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From Vaping During Congressional Hearing To Endorsing Donald Trump: Meet Congressman Duncan Hunter

I know I’m a marketer and usually write about personal development and avoiding the news… but I wanted to write about the first sitting congressman to endorse Republican Presidential Candidate (and currently the front runner)ย Donald J. Trump, Mr. Duncan Hunter.

The first time I heard about Rep. Duncan Hunter, he was vaping during a congressional hearing and another politician near him was complaining about it. He went on to defend the benefits of vaping.

duncan hunter endorses donald trump

Today, Congressman Hunter crossed my newsfeed again for being the first representative to endorse Trump.

Seems to me like he might be trying to get the GOP front runners attention? ๐Ÿ˜€

I bet a lot of senators, governors and other congressman from all 50 states start coming forward and endorsing Donaldย ย Trump, you know they would LOVE to be selected as his VP nominee and piggyback off his brand and following… Trump is not an idiot though… ๐Ÿ˜‰

duncan hunter endorses donald trump

I think he will see right through all the republicans trying to endorse him for a shot at being VP or chosen for his cabinet.

What’s your thoughts on politicians using each other for exposure?

(Positive endorsements like this vs negative ads/social media back & fourths)

Who do YOU think the GOP Nominee will be, now that Trump has won 3 states in a row?

If it is Trump, who do you think he will select as his VP?

Thanks for reading, comment below!

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The Trump Network Was Sold: Now Called Bioceutica… Trump for President 2016 or Na?

The Trump Network Was Sold: Now Called Bioceutica

trump-network sold

About a year ago, a very good friend of mine had called me and told me he was promoting a new network marketing company owned by Donald Trump called… The Trump Network!

Obviously anything Trump is going to back is also going to have his name branded up in the company name. They were marketing a skin care line, a weight loss system, and custom vitamins that were once only available to famous athletes and stars.

Everything seemed top notch. The product packaging, the compensation plan, and of course using the leverage of being in business with the infamous mogul Donald Trump from the Apprentice.

For a low cost of under $200, you could get started in your own home based business by marketing the Trump Network products along with what is called the PrivaTest. The PrivaTest was a urinalysis sent to your house where you could take your urine sample to send back to the Trump Network’s laboratory and they would design a custom shop vitamin fit for your own bodies health needs. This was very appealing..

So what happened with the Trump Network?

At the time of seeing their business plan with my friend, I was already promoting a similar health and wellness home business. I wasn’t really looking for another one, but the thought of working with a good friend of mine who is respected among our community along with being in business with Donald Trump sounded too good to pass up. I wanted to get started with the company and try out these custom vitamins tailored to my bodies needs.

trump network sold

Before I signed on the dotted line, I wanted to see what my friend thought of the vitamins at first once he got his first shipment

back from the lab. He told me it would take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to receive the vitamins as again, they are custom made for your body. So I waited about a month before I called him back about the company. I asked him how he was making out and how the vitamins were working out.

What he told me next totally shocked me..

He said he still had not received his monthly supply of vitamins! I mean if I just paid close to $200 to take a private in home test and then ship it back to a laboratory I would expect to get what I paid for. I figured they must have just been busy creating all these custom supplements for people.

The Trump Network is now called Bioceutica

I waited another few weeks before I tried to contact him again, only to find out that he still had not received his vitamins, and that his upline sponsor had told him that Donald Trump pulled out from the company and it had been sold to Antoine Nohra from Credico Marketing.

He said he never received his vitamins, or a refund for the product he never received.

At the time, I figured it was safe to say that the Trump Network was a failure and closed up for good. Just to find out a few months later that Antoine had it back open, under a new name called Bioceutica.

I hope this article has answered all your questions about Bioceutica, formerly the Trump Network.

I will see you on the beaches of the world…

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