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Congrats to David Lee- 1st Winner of #SelfPublishingEmpire Book Giveaways!

David Lee Self-Publishing Empire Giveaway Winner

Say Congratulations to David Lee from Los Angeles for winning the first #SelfPublishingEmpire Book Giveaway I hosted over on my Facebook page a few days ago.

Should get your copy any day man!

For those of you who didn’t win, yet still want to have the book in your arsenal,  just go to and I’ll ship your order, Free!

I go over the TONS of benefits of self-publishing your work vs sitting around waiting for a big publishing house to pick you up…

I take you by the hand and show you how to draw up your mind-map and craft your story, so you can tell it in your own words without having an agent breathing down your neck…

Learn How To Build A Volunteer ARMY Of Fans Who Tell Everyone They Know About Your Book!

Also I will show you how to sell bulk quantities once your done, instead of one at a time! This skyrocketed the sales of my first book, Create Your Own Economy, in no time!

IF you’ve written tons of blogs, Facebook statuses, or have some great ideas you want to turn into a book… maybe for social status, maybe for daily royalties deposited into your account… everybody has different reasons for writing, publishing, and going on to sell their books… so figure out what your “why” is before you get started.

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YOU Deserve Peace of Mind!

Author Joe Stewart's New Book Self-publishing empireYOU Deserve Peace of Mind!

If you have toxic friends or family who bring you down, make fun of your goals & dreams, cut them off ASAP!

Don’t stoop down to their level & try to treat them how they treated you.. sometimes blocking these negative Nancy’s on social media is not enough.. you must block them in real life as well!

I know it’s hard & might take days, weeks or months to forget about them & the mean things they said to you..

Just keep it moving!

Nowadays I LOVE when people try to bring me down or make fun of what I’m doing lol it just adds fuel to the fire baby!! As soon as I cut out these people from my life, every aspect of my life got better.. I went from 4 years of writers block to pumping out a new book in less than a month.. and the reviews are GREAT so far!

I went from feeling tired and lethargic all the time to having more energy than ever before… YES it’s true, some people are literally energy draining vampires and surrounding yourself with them can physically drain you of feeling GREAT!

Hangout with those who LOVE YOU & support you.. those who were there for you when you were emotionally in the gutter, or in a dark place mentally.. those are the only people you should surround yourself with.. period!

Just focus on being 1% better than you were yesterday.. do 21 push ups instead of 20.. walk 2 miles instead of 1.5.. constantly improve yourself & improve your circle and your life WILL get better! Look I’m not some self proclaimed self-help guru douche trying to make money by telling you guys how to live your life.. I just share what was personally worked for ME!

Try this for a week.. and promise me that you’ll get back to me and let me know how you feel physically, spiritually, