Accelerates Fat-Loss with the aid of the Essential Omega Fatty Acid – FLAX SEED

-Includes an all-natural blend of the recommended daily fiber

-Each serving is designed with the phytonutrient base of 4.5 servings of Fruits & Vegetables

-Perfect for strength athletes, endurance athletes, fitness enthusiasts and any health-conscious, active individual

-Improves muscle performance in athletes

-Accelerates muscle recovery when used to help meet your daily protein requirements

There you have it folks!

I hope you have enjoyed this EPXbody Nourish Review as much as I have enjoyed doing the research and writing it for you!

I will see YOU on the beaches of the world!

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EPX Body Cardio: Review of the Product

EPX Body Cardio: Review of the Product

epx body Cardio review80 Million Americans have Heart Disease – that’s 1 out of 3 adults!

Epx Body Cardio is designed to improve cardiovascular health and prevent heart disease. More and more doctors and scientists are seeing the extraordinary health benefits of Arginine. This vital amino acid is considered one the most important discoveries in preventing and evening reversing cardiovascular disease because it naturally boosts the production of Nitric Oxide in the body.

Nitric Oxide is absolutely crucial to your well-being and is regarded as the most significant molecule in the body. Research shows that it can reverse cardiovascular impairment naturally and age-proof your cardiovascular system. It’s the body’s way of preventing strokes and heart attacks.

How does EPXbody Cardio work?

EPX Body Cardio supplies your body with two vital amino acids, L-Arginine and L-Citrulline. The first triggers cellular production of Nitric Oxide. Increased levels of this tiny “miracle molecule” provide many of the health benefits of EPX Body Cardio.

Nitric Oxide is a powerful neurotransmitter that relaxes and widens the blood vessels through a process called vasodilation, thereby increasing blood flow throughout the body. This process produces multiple beneficial health effects, including reduced stress on the heart, lowered blood pressure, improved circulation, and reduced plaque in blood vessels.

It has been called the “miracle molecule” ever since the publishing of three UCLA doctors’ work that won them the Nobel Prize in 1998.

L-Arginine also has many health benefits aside from what Nitric Oxide alone can do. In recent clinical studies, it has been proven to build lean muscle, boost HGH production, and preserve bone density. Naturally, L-Arginine has received lots of attention for its heart and general health benefits.

The second amino acid, L-Citrulline, aids in the sustained production of more L-Arginine and increases energy levels. No other supplement is as complete as  Epx Body Cardio . Beside the two amino acids, it provides your body with a perfect blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to reverse the aging process and improve overall health.

My personal testimony using the EPX Body Cardio product is an increased level in energy. After a week of drinking it I was sleeping all night, which hasn’t happened in years. I used to toss and turn, staying awake for hours just thinking about random stuff, only getting a few hours sleep. Now I go to bed within 30 minutes or so, get a full nights sleep, and wake up ready to go. I have also noticed increased energy when I finish a glass of Cardio. It gets me pumped up and ready to hit the gym and work out.

What can EPX Body Cardio do for you?

Based on scientific research and clinical studies, the benefits of Arginine include:
Improves cardiovascular health and reduces stress on the heart

Decrease symptoms and improve quality life of people with coronary artery disease

Helps regulate blood pressure and improves circulation

Inhibits plaque in blood vessels and lowers cholesterol

Improves diabetes and reverses related damage

Speeds recovery time after surgery and decreases infections

Builds lean muscle and improves muscle performance

Promotes healthy sexual function, libido, and performance

Slows the aging process and helps prevent related diseases

Improves memory and enhances cognitive functions

Boosts the immune system and overall health

Facilitates weight loss and alleviates obesity

Preserves bone density and improves osteoporosis

Prevents and heals hemorrhoids, painful urination, and IBS

Alleviates cirrhosis and helps to detoxify the liver

Helps offset lung damage caused by smoking

Increases energy levels to a more youthful state

I hope you have enjoyed this in depth EPX Body Cardio review.

If you have any questions about the product or would like to purchase a tub to try the product for yourself, contact me below!

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EPX Body Daily SeaVeg: Product Review

EPX Body Daily SeaVeg Review

The more you know about nutrition, the better EPX body Daily looks! The less you know, the better Flintstones and mainstream synthetic multiples look. Knowledge is power, so take charge of your health and your family’s health and join the millions of people in America who insure their health by feeding their blood these powerful plant nutrients every single day.  Sending a check to an insurance company DOES NOT INSURE THE HEALTH OF YOUR CELLS! Remember,The Power is in the Blood!

Our 100% vegetable Multi Nutritional™, dietary FOOD supplement, contains twelve edible species (chosen from over 10,000) of whole red, brown, and green sea plants harvested and imported from pristine oceans in Asia, Iceland, France and Ireland, with the help of Dr. Stefan Kraan Ph.D. Marine Botany. Eat these pills every day and you’ll have an inner ocean, pH balanced and clean!

epx Body daily seavegWhy Choose EPX Body Daily SeaVeg?

