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‘How To Win Friends And Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie FULL Audio book Free

‘How To Win Friends And Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie FULL Audio book Free!

how to win friends and influence people full audio book FREE

I hope you enjoy this free reading of the classic book about how to make people like you without trying to act like a show off or run a popularity contest lol.

This book has completely changed my life since reading it a few years ago. I have learned how to compliment people on their strengths instead of focusing on their weaknesses. I can’t recommend this book enough… I don’t care if you’re in MLM/affiliate marketing or in the military… please take the time to either listen to this book or purchase a used copy on Amazon.

If you want more tips about how to make more friends, influence more people so not only they get what they want, but you get what you want as well, feel free to check out the personal performance platform I am a member of. I get daily videos sent to my inbox that cover these topics (and many more) as well as audios with self help insight/NLP/mind mastery and a broad range of other topics.

how to win friends and influence people full audio book FREE

I hope you have enjoyed this FREE audio book!

I will see you on the beaches of the world my friends…

Joe Stewart

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The Power of Concentration by Theron Q. Dumont (Full Audio book)

Hey everyone! I really hope you enjoy this FREE audio book of “The Power of Concentration” by Theron Q. Dumont.

If you want some really cool self help, letting go, and more concentration videos and audios like this delivered to your inbox every week, click here and see what I use!


the science of getting rich full audiobook

Joe Stewart


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Do You Invest in Personal Development & Self Help?

***** Do you practice what you preach? *****

All I hear from this marketer and that marketer is listen to personal development audios/videos, and read related books. My question to you is how much do you REALLY invest into yourself though? Sure there are some great audio books available for free on YouTube, but what about that ‘next level’ stuff?

If you’ve read all the books your upline recommended, listened to all the audios and videos and attended every conference and webinar you could, but you’re still stuck in a rut or at that same income level, maybe its time to UP your personal development game!

Two of my mentors typically charge $10k+ per month to the hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs they do consulting work for… and believe me their insight is priceless so 10k, 20k, 100k per month (yes some consultants DO charge that much and people happily pay) because it doesn’t matter it’s still a freaking steal.

With that being said: They wanted to leave a legacy and get these time tested wealth principals and personal performance strategies out to the masses… to the tune of 175 countries… how can they mentor thousands of people in hundreds of countries?

Simple: Digitally delivered via email and a POWERFUL membership website all for .83 cents per day.

What, you can’t afford .83 cents a day?

Maybe try replacing your Starbucks or Dollar menu sandwich with home brewed coffee or packing your own lunch… it really just depends how bad you want success.

I want success more then the air I breathe… so guess what? I have gotten some great results and experienced more success then I could have ever hoped for… it didn’t happen overnight, but it all started with investing in personal development products which is why I use and personally endorse the Quanta training products.

It’s not another blog, marketing system or ‘lead sucker’… it’s a real business for real people, with REAL strategies to grow your MLM or brick and mortar business, help with your relationships, or just get your mindset right so you can move forward.


If you have read this far you must be really REALLY serious about your success and taking things to the next level. I want to congratulate you for making it this far, and give you a one time offer: try out the Personal Performance Platform with Quanta for 30 days, see what changes for you. See if you enroll more people into your business. See if you find yourself happier, or more in tune with things, and also see if you have more money coming in at the end month.

Anybody who picks up the Quanta PPP product ($25/mo) will also get a copy of my book mailed to them for FREE!

This is not some ‘free’ PLR e-book like most marketers try to giveaway in order to make sales lol… this is an actual paperback book that will get mailed to your house that you can physically hold, take pictures with, or throw away… I don’t care.

Be blessed my friends…

Joey Stewart
On a boat with a top earner on my team… Andrew Tiffany

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Essential Success Skill: Self Observation Exercise

Self Observation 

From the Dictionary

self–ob·ser·va·tion noun \ˌself-ˌäb-sər-ˈvā-shən, -zər-\


1: introspection
2observation of one’s own appearance
Here’s a quote to start this post: “Self-observation brings man to the realization of the necessity of self-change. And in observing himself a man notices that self-observation itself brings about certain changes in his inner processes. He begins to understand that self-observation is an instrument of self-change, a means of awakening.”

Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it’s painful… now I want you to do something and I want you to be totally honest with yourself. Until you know where you’re at, you cannot establish where you want to go. Every day is a new starting point, every week is a new starting point, every month is a new starting point it doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, today is the starting point for what happens tomorrow.

self observationSelf Observation Exercise 

So I want you to get a tape recorder or use the recorder on your cell phone and  I want you to record yourself in 3 scenarios. In the first scenario I want you to imagine that you’re talking to somebody that you have an interest in, not somebody that you already have a relationship with or a relative, but somebody that you’re emotionally attracted to, somebody you would want to be in a relationship with etc. I just want you to have an imaginary conversation with that person, and I want you to record it for 3 minutes… just go with the flow there is no right or wrong things to say this is just an exercise.

I know it sounds weird but this is a great little technique I learned from one of my mentors and wanted to share it with you guys because this information could be very powerful to the right person.

Next scenario, I want you to do it as with you’re speaking to a multi-millionaire… how would you speak to somebody who’s worth $50 million dollars. Now I want you to record that 3 minute conversation with this wealthy entrepreneur. You set the stage, it could be at a restaurant, or after they speak at one of their seminars, whatever you want!

Third scenario, I want you to record your dialogue with somebody who offended you. Just record it, 3 minutes each. Same as the first two scenarios. Just let it flow and let it go, this isn’t you actually talking to that person and they will never hear it… most likely YOU will be the only person to ever hear these recordings so don’t worry about being perfect or sounding like a pro.

I would do this self observation exercise every other week because I know we all don’t have the time to do something like this everyday or once a week even. But as you do it more and more, go back and listen to your first few recordings and see how you mature and sound differently as time goes on.

The way you view yourself is more important then how others view YOU… one day I tried to pay my bills with other peoples opinions, and guess what… didn’t work. So don’t let peoples opinions of you bring you down, it is simply showing their true colors and that they have some type of insecurity they are trying to hide from you.

Don’t be afraid to look at yourself in the mirror from time to time… YOU are beautiful remember that! If you’re not happy with the way you look go get a haircut, start to exercise more or eat healthy. I have seen people totally transform themselves just by making a simple decision and taking daily consistent action.

Don’t just be YOU… be the BEST version of you at all times!

I hope you have enjoyed this post about self observation and how they way you look at yourself or even talk to yourself in your head can either make or break whatever you are trying to achieve!

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Joey Stewart
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How to Break the Ice When Prospecting for your Network Marketing Business.

The Art of Networking 

icebreakerToday I am going to talk about the art of networking.

More specifically, the area of actually breaking the ice or the “icebreaker”.

Most of the time, people just over analyze a normal human activity which is networking. So let me give you a little tip about one of the easiest, FEAR FREE ways to break the ice and start a conversation with someone whether it be in person, or over Facebook chat… whatever you are using to network with liked minded people to grow your business!

How to Break The Ice: The Scary “Icebreaker”

The simplest way to start a conversation with someone on the right foot is by simply complimenting them! As you’re going about your everyday life, shopping at Wal-Mart or standing in line at your local coffee shop, when you see someone wearing a nice watch all you have to do is say “Wow man that is a REALLY nice watch you have… what brand is it?”


The person is probably now smiling and eager to answer your question about their watch! I have used this approach countless times and people just love compliments… don’t YOU?

So now maybe they answer with something like “Oh thank you! Yeah it’s a Gold Rolex PresidentialRolex Presidential…” and so on, so fourth.

From there you can ask them what they do for a living, where they live, what they do for fun and it won’t be weird or awkward at all!

This is SO much easier then running around trying to prospect all day just so you can pitch people on your business opportunity.

Also remember, instead of pushing to give them YOUR business card, always ask them for THEIR business card when you ask them about what they do for a living.

Show a genuine interest in them and what they do without immediately reaching into your pocket in a race to give them your business card first!

Keep it simple and have FUN!

Joey StewartJoe Stewart

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Quanta Launch: What Do Jim Britt & Jim Lutes Have Up Their Sleeve? Join Quanta Here for FREE

You and I could do this together!

Jim Lutes and Jim Britt, two of the world’s TOP personal performance trainers are launching a new business that could make you and me a lot of money if we get positioned now.

