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WakeUpNow (WUN) Lawsuit Vs. Former CEO Kirby Cochran?

wakeupnow file $70 million dollar lawsuit against former CEO Kirby CochranAfter a post on the Behind MLM website titled- WakeUpNow file $70 million lawsuit against Kirby Cochran, I did some research on Google to see if I could find any other current news about Kirby Cochran or WakeUpNow.

On February 4th, 2015 Kirby Cochran filed for bankruptcy in Utah… how about that timing? Lol.

I also went to his brothers Facebook page to look for the post they were talking about in the article.

This was a public status that Gary Cochran posted on January 20th, 2015:

“What are brothers for?

I just read some outlandish lies and fraudulent posts that are being disseminated across the Internet that concern my brother, Kirby Cochran. It has not been my nature to respond to Internet behavior that borders on the obscene and criminal, but I can’t stand by and not refute the distorted information that is being posted about a person I respect and love – my brother Kirby Cochran.

I came across a post that states that Kirby and two other gentlemen who I know extremely well are “con men.” This is absolutely false. The article states that Kirby defrauded his previous business partners and companies out of millions of dollars. The person who wrote this malicious lie is referring to Kirby’s tenure as CEO of the network marketing company known as “WakeUpNow.”

Let me put the record straight. Kirby was in fact the CEO of that company and invested a great deal of his own money, and because of his vision I had also invested thousands of dollars myself. Kirby came to me and asked if I would be willing give a short-term loan to the company of almost $400,000 in September of 2014. Because of my knowledge of Kirby’s integrity and honesty, I agreed to loan the company $371,000 on a short-term basis. There is no way I would have loaned the company the money if I had known that other key management executives were planning on doing a takeover of the company and forcing Kirby out of the company. Even with a signed promissory note from WakeUpNow, the company continues to refuse to pay back one single penny. In my mind these individuals and WakeUpNow stole almost $400,000 of my money. As far as fraud and theft go, WakeUpNow need go no further than their front door.

Kirby has agreed to work with another company and use his expertise and skills to provide true opportunities for entrepreneurs across the globe. I for one have made the decision to join him in whatever business venture he takes. Over the past years I have watched and joined him as he created opportunities that improved my life and that of many of my friends. Kirby has helped to enhance my life both personally and financially. But I’m not alone as a person who has benefited from Kirby’s advice. I have a number of friends and associates who have all benefited greatly from the honest business practices of Kirby. And when you add the integrity of people like Dr. Michael Wach and the South American Entrepreneur, Adam Rosales, you have three honest men.

The dishonest people and their minions behind these slanderous and criminal statements should be ashamed of themselves. If I can’t state the truth and defend an honest man, what are brothers for?

Gary Cochran
A loving brother”

Now compare that post to the Behind MLM article… who is telling the truth?

I am sure we will all find out after the lawsuit and more comes to light. Just reading that was so crazy… because I met Kirby Cochran and Troy Dooly down in Miami, Florida in July of 2014. I can’t believe all of this happened… I mean I know there is always stuff going on behind the scenes from back door deals, to corporate espionage like this shit… but wow.

What are your thoughts on the whole thing?

So called ‘industry experts’ said that WakeUpNow wouldn’t last years ago… it is starting to look like with all of today’s reports, and almost all of WUN’s top earners stepping down, I highly doubt they are going to pull through.

I wish all of the WUN employees and IBO’s the best of luck… I know a lot of the IBO’s have joined new companies already **cough cough taken $$$ as a contract ** but I hope the little guys who weren’t offered these same deals can find a new network marketing company, and build it organically like the rest of us.

See you on the beaches of the world!

Live from iheartradio Ultimate Pool Party, Miami FL
Live from iheartradio Ultimate Pool Party, Miami FL

Joe Stewart

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Brig Hart’s Healthy Home MLM Company Merges with eVolv Health Hope Movement

Brig Hart’s Healthy Home MLM Company Merges with eVolv Health Hope Movement

Healthy Home Company Review
Healthy Home Company Review

Healthy Home Company (formerly known as Mommy’s Club) is a wholesale shopping club that is offering health and wellness, household and personal care products made with all natural, all organic, and most importantly toxic free ingredients.

They market these high quality products through the word of mouth or direct sales form of advertising and moving products. This means there is a business opportunity for those mom’s and dad’s out there who personally use the HHC product line and buy it for their kids. If you’re passionate about it and plan on telling all your friends, family and neighbors about the products being offered, why not get compensated for it right?

Healthy Home Company is also a trusted resource for information on toxic-free living, so members also receive free access to information about all natural, all organic and toxic free living so that parents can make the home a happier, healthier, safer place to raise their kids or grandchildren.

Healthy Home Company Medical Advisors

From the official Healthy Home website, they currently have 3 medical advisors working for the company:

“Dr. Jon Meliones has been working with the Healthy Home Company team for over 18 months. He is the head of Duke University’s Pediatric Critical Care Unit ranked among the top programs in the world. He is a practicing surgeon and has been performing heart surgery on unborn, new born and young children for over 30 years.”

“Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy is Healthy Home Companies Toxic Free Ambassador. Dr. Connealy attended the University of Texas School of Public Health, and then attended the University of Health Sciences Chicago Medical School. She completed her post-graduate training at the Harbor/UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.”

“Last but not least they have Dr. Sameh K. Toma who is the Healthy Home Company Medical Advisor. Dr. Toma graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor Degree in Science in Electrical Engineering. He then graduated from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill School of Medicine and completed his residency there as well.”

The Healthy Home Company Toxic Free Product Line

Obviously like I stated above all of the products being offered by the Healthy Home Company are all natural, all organic, and toxic free. First I will give you some brief talking points about their health and wellness line, then a little bit about their personal care products. My favorite selling point about the Healthy Home Company product offering is that all of their products are made here at home in the USA, they are not only Toxic Free but BPA free as well.

healthy home company all natural all organic productsPrenatal Plus: Vitamin Supplement for women of all ages, not only expecting mothers, who need extra iron and unique ingredients in their diets. Although it has been designed to nourish mother and baby before, during and after pregnancy many others can benefit too. It is made from organic & vegetarian ingredients and is whole food based. Total Body Health: A powerful 100 % vegetarian natural source of daily nourishment that contains a full spectrum of over 150 vitamins, minerals, super foods and enzymes. The liquid formula is more bio-available and therefore delivers more nutrients to the body than traditional pill form supplements. The product also contains a prebiotic fiber complex with special enzymes to maintain good digestive health, unique ingredient blends for liver and kidney functions, vision and youth, circulatory health, amino acids and concentrated fruits and vegetables. They also have a bottle of Total Body Health available for Children.

Advance Omega 3/6/9 Natural Lemon: Advanced Omega 3/6/9 molecularly distilled pure fish oil is loaded with 3,500 mg of Omega-3 rich fish oil, 200 mg of Omega 6’s, and 830 mg of Omega 9’s, all of which are proven to be the most beneficial to your family’s health. Our liquid formula has a unique lemon-cream taste that children and adults will enjoy by itself or when added to every day healthy foods.

Cherry Chewable Vitamin for Kids w/Probiotics: A daily probiotic complex for an all-in-one dietary supplement for all ages with a natural cherry flavor with citrus bio flavonoids.

As far as the personal care/skincare side of their products go, they offer a Perfect Touch Hand Sanitzer.

It is 100% toxic free with a unique oxygen-rich solution that is unlike any alcohol based or aerosol sanitizer.

It does not dry out your skin and it is safe to use on any surface. Unique ingredients help make it effective against bacteria and viruses. Spray directly on hands, children’s clothing, restaurant tables, home counter tops, work areas, and changing tables.

healthy home personal care products eco certifiedThey also offer Baby lotion, shampoo,  foaming wash, as well as a daily foaming wash for adults.

To finish off the personal care/skincare side of their product line they have an all Organic Rash and Remedy Skin Relief bottle. It’s made with organic, EcoCert and toxic free ingredients. You can replace cut and rash creams throughout the home and in emergency kits with our safer alternative. A unique blend of ingredients that helps with swelling and itching due to common skin problems, diaper rash and burns and insect bites among other skin irritations.

Who is behind Healthy Home Company?

The CEO and Co-Founder of the Healthy Home Company is none other then Mr. Billy Glynn.

He is an author, venture capitalist, has been featured on many radio shows and is also the Co-Founder of Brig Hart’s new USA Association which is a premier members benefits organization, with a cause. The other co-founder is Ben Platt. He is also the CFO of the USA Association so it looks like the same corporate staff for both companies.

Both companies also have their HQ located in St. Augustine, Florida.

It was announced a few months back after his non compete clause ended that Brig Hart was actually the other owner of Healthy Home Company alongside Billy Glynn.

Some of the top earners who have partnered up with Healthy Home Company thus far are former MonaVie Black Diamonds my friends Mick & Vick Karshner as well as Mike and Sahi Hernandez. Both teams are power couples and obviously built massive organizations over at MonaVie to get to the top of the compensation plan at the Black Diamond Rank which equates to over $1 million per year in annual commissions.

With that being said I see big things for Healthy Home Company in 2014.  With everything I have researched about the products, compensation plan, and the system put in place by Brig Hart called his Life Support System, similar to R3Global from MonaVie, these points make Healthy Home Company a great choice for mom’s and dad’s to make their home a healthier and safer place to raise their children.

I hope you have enjoyed this third party Healthy Home Company Review!

Update as of recently: The Healthy Home company was merged together with another MLM company known as eVolv health and Brig Hart & most of his leaders from MonaVie, Healthy Home etc have followed suit. It appears as though Mike & Sahi Hernandez have recently joined Modere.

I’ll see YOU at the top! 🙂

brig hart
Mick, my cousin Craig, Brig Hart and I

Joe Stewart

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MLM News for the Week 10/23/2014

MLM News for the week 10/23/2014:

Innutra LLC announced the opening of the European Union for the Innutra products and opportunity. They have products on the ground in their warehouse in Europe, and they are in a final stage of the process to certify, register and sell their products in all 28 EU countries. In November of 2014, Innutra’s top earner Chris Hummel launched FITTEAM Global and merged with Innutra.

