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Body By Vi Reviews 2016: It’s A Shame For You To Not Make $ In Visalus, Their Top Reps Do It Easily!

Body By Vi Reviews

Have you been on the internet searching for some in depth Body By Vi Reviews?

body by vi reviewsNot sure if you should join the Body By Vi 90 day Challenge due to some of the scam claims on the internet?

Are you more worried about their product line and if it is the best choice for you and your family?

It is literally A SHAME for you to not make good money in Visalus! Their top income earners and Ambassadors make it look so easy, right?

In this third party series of Body By Vi Reviews, I will cover the Visalus compensation plan so you understand how their distributors are getting massive checks each week or no checks at all. I will talk about their product line, the quality of it, and if people are really getting this “Free” Visalus BMW or not…

Body By Vi Reviews | What is Visalus?

ViSalus is a health and fitness company that markets their products through the direct sales or “word of mouth” business model. Their famous Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge has spurred them into rapid growth over the past 3 years.

It challenges consumers to a 90 day health and fitness challenge. The purpose of the challenge is for people who commit to the 90 day challenge to set their fitness or weight loss goal, choose a ViSalus Challenge Kit, and then go public with their results.

This has been the stepping stone of the Visalus success story. Their distributors have tear jerking testimonials about getting their life back, losing weight, and having more energy. They go public with this testimonial through videos, pictures and other promotional methods on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and countless other social networks. This causes a lot of friends, family members or followers on their social network to get curious as to what they are doing so they end up asking for more information about Visalus and if they are interested can join.

Body By Vi Reviews | Visalus Products

visalus productsSomebody who decides to promote the Body By Vi Challenge to earn an income, or just use the products as a customer can choose from the Balance Kit, Shape Kit, Core Kit, Transformation Kit, or the Fit Kit. ViSalus gives away millions of dollars in free products, prizes and vacations to the winners of the 90-day challenge.

Their flagship product is the Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix. They like to call it “The Shake Mix That Tastes Like Cake Mix”. The nutritional powerhouse of every Body by Vi Challenge Kit, the Vi-Shape which is sold at $49 for a months supply offers a filling and balanced meal designed to help you lose weight and support lean muscle and healthy energy. The Shape kit which is simply 2 bags of shake mix for people who want 2 shakes a day to speed up their weight loss which is priced at $99.

For the people who have more money to spend or are just very serious about their health Visalus also offers high end packages ranging from $199-$299. These are called the Transformation Kit, the Core Kit, and the Fit Kit. Each of these kits contain 2 bags of the ViSalus shake mix, their energy drink line called Neuro, their monthly vitamin supplement called the Vi-Pak and other weight loss supplements.

Body By Vi Reviews | ViSalus Compensation Plan

To take part in the ViSalus compensation plan, you must enroll as a promoter by purchasing either the $49 Basic Distributor Kit, or your choice of the $499 Executive Success System or $999 for the ESS with more samples. You must also order a minimum of $125 per month on your ViSalus challenge kit to get paid commissions.

By making that investment, you are now a home business owner and can receive additional tax advantages. Just talk with your tax professional and learn how to take part in these tax benefits.

Your first goal in ViSalus is to sponsor 3 distributors who are going to build the business with you, and 3 customers who just want to buy the product. This should get you to the first rank in ViSalus known as Director which pays between $500-$1,000 per month! Not bad for your first 48 hours in business. Once you have 3 customers ordering either the same Challenge Kit as you or of greater value, Visalus will send you your challenge kit for free each and every month as long as they continue ordering.

visalus bmw

When your total group sales volume is $12.5k per month, whether it be customers or distributors spread out through three different teams, your average income shoots up to $1,000-$3,000 per month depending on the cost of product each rep or customer is obviously ordering. This also qualifies you for the ViSalus BMW Bonus where they give you $600 per month towards a black, green or silver BMW that is 10 years old OR NEWER.
There is a lot of fine print in that deal you need to be aware of. It is NOT a free BMW! The BMW is in your name not ViSalus meaning that you must pay for it each and every month. If everybody quits your ViSalus team and is no longer ordering products then don’t expect ViSalus to send you a check for $600 to pay for your Visalus BMW.

Just wanted to clear that up because there is a lot of “hype” and false promises when it comes to this BMW program. I have heard of people who joined because their sponsor offered to “position” a promoter who qualified for their BMW bonus underneath them so that they would get a “Free BMW” too. Lol.

Body By Vi Reviews | Can You Succeed in ViSalus?

So can you achieve financial freedom by promoting the Visalus Body By Vi home business?

There are thousands of couples and single parents across the country who have been able to leave their full time job or at least cut down to part time so they can spend more time at home with their family. So yes, there are tons of average people having massive success in ViSalus.

You are obviously going to need a competitive edge over the other 4,000 health and wellness related network marketing companies and their die hard distributor base.

You must give your prospects a really good reason to join with you instead of the guy at the top of the company earning 6 figures per month.

I mean if you don’t have any value to offer, free training, a duplicating system or mastermind group of some kind then your prospects have no reason to join you.

If you want to learn how to get positioned as the marketer who has tremendous value, the best training, and be the “go to” guy for people looking to join ViSalus, contact me below so we can setup a detailed plan to take you from Director to National in 90 days or less.

I hope you have enjoyed this series of Body By Vi Reviews!

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Best MLM? My Top 5 Network Marketing Companies Right Now

My Top 5 Network Marketing Companies

Hey everyone, Joe Stewart here with a quick article about my top 5 network marketing companies around right now. There are thousands of FANTASTIC choices when it comes to joining a home based business. But some companies just have better products, management, or timing which is the reason they are featured on my list of the best MLM companies around.


Visalus also named the fastest growing company in North America in the year 2011, and the fastest growing Direct Sales company of 2012.

With thousands of people joining their Body By Vi 90 day challenge each and every month, and jumping from $34 million dollars in sales in 2010 all the way up to $234 million dollars in sales in 2011.

amway scamAmwayAlthough Amway definitely has the most haters and worst public perception (just my opinion guys) they pioneered this industry and a lot of the companies around these days should give credit to the Amway corporation, their training systems, and ‘prove everybody wrong’ kind of deal.

An old friend of mine who we will call Dave (okay his name is really Dave) has been earning a 5-figure monthly residual from Amway since before I was born lol… 1988.

He is living proof that if you build it big in Amway or any other solid MLM, the money will flow forever.

At the time I Wrote this article I had a few other companies mentioned that I thought would be stable, long term companies. One of which was MonaVie, who was recently bought out by Jeunesse Global. The other company I had listed was Solavei who had a bankruptcy last year and merged with another company also.

It is safe to say that Jeunesse is probably the most talked about network marketing company as of 2015 as I update this post. Although they have paid for a lot of leaders to jump from competing MLM companies, this is America and if you want to recruit the best of the best you have to pay for it… NFL anybody?

I am still happy where I am at with FITTEAM Global, my friend Chris Hummel’s direct sales company. I have been with them almost a year now and really impressed with the products, culture, and most importantly the FUTURE!

I hope this article has gave you some basic ideas about some of the more popular home based businesses around today!

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I will see you on the beaches of the world, my friends…

Joe Stewart

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