No other supplement can match EPXbody Daily® and don’t be fooled by look-alike, knock-offs. We import tonnage; otherwise your price would be much higher. If you see a lower priced sea plant supplement, there WILL be a hidden “catch”, so beware! I have devoted 28 years of my life to this mission; To bring the most powerful nutrition on Earth to my family, my loyal and healthy clients, and to spread the word to the struggling masses!  Our number one priority is creating the most powerful dietary FOOD pill in history, with The FarmaSea Blend of Sea Plants.  We go to Great Depths for Your Health®

EPXbody Daily is a 100% vegetable dietary supplement and contains 12 edible and organic species, not only from the clean waters on the west coast of IRELAND, but now from Pristine Oceans around the world, chosen from 10,000 varieties chosen for their powerful nutritional profiles. No other product anywhere has this amazing formulation. Sea plants are more potent than any land plant salad and contain hundreds of natural plant compounds know as phyto (plant) nutrients. Many of these natural compounds are necessary, but are missing from our processed food supply.

EPX Body Daily SeaVeg Ingredients

epx Body daily seaveg
The US government has now increased its suggestion of fruit and vegetable intake from 3-5 servings per day to 5-13 servings per day. The land plants we are accustomed to eating, however, are not nearly as beneficial as sea plants. EPX body Daily contains a full spectrum of natural (photosynthetic) vitamins, trace minerals, lipids, plant sterols, amino acids, omega 3’s and 6’s, antioxidants, growth hormones, polyphenols, flavonoids and much more. It also contains powerful phytonutrients Fucoidan and Laminarin, which are not found in land plants.

EPXbody Daily is up to 60 times more potent than any land plant salad and contains hundreds of organic plant compounds known as phyto (plant) chemicals. These organic compounds are extremely necessary for proper cell health, but many are missing from our processed food supply.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of EPXbody Daily

Promotes Healthier Skin
May lower cholesterol levels
Helps fight allergies
Helps relieve stomach disorders
Helps support liver functionality
Helps fight free radicals
Known to stabilize blood sugar
May inhibit blood clotting
Used to assist in weight loss
Believed to help lower cholesterol
Inhibits uptake of heavy metals
Used to remove toxins and heavy metals
Want more information about EPX body or SeaVeg? Contact me below:
Darren Little, Eric Green, Joe StewartJoe Stewart 772 626 4271
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EPX Body Compensation Plan: Is There Big Money To Be Made at EPX Body?

EPX Body Compensation Plan: Is There Big Money To Be Made at EPX Body?

epx Body compensation planHey everyone, thanks for stopping by my website today to check out part 2 of my in depth EPX Body Review. In Part 1 of this series, I went over their low cost product line and how their prices compare with other leading health and wellness network marketing companies. In this part of the EPX Body Series, I want to go over some basics of the EPX Body compensation plan. As well as the reasons why this new type of ‘Forced Matrix‘ compensation plan found in many new network marketing, and affiliate marketing companies is proving to be a huge hit since distributors who qualify by sponsoring 1-4 people are able to finally have a GUARANTEED INCOME.

EPX Fast Start & Customer Bonus

Every time you enroll a new promoter into EPX Body whether it be at a $39 product or the $199-$399 executive kits, you will earn a 40% bonus of that sale. The customer bonus is very similar except it is 50% instead of 40, and you earn it every single time that they purchase a product from you no matter what the cost.

EPX Body: Guaranteed Minimum Check

Enroll 4 distributors on the $39 per month product or 2 customers on the same product and you are going to have a minimum of $40 per month. If your E-Wallet is already over $40, you will earn the higher of the amounts. If you have 2 customers, your product or ‘business overhead’ is basically free each and every month as long as they continue ordering product.

EPX Guaranteed Income First 6 Months

To guarantee income with the EPX body compensation plan, you want to sponsor 5 people your first 30 days in business and have 2 of these new team members remain active by ordering product each month, and EPX Body guarantees you will be earning $1000 per month by month 6 or they will refund all your auto ship and sign up costs up to $40 per month.

buy what's working now MLM

EPX Body 4×5 Hybrid Matrix

With this you can have spillover which means your up line enrolled them and they were placed under you, or personally enrolled which means you sponsored them into your business. Down line enrolled would mean that somebody that you sponsored into your business enrolled somebody into their team but because they are still in your matrix, you get points for these distributors. The residual income is 2.5% on levels 1 and 2 of your team, 5% on levels 3 and 4, and a whopping 20% on level 5 which would equal out to about $8,000 per month or a 6-figure annual income.

EPX Matching Bonus
This income is completely unlimited. Every time you personally sponsor somebody, you are going to earn 25% of whatever they earn in their entire organization. Example if they earn $1,000 in bonuses or matrix pay, you will earn $250, or if they earn a $5,000 check you would earn a $1,250 matching bonus. This gives you a lot of incentive to help all of your personally enrolled people fill up their matrix.
On generations 2-4 you will earn a 12% matching bonus of whatever people in levels 2-4 earn. Another example would be somebody in level 4 of your matrix who was even sponsored by you earning a check for $8,000 that month would earn you a 12% matching bonus of $960.

I hope this article has helped answer some of your questions about the EPX Body Compensation plan. Any questions? Ready to get started? Join EPX Today.

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