Direct Selling Association (DSA) announced that it has endorsed 13 congressional candidates in recognition of their commitment to direct selling and the entrepreneurship and opportunity it creates for millions of Americans.

CEO of Genesis Pure Robert Lindsey Duncan, who has appeared on “The View” and other TV shows hawking nutritional products, was charged by the Texas Attorney General’s office on Wed with duping the public by claiming to be a doctor when he isn’t one.

Tony Rush from Dothan, Alabama, USA in one of the Top Earners in Empower Network and he is now in Dubli. Although typically frowned upon from the ‘enticement’ standpoint, Tony Rush opened his back office showing his Dubli commissions in a YouTube video. He has made $153,000 in less than 60 days and used proper income disclosures.

Rumor on the street is ILN (Internet Lifestyle Network) hasn’t been paying affiliates for a few wks (mos?) Although some koolaid sippers argue in defense of the company saying they have been paid, many ILN affiliates have shown screenshots of the money transfer being declined etc. Also a lot of my friends in ILN said their sponsors have blocked them on FB when they questioned why they haven’t been paid.

Good job troops…

Joe Stewart, Joe stewart author, joe stewart mlmJoe Stewart

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Facebook Marketer Kai Lo of Skinny Body Care Joins Modere

Facebook Marketing Rockstar Kai Lo of Skinny Body Care Joins Modere

Hey what’s up internet land?

I was browsing through my Facebook news feed last night and I was very surprised to see that FB Rockstar Kai Lo has decided to partner up with direct sales company Modere.

Kai Lo was previously focused on Skinny Body Care, before making the announcement that him and his girlfriend Kelly Brennan had joined Armon Anderson in Modere.

Here is what Kai Lo posted on his Facebook wall last night:

“I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. It has been very hard for me to write this as I am going to lose friends and credibility in this industry

I’m frowned upon as a jumper

There’s a lot of uncertainty and fear when transitioning to another company

Ultimately, I needed to find something that I am truly passionate about

Kelly Brennan and I took a leap of faith to start from scratch in Modere with my friend Armon Anderson

I don’t see him as an upline or sponsor, but a good friend that I can relate with and build together

It wasn’t about whether or not the grass is greener on the other side, but more about following what I believe in and my passion

When it comes to network marketing, I want to focus on customer acquisition and retention more so than on recruiting other marketers. People that enjoy a brand would keep buying whether there is a comp plan or not attached to it. I wanted to be behind something that I am passionate to sell

This is the risk I’m willing to take to be part of the social retail movement and hope my friends would still support me no matter what I do

My business decisions have always been unorthodox, but I always believe in myself

Start from scratch, keep my head down, and grow the business in silence

Normally, a good post takes me less than 2 minutes to write, but this took me several hours to write and hit the Post button

I wish nothing but the best for each and every one of you.”legendary marketers of facebook joe stewart and Kai Lo in atlantic city new jersey.jpg

Joe Stewart

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Joe Budden WakeUpNow WUN Rumors? **Shocking Truth Revealed **

Joe Budden WakeUpNow Rumors? ***Shocking Truth REvealed*** 

From WikipediaJoe Budden (born August 31, 1980) is an American hip hop recording artist from Jersey City, New Jersey, who, in addition to being a solo artist, is a member of the American hip hop super group Slaughterhouse, alongside fellow rappers Royce da 5’9″, Joell Ortiz, and Crooked I.

There was a photo circulating around my Facebook news feed, as well as MLM/Network marketing based groups shown below:

joe budden joins wakeupnow wun


Thanks to Jamie Gill for exposing this photoshopped image of Joe Budden, you can view the original post here.

It seems as though some marketers were using this photo as a way to attract new customers or distributors and prove the legitimacy of WakeUpNow.

Now don’t take this article the wrong way, I actually like WakeUpNow as a customer not an IBO. I drink the coffee and plan to try their new energy drinks soon called THUNDER Awaken or something like that. WUN is a great company where people can come make roughly $500 per month (after their $99/mo fee) with a small team of only 12 people… you won’t find a payout like that in any other network marketing company believe me I’ve looked. The little guy can definitely succeed here if they put in some work.

Unfortunately marketers like this are giving the company a bad reputation. A lot of WakeUpNow IBOs use aggressive recruiting tactics and have cross recruited hundreds (if not thousands) of distributors from companies like Vemma and World Ventures. This has started a “turf war” we’ll call it, and distributors from each company have publicly bashed each other on social media sites such as Facebook/YouTube/Twitter you name it. Due to all of this, CEO of Vemma BK Boreyko has actually went as far as hiring Len Clements of Inside Network Marketing to write a lengthy article about WUN. Although he listed the pros and cons, it is all part of the war between WakeUpNow and Vemma… period.

Here is what Kevin Thompson the MLM Attorney had to say in response to BK Boreyko:

kevin thompson MLM attorney

It seems as though the only leader on both sides who wanted to clear the air and make peace with all the companies involved was Seemore Green (Eric Turner) who is the top income earner in WakeUpNow. He is earning a whopping $114k per month after only being involved with WakeUpNow for a year now.

I think all companies mentioned above need to get their act together. They all have great products, fair compensation plans, and fantastic leadership in their companies, there is no need to run smear campaigns to try and bring each other down. Let’s face it… Vemma isn’t going anywhere, WUN isn’t going anywhere, and competition is healthy for business! Do you ever see Pepsi and Coca Cola talking shit about each other? NO!

I don’t know why IBO’s feel the need to lie about celebrities joining their respective MLM. When I join an MLM, I join it because I will personally use the product every month and enjoy it enough to where I would tell others about it. I wouldn’t join ViSalus just because Hulk Hogan and 50 other celebrities are on board are you freaking kidding me? WHO CARES!

If you’re a network marketing professional, act like it!

See you guys at the bank!

Candace Ross & Joe Stewart Enagic TTW Kangen waterJoe Stewart

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Are YOU Struggling in Wake Up Now? Stop What You’re Doing and Listen Closely:

Ready to get the results that you deserve in Wake Up Now?

Don’t hesitate.

I’ll see you at the top!

If you want to start working for yourself but feel you don’t have the money then you’re wrong. If you have a computer and space to put it then you have all you need. You can also start you home business and work it around your job. You can gradually commit more time as your home business grows.

If you’re tired of your job and really want to work for yourself then stop making excuses and do it.

Through affiliate marketing programs and selling services you will find that having your home business is easier than you think.

All it takes is time and a commitment to succeed…

let me in now

By taking advantage of the affiliate marketing programs that are currently available to you on this very page, you can make money and improve your marketing skills. Remember, you can always expand into other areas and venture out totally on your own later. Right now, get marketing and get clicking.

brig hart monavie

Joe Stewart

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How to Break the Ice When Prospecting for your Network Marketing Business.

The Art of Networking 

icebreakerToday I am going to talk about the art of networking.

More specifically, the area of actually breaking the ice or the “icebreaker”.

Most of the time, people just over analyze a normal human activity which is networking. So let me give you a little tip about one of the easiest, FEAR FREE ways to break the ice and start a conversation with someone whether it be in person, or over Facebook chat… whatever you are using to network with liked minded people to grow your business!

How to Break The Ice: The Scary “Icebreaker”

The simplest way to start a conversation with someone on the right foot is by simply complimenting them! As you’re going about your everyday life, shopping at Wal-Mart or standing in line at your local coffee shop, when you see someone wearing a nice watch all you have to do is say “Wow man that is a REALLY nice watch you have… what brand is it?”


The person is probably now smiling and eager to answer your question about their watch! I have used this approach countless times and people just love compliments… don’t YOU?

So now maybe they answer with something like “Oh thank you! Yeah it’s a Gold Rolex PresidentialRolex Presidential…” and so on, so fourth.

From there you can ask them what they do for a living, where they live, what they do for fun and it won’t be weird or awkward at all!

This is SO much easier then running around trying to prospect all day just so you can pitch people on your business opportunity.

Also remember, instead of pushing to give them YOUR business card, always ask them for THEIR business card when you ask them about what they do for a living.

Show a genuine interest in them and what they do without immediately reaching into your pocket in a race to give them your business card first!

Keep it simple and have FUN!

Joey StewartJoe Stewart

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Brain Abundance Review: Can You Achieve Abundance In This New MLM?

What is Brain Abundance?

Are you online today looking for more information about one of the new MLM companies known as Brain Abundance?

Not 100% sold if you should join yet due to some of the scam claims across Google or YouTube? In this completely 3rd party Brain Abundance review I will go over the following:

-The owners of Brain Abundance and the company background.

-Their product line, ingredients and pricing.

-Compensation plan/fine print.

-What you would need to succeed in something like Brain Abundance.

So with that being said, let’s get started!

Brain Abundance – Owners and Background 

brain abundance reviews
CEO of Brain Abundance

Brain Abundance was launched by Eric J. Caprarese and Dr. Pejman Behrouzi.

On their official website it states that they use a “team of top scientists, nutritionists, and formulators” to create these products that provide great results. The company has been in pre launch for a few months, but they official launched for business in mid January of 2014.

Now if you head over to their CEO Eric Caprarese’s Facebook page, you will easily find that he was previously (or still is?) apart of Pure NRG fx the new Playboy energy drink everybody was talking about last year.

If you go to his official blog it says that Eric is a Network marketing top earner, motivational speaker and industry leader.

He has also started his own charity called the Caprarese Foundation. For every $1 that they receive they are able to feed 4 hungry children.

You can learn more about Eric’s charity at their official site

Brain Abundance Product – Brain Fuel Plus

Their flagship product is known as Brain Fuel Plus which is a capsule form supplement which claims to help you maintain healthy brain function.

I have seen quite a few friends on Facebook posting pictures and videos of the product bottle, and a lot of positive testimonials from people who stated that the Brain Abundance supplement helped with their depression, anxiety, memory and other mental functions.

On the official Brain Abundance website it says:

Three capsules of Brain Fuel PLUS each day can help:

  • SUPPORT A HEALTHY MEMORYbrain-fuel-plus

Brain Fuel PLUS helps you realize your brain’s full potential – work smarter, not harder.