You know what? I know that you and I can do this! And everyone you know will want to as well.

There is SO much hype and “noise” out there that it’s hard to sift through and find what’s real anymore.

We need to start saying Yes! to the right opportunities and No! to all the noise.

Quanta launch

Trust me, this is not noise!

What these two guys are launching is going to change everything! This is going to be huge!

Get positioned now.

Don’t wait! It won’t cost you a dime. 

Lock in your position now.

You may not know Jim & Jim but I do. They are two of the best personal development and entrepreneurial trainers today…and they are offering one of the HOTTEST money making opportunities I’ve seen within their industry.

What’s all the buzz? For a limited time you can get priority positioning, which could literally set you up for life financially.

No hype, just fact!

People are going wild over Quanta!


I thought you’d be bummed if you didn’t see this because it’s a unique opportunity to partner with two top speakers in the personal development industry.

Get yourself positioned now.

It won’t cost you a dime to pre-enroll.

If you have even a spark of entrepreneurship you’ll definitely want to take a look at this!

Everyone is talking about it.

Are YOU in and positioned to profit?

brig hart monavie
Brig Hart and I

Hi, my names Joe Stewart. 

Since 2009 I have been involved in the whole ‘work from home’ or ‘make money online’ niche and boy what a ride it has been!

I remember just a few years ago while working in a department store, my life would change… forever! 

A young gentleman would approach me and although he spent a few minutes asking me questions about a certain pair of shoes and the sale price, I was quick to catch on that he wasn’t in my store that night looking to buy a new pair of Nike tennis shoes…

…but to invite me to an ‘opportunity meeting’ where I could learn how I could create an additional $500-$5,000 per month income working from home.

After attending that meeting and listening to the speaker, watching him like a hawk draw those circles and numbers on the whiteboard, something clicked in my brain about the possibilities with this type of business model and stream of residual income.

I envisioned myself and my team on stage collecting those big bonus checks for multiple 6 figures, sometimes million dollar bonuses!

Little did I know that the multi-level marketing industry had a massive failure rate, huge drop out rate, and that the majority of people were making less than that of a part time Burger King employee.

I realized that even though me and a few of my leaders were making ridiculous income, not everybody on our team was having much success, if any at all :(.

Sure my upline mentor told me it was their fault, they didn’t follow the system, or didn’t devote enough time… which I knew wasn’t true because I worked that system with them and they showed up to all the meetings, training sessions… you name it!

Now when you tell your upline or somebody else involved in MLM this or point out the 90%+ failure rate in the industry they just brush it off with some automated response.

Well I don’t know about them but I’m no ding bat…

I am human.

I question things.

So eventually I took some time off from the industry to look at it and kind of reevaluate everything to see what my next move would be.

I was still obviously addicted to residual income and leveraging my time, but I didn’t want to get rich on the backs of my friends and family… I wanted them to get rich too!

So after looking around the internet for close to a year, I found out about a group of men and women who were making millions upon millions of dollars by creating high quality & low cost information products that not only people in THIS industry needed, but employees, musicians, celebrities, doctors… talk about mass market appeal!

I needed to find a product that paid out more money then peddling these silly lotions, potions, vitamins, and other crap that cost so much money to manufacture and cover ingredients as well as pay the product formulators AND us hard working distributors!

I tried everything… only to come to the conclusion that no matter what company whether a binary/uni-level/matrix compensation plan… no matter what product, juice, vitamins, skincare… doesn’t matter: the average person cannot get rich in this type of business model.


After splitting money with the corporate staff, everybody in your upline, the product formulator and scientist… you are left with NOTHING!

Yes, nothing… unless selling tens of thousands of dollars worth of their product to earn a few hundred bucks commission is worth it to you, keep pushing!

On the other hand, looking back at these information based/digital products whether it be MLM training, personal development, or simply a software and service provider that has next to no manufacturing costs, a small group of employees, and high profit margins for us distributors because the products are either free to create or next to nothing!

That’s what I’m talking about!

Finally… everybody can make 6 figures with a small team of a few hundred people!

Remember traditional MLM? Haha…

‘Recruit an army of 100,000 people and you too can become a millionaire!’

No thanks! I have a better chance over here 😉

Dive right in, the waters warm!

joe stewart