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Congrats to David Lee- 1st Winner of #SelfPublishingEmpire Book Giveaways!

David Lee Self-Publishing Empire Giveaway Winner

Say Congratulations to David Lee from Los Angeles for winning the first #SelfPublishingEmpire Book Giveaway I hosted over on my Facebook page a few days ago.

Should get your copy any day man!

For those of you who didn’t win, yet still want to have the book in your arsenal,  just go to and I’ll ship your order, Free!

I go over the TONS of benefits of self-publishing your work vs sitting around waiting for a big publishing house to pick you up…

I take you by the hand and show you how to draw up your mind-map and craft your story, so you can tell it in your own words without having an agent breathing down your neck…

Learn How To Build A Volunteer ARMY Of Fans Who Tell Everyone They Know About Your Book!

Also I will show you how to sell bulk quantities once your done, instead of one at a time! This skyrocketed the sales of my first book, Create Your Own Economy, in no time!

IF you’ve written tons of blogs, Facebook statuses, or have some great ideas you want to turn into a book… maybe for social status, maybe for daily royalties deposited into your account… everybody has different reasons for writing, publishing, and going on to sell their books… so figure out what your “why” is before you get started.

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How to Publish Your Book With Self-Publishing Empire (Now Available)

The Past Few Years a Lot of You Have Asked for Help with Writing & Publishing Your OWN Book…

…and Since You Asked, I Listened!

I Have Broken It Down From Page 1 to Available on Amazon!

-I dive into how to write your story in your own words without having an agent breathing down your neck.

-I show you how to sell bulk quantities at a time instead of one by one.

-I’ll also fill you in on how I built a volunteer army of readers who tell everyone they know about my book, and how you can do it too… and SO MUCH more!

The bonuses on pages 65-72 alone are worth #10X the discount launch price you will pay by clicking here.

So Act Now OK guys? I love you.

joe stewarts new book self publishing empireJoe Stewart

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If YOU Want To Harvest, Then You Must Plant The Seeds!

With Network Marketing I realized I could get 1 person that agreed with me on why I was doing what I was doing, and I could teach them by that example.

If you want to harvest, you must plant a seed.

Look guys.. the world is hungry for friendship, relationship… an improved quality of life.. so w/network marketing, isn’t it interesting, people introducing people to the product via word of mouth, friends be getting friends.. and I see everyone in business with me as a friend.

 I am just following my passion.. I’m not doing what everyone else wants me to do.. I’m just doing what I love.. I’m just a regular guy.. and if you’ve hung out w/me or followed me for any amount of time you know that… and I always share my ups and downs with you..

I’m always thinking way in the future.. trying to stay ahead of everyone else..

My vision is huge for this industry.. and I hope you all join me for the ride of your lifetime whether you’re in my company or not.

Let’s stand together and improve the public perception of our industry!

Let’s lead with the value of our product not hype, fast money, and all the stuff that gives our industry a bad name to begin with..

We have an AMAZING industry, so let’s show people what we have to offer them!

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Create Your Own Economy via Network Marketing: by Joe Stewart

Create Your Own Economy via Network Marketing: by Joe Stewart

author joe stewart create your own economy bookI have just self published my first book that I am calling ‘Create Your Own Economy: via Marketing” and I am incredibly excited to get the physical copy, proof it for the very last time, and get it up for sale on Amazon and other distribution channels.

I have always like reading and writing even since my short time at high school.

Although writing about the nuclear molecule in this atom or an essay about somebody who lived 500 years ago wasn’t really my thing, I am thankful that I learned how to read and write very well.

Joe Stewart’s New Book…

I started writing a political book a few years back, but each time I would dive back in I would just get more and more frustrated with all the bull shit associated with politics. I eventually deleted the whole word pad file, and gave up on my first book.

Less than a few years later, after being introduced to network marketing, I learned a completely different skill set.

Different ways to connect with people, how to make sales without being a salesman, and easy affordable marketing tactics that sets you up as the expert and has your potential prospect promoters and customers calling YOU asking for your products or service. This trick is called attraction marketing, and has brought me thousands of dollars in sales in a single day.

I took a look at the home based business arena as a whole…

I saw people struggling, losing money every month just buy staying on autoship.

People getting rejected by friends and family, and being known as ‘that scary Amway guy’…

I figured if I could come out with a book or training course that I could market to the whole industry, the public perception of network marketing would change as the promoters became more professional marketers instead of annoying salesman.

Again, it is my first book… we will see what happens. I highly anticipate the positive reviews and testimonials, along with some ‘constructive’ criticism. All I can do is learn, and grow from where I am right now.

I am setting up the background and key points I would like to discuss in my next book. As of today, September 7th 2012, I don’t know what the title will be or what I will be discussing. I will keep all of my subscribers in the loop and updated as to what is happening.

Thanks for your continued support!

See you at the beach!

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