Brain Abundance – Comp Plan

From their website, the Brain Abundance compensation plan is an accelerated binary and is “one of the most aggressive in the industry” we’ve all heard that one before, right? 😉 So on top of this accelerated binary thing, there are a few other ways to get paid in their payout structure.

1. Powerline Bonus – One of the most powerful parts of our Powerline driven system is your ability to earn income on the first three people below who have at least 50BV in personal volume, just by locking in your position. The Powerline Bonus is paid out one time and is paid out weekly.

2. Fast Start Commissions with Infinity Coded Overrides – For each new person you introduce to Brain Abundance, you will earn between $25 and $75 on their initial product order. PLUS, with 6 generations of Coded Overrides based on rank, you can earn up to $10.50 on the first order of everyone in your entire team. There is no limit as to how many people you can enroll or how much you can earn in Fast Start and Coded Overrides.

3. The industry’s FIRST and ONLY Accelerated Binary Compensation Plan, this very aggressive version of one of the most popular compensation plans in the industry combines a super high payout with the easiest qualifiers anywhere.

What makes the Accelerated Binary different?

  • Get Paid FASTER – The reason it’s called an Accelerated Binary is because traditional binaries pay out in a one-third, two-third fashion requiring you to have, for example, 3 people on your right leg and 6 on your left leg for a total of 9 people in your team before you get paid…which is difficult for many people. With our Accelerated Binary, you get paid much FASTER. As soon as you enroll just ONE person in each leg, you get paid!
  • BIGGER Commissions – While traditional binaries pay out a set amount per cycle to keep their actual payout in the 30% to 40% range, the Brain Abundance compensation plan GUARANTEES an incredible 75% of BV payout (almost DOUBLE the industry average) up to $20 per cycle!

When you lock in your position in Brain Abundance, you are given your own business center which will track all members in your team. Your business center has two teams: a Left Team and a Right Team. To qualify to earn monthly Accelerated Binary commissions, all you need to do is have a minimum of one personally enrolled active member with a minimum of 50BV in personal volume in each of your legs.

Once you do that, you are qualified to earn Accelerated Binary commissions for that month. As long as you maintain that qualification each month, you will earn a commission check for that “cycle.” Each time there is just 50 BV (1 order) on your left leg and 50 BV (1 order) on your right leg, regardless of who enrolled them, YOU get paid another cycle. Cycle’s pay out a very generous 75% of the total binary BV up to $20 per cycle. New members in your teams can be enrolled by you, or by any of your Team Members below you, or even by any team members ABOVE you in the Binary. All new members count equally toward the cycles and globally to unlimited depth…and with our state-of-the-art Powerline system, you may ALREADY have members signed up under you RIGHT NOW!

In the event that there is unused volume, (Example: You had 200 people in your left leg each with 50 BV in personal volume and 160 people in in your right each with 50 BV in person volume, you would be paid 160 cycles which will generate up to $3,200 (160 x $20 cycle) in commissions to you. That would leave 40 people in your left leg that you didn’t get paid on yet. ALL of that volume will carry over to be used next month.

4. Rank Achievement Bonus – Final way to get paid, simply climb the ranks in the Brain Abundance compensation plan and you will be rewarded with a one time bonus ranging from $1,000 to $100,000 dollars.

Brain Abundance Review – Can YOU Succeed?

So after reading my third party review, you should know much more about who is behind Brain Abundance, the ingredients and benefits behind their main product Brain Fuel PLUS, as well as everything I could find about the Brain Abundance comp plan. All that is left at this point is for you to decide if you feel this product is something YOU would personally consume and benefit from, and if you have the guts to tell all your friends, family and other people in your network about the product so you can earn an income.

Unfortunately this is 2014, and most people don’t like to be sold, and people don’t like to sell either! (Except me, I’m weird.)

brain abundance review

Now that you know most people hate sales, questions are probably starting to pop up in your mind like

“Can I sell this? If I recruit new people to use and market this product with me, will they be able to sell it as well?”

What if I told you that hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of people are going on Google and other search engines each and every day typing in stuff like “How to buy Brain Fuel PLUS” or “How to join Brain Abundance?”

Wouldn’t it be much easier for you to get your message and website in front of those targeted people, vs calling all your friends and family members? I’ve done both… and I’ll take the targeted people who are already looking for your products/business any day of the week.

If you feel this information would help YOU and YOUR team have massive success in Brain Abundance, I welcome you to contact me below so I can recommend some training and tools I personally use to build my home businesses.

I hope you have enjoyed this third party Brain Abundance review!

Eight Figure Fellas in MIA
My team in MIA

Joe Stewart


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FaceBook Marketing Tips from Author/Affiliate Marketer Joe Stewart

Watch my video below to see how I make money by simply connecting with people on Facebook chat, and how I use Facebook statuses to peak people’s interest so they literally message me asking for the link to join my team or buy my products.

Always keep it real and be authentic on Facebook! People hate to be sold, but at the same token, people LOVE to buy! I know its hard at first because everybody thinks direct sales or affiliate marketing is all about sales or marketing, but in reality I have made 99% of my sales by simply getting to know someone and asking them questions about their family, job, what they do for fun and so on.

Once you get to know somebody without pitching them for your biz opp every 5 minutes, they somehow feel obligated to ask you what it is that you do, which now gives you the option to tell them a little bit about it and see if they are open minded to taking a look and seeing if they would be interested in doing business with you.

Enjoy folks!

If you got value from this post and video, feel free to share it with your team and Facebook friends!

joey stewart & damaysiJoe Stewart


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P.S- ***This little business is cheaper then $1 per day and has literally changed THOUSANDS of lives since we launched***

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MLM Functions & Affiliate Events: Waste Of $ Or Secrets Revealed? (Video Attached)

Is your upline pressuring you to go to your MLM function?

should i attend MLM events
Some Friends @ Last Event!

My first few years in MLM I was involved in the mac daddy of them all known as Amway lol… don’t you just love Amway?

My up line ‘mentor’ kept telling me the importance of buying my tickets to the big ‘function’ every 90 days but for whatever reason I never went. I always came up with excuses such as not having the money, or I had to work that weekend, but in reality I could have easily came up with the extra money and requested off work a few weeks in advance.

After quitting Amway and fumbling around in quite a few different MLM companies and affiliate offers, I finally made the decision to attend my primary MLM’s big event as well as my online affiliate companies big event.

It’s not really about the wisdom being dropped or the big ‘secret’ you expect to learn, but more so just brushing shoulders with the 6 & 7 figure income earners in your company. Sitting down for coffee or lunch with them, or even hitting the clubs and partying it up with these industry leaders is really where the golden nuggets and tips you are paying for are revealed.

The first event I went to was a big conference for a weight loss deal I was promoting. This company had just hit momentum so they packed like 15k people into the  Miami Heat Arena for their big event almost 2 years ago. I think the main thing I got out of this event was just seeing all the average, everyday people who were making a full time income in this industry. Other then that it was really just a big old hype fest lol… maybe you can relate.

“Free BMW’s for anybody who produces X amount of sales each month.”

“Free product if you sell our overpriced product to 3 of your friends each month.”

“We believe in you.”

“You can do it!”

“It’s YOUR time!”

Yeah it was the hypest weekend of my life… no wonder why that companies sales are down $90 million from last year 🙂

Moving on, me and my team got tired of the hypey free BMW’s and selling overpriced crap to 3 friends every month made it hard for me to sleep at night. So we moved on to some online business that was a lot more affordable to start and operate each month. This made it a very ‘sticky’ business model, meaning once people joined they had a hard time cancelling their monthly product subscription. When it was announced that this internet based company that went from $0 to $80 million in sales in less than 2 years was holding their quarterly event in Miami just a few hours south of me, you can bet your ass that I bought tickets for not only myself, but the 3 leaders on my team in my neighborhood.

Now this event was a lot more in depth then Hype Fest 2012… that was my name for it at least. Sure there was some hype and rah rah chants, but some people need that excitement or chill down their spine… the rest of us however were looking for an action plan, proven marketing and sales tactics, and any advice that would help us get to the next level.

What this event did differently then the little MLM party was on day 2 of the event, they split up all their leaders into different lobbies of the hotel we were at and let them teach for an hour, making it a more intimate setting they called them workshops. This gave people who attended the event the choice between their favorite leaders and who they personally wanted to learn from. Since a lot of these training workshops were happening at the same time as one another, we had to split up and each attend different workshops and share the notes that we took later on.

So should you attend your MLM company events?

At the end of the day only YOU can answer that question.

What I will say is this: if you have the money in your checking, you can get out of work or find a babysitter, then yes you should definitely attend the event! If you are still on the fence about your company or whether or not you can succeed there, attending their event will definitely either make you a firm believer in your products and company, or it might be the one last thing that puts the nail in the coffin where you decide to leave that specific company.

Either way you look at it, the highest paid network marketers all attend their events, and they are the biggest promoters of their company events. Just keep that in mind if you want to become a millionaire in MLM or affiliate marketing.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about whether or not you should go to your MLM company functions and events.

I’ll see ya at the bank!

Eight Figure Fellas in MIA
My team in MIA

Joe Stewart


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P.S- This is the lucrative system I personally used to DOMINATE my old MLM company… you deserve to see this!

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Holton Buggs #1 Income Earner in MLM Speaks at Network Marketing Pro Event

Holton Buggs Organo Gold
Holton Buggs Organo Gold

Here is a video I found online of Mr. Holton Buggs speaking at Eric Worre’s Network Marketing Pro event.

Holton Bugg’s is currently the number #1 income earner of all network marketers in his primary company, Organo Gold.

According to Business For Home Direct Selling Facts and Figures, Mr. Buggs earns a whopping $15,600,000 per year through his network.

For more information about Mr. Holton Bugg’s, read my article about him here.

If you want to start working for yourself but feel you don’t have the money then you’re wrong. If you have a computer and space to put it then you have all you need. You can also start you home business and work it around your job. You can gradually commit more time as your home business grows.

amara gold mining

If you’re tired of your job and really want to work for yourself then stop making excuses and do it.

Though affiliate marketing programs and selling services you will find that having your home business is easier than you think.

All it takes is time and a commitment to succeed…

let me in now

By taking advantage of the affiliate marketing programs that are currently available to you on this very page, you can make money and improve your marketing skills. Remember, you can always expand into other areas and venture out totally on your own later. Right now, get marketing and get clicking.

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ViSalus’s Youngest Ambassador Resigns & Joins Vemma

cesar lopez quits visalus joins vemma
Cesar Lopez Quits Visalus & Joins Vemma.

On January 2nd it was announced on business for that Visalus’s youngest Latino Ambassador Cesar Lopez resigned from the company. Cesar stated that “I feel extremely fortunate and blessed to have been a part of a great company like ViSalus.”

Here we are two days later January 4th 2014 and business for home is now reporting that Cesar Lopez has joined Vemma Nutrition company based out of Scottsdale Arizona.

Vemma has recently grown their sales from $117 million to over $222 million annualy in 2013.

Cesar Lopez played a huge role in the Latino market in his last company and is very excited to grow the Latino market in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico that Vemma currently has open for business.

Cesar also says that he was attracted to Vemma because of the excitement and energy he saw in 24 year old Royal Ambassador Alex Morton who is one of the top income earners in the Vemma YPR and also one of the youngest million dollar annual earners in the network marketing industry period.

alex morton vemma
Alex Morton Vemma Millionaire

Vemma is made up of all liquid nutrition products with a line consisting of a liquid vitamin supplement, healthy weight loss which was formulated by Chris Powell, healthy energy drinks and coming out in March 2014 my birth month haha a healthy vanilla latte coffee.

Vemma was formed in 2004 and the company’s mission is to help others by enhancing their well-being, and offering multiple streams of income to people who refer others to the Vemma product line that they use.

Vemmas health products are sold all across the world in over 50 countries primarily in North America as well as you’re Europe.

Ready to explode your ViSalus or Vemma business?

Click here to hang with the big dogs.

Joey StewartJoe Stewart

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Organo Gold Opens In Singapore

Organo Gold Opens in Singapore

organo gold revieworgano gold opens in SingaporeVANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/

Organo Gold ( ), the global gourmet coffee company that caters to consumers’ active lifestyles, today announced that it has expanded its Asian presence with the opening of operations in Singapore. Sunny Ooi, Regional Vice President Southeast Asia, will manage the company’s activities in the country.

“The opening of Singapore is critical for Organo Gold to help meet increased product demand in Southeast Asia,” said Bernardo Chua ( ), Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Organo Gold. “We will continue to aggressively establish the OG global footprint 2014 and look forward to serving customers in Singapore who are seeking to make Organo Gold products a part of their healthy, active lifestyles.”

Singapore marks the sixth Country in Asia where Organo Gold has opened operations in less than five years,” added Holton Buggs ( ), Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Organo Gold. “The constant inquiries about the OG opportunity and the country’s diverse demographics make Singapore a critical component of OG’s South East Asia business strategy.”

Organo Gold Global Master Distributor and Co-Founder Shane Morand ( ) will be in Singapore on January 4 – 5. The weekend includes leadership training for current OG Distributors on January 4and income opportunity training on Sunday, which is open to guests. Shane added, “I’m excited to start the New Year off in Singapore with our new OG Family members.”

Products currently available in Singapore are Gourmet Black Coffee, Gourmet Mocha, Gourmet Latte, Gourmet Hot Chocolate, Green Tea, King of Coffee, Cafe Supreme and Royal Brew.

Founded in 2008, Organo Gold remains focused on its mission to bring the treasures of the earth to the people of the world through its Ganoderma-enhanced coffee and other products. OG meets this mission through the principles of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, of which the Company has a long-standing and exclusive collaboration. Organo Gold offers its suite of products through its Independent Distributor network and to consumers through its Coffee Connoisseur Club in the United States and Canada. The company was named the 66th largest direct selling company in 2012 by Direct Selling News.

About Organo Gold

Founded in 2008 with headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Organo Gold is a global gourmet coffee company that sells Certified Organic Ganoderma lucidum through a variety of coffees, teas, nutraceuticals and personal care products. Organo Gold offers its suite of products through its Independent Distributor network and to consumers through its Coffee Connoisseur Club. The company currently operates in over 30 countries and is privately held. For more information about Organo Gold, visit their website at

Read the original article here.

cedrick harris
Hanging W/ Cedrick Harris

Joe Stewart

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ViSalus & Business For Love Hate Relationship?

So if you follow most of the top income earners/corporate staff for some of the bigger direct sales companies you probably noticed one of the biggest social media meltdowns of an MLM company for the year 2013. The sad part is, this company and SOME (not all) of their top earners/corporate people is always caught up in some sort of drama…

I posted this as my Facebook status the other day and feel it sums up the whole situation:

“Keeping Up With the ViSalian’s should be TVs next big drama hit… anyone agree? 

If I offend you, unfriend me!”

This caused a few laughs and pissed some people off but hey… one thing you will find about me is that I am always blunt and to the point.

Here is what caused ViSalus’s #9134676461564631297 Social Media Meltdown of 2013:

ryan blair business for home
U mad, bro?

People ask me how I get sales in different programs, or even recruit people into volunteer armies like USA Assoc. It’s very simple…

I always tell it like it is good or bad and people respect that nowadays. I have never been intimidated to go head to head with top earners, CEO’s, whoever, if they are running around acting like kids…

So here is what makes this post funny.

When Business For Home writes a positive article about ViSalus like all the articles I’m going to link to below:

The list goes on by the way of positive articles about ViSalus… the positive articles actually outweigh the few negative articles published on the site.

When Business For Home publishes that ViSalus does something GREAT, guess what?

The founders, top earners, and “challenge promoters” share that article ALL over Facebook, Twitter, anywhere they can show their friends and family just how legit ViSalus is.

But the SECOND they write how a few top earners leave to join a new company, all of a sudden is a fraud?

Sounds like a love hate relationship to me…

In America, you are allowed to do as you please. If you want to join ViSalus, awesome! Go for it.

If you join ViSalus and weren’t happy with the product quality or other issues you may have found, leave! Go join a new company! This IS America, isn’t it?

Why would Ryan Blair or other top earners get mad when 2 out of the 100’s of people they have earning 6 figures quit? It’s only 2 freaking couples for crying out loud…

vi til i die
Til Death Do Us Part

I know the founders are obviously “Vi Til I Die” as they made it very apparent after this massive social media meltdown. Although they are usually a pretty well oiled PR machine, the youth of the founders definitely showed after a few more of their top leaders jumped ship to a competing multi-level marketing company.

Just last month the MLM company Ocean Avenue filed a lawsuit against ViSalus for alleged espionage and theft.

Now this is not to bash ViSalus they have a pretty cool company and culture for the most part… but this is a business not a drama TV series. I mean if I was the owner of a big bad billion dollar company I really wouldn’t give a shit what the little bloggers like me are saying about your company… unless business isn’t as big as bad as it used to be?

Ah yes… their sales are WAY down and over half of their distributors have jumped ship.

Business is a roller coaster guys don’t worry, I’m sure everybody will come running back to try that new $100 per month Vi Crunch ‘super cereal’ 😀

“Cause many people think it, I just had the guts to say it” -Ludacris

Leave your thoughts and comments below… good, bad, constructive criticism is always welcomed!

Oh and don’t call my website a fraud… I have a right to free speech and can and will say good/bad things about companies as I see fit.

For example, if Ryan Blair would have posted something like “Best wishes to the two top earners who left ViSalus today, I hope you are happy with your new company.” Guess what? I would have wrote a completely different article…

Leave the PR to the PR department, leave the drama for the Kardashians… can’t we all just get rich from home without all the hate?

brig hart
Mick, my cousin Craig, Brig Hart and I

Be blessed,

Joe Stewart

Author of Create Your Own Economy

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Vietnam’s Govt. is Outlining New Regulations to Fight Pyramid Schemes

vietnam, mlm, pyramid schemes, danang
Vietnam Fights Illegal Pyramid Schemes

Direct selling is legal in Vietnam and as a relatively new business it lacks the regulations to deter those who use it for scamming and manipulating consumers.

At a roundtable meeting on November 22 in Danang on journalism and communications in the multi-level marketing (MLM) industry, chairwoman of the Vietnam Direct Selling Association Truong Thi Nhi said that after 11 years and 96 registered companies, 26 businesses have folded and five have seen their licences revoked.

The companies were both local, joint ventures, and foreign-owned. A majority of the firms were producers and traders of food, cosmetics, and housewear.

The meeting focused on the legal boundaries of direct selling and the pyramid schemes that lie outside those borders.

Joseph N. Mariano, president of the US Direct Selling Association and chairman of the ethics council under the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations, said the fundamental difference between the two was that legal businesses were committed to transparency and ethical standards. He also said that direct selling firms are committed to giving refunds to dissatisfied customers, are conscientious in their operations, and have transparent commission policies.

Mariano added that pyramid schemes focused only on expanding their sales network and putting their teams to work while at the same time greatly exaggerating the quality and application of their products in advertising.

According to director of the Vietnam Competition Authority under the Ministry of Industry and Trade Bach Van Mung, the agency just finished a draft which has been transferred to the Ministry of Justice and would later be submitted to the government for approval.

If passed into law, the new decree would overturn a previous one in 2005 and is expected to strictly crack down on pyramid schemes.

According to statistics from the Vietnam Direct Selling Association, Hanoi is home to 47 MLM companies, Ho Chi Minh City 42, Dong Nai Province 2, Binh Duong, Hai Duong, Haiphong, Quang Ninh and Bac Giang have one company each.

By the end of 2012 there were more than a million people involved in direct selling with total sales of more than VND4 trillion ($190 million). The industry contributes nearly VND600 billion ($28.5 million) in tax and contributed nearly VND25 billion ($1.2 million) to charities between 2005 and 2012.

You can read the original article here:

brig hart

If you’re tired of your job and really want to work for yourself then stop making excuses and do it.

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All it takes is time and a commitment to succeed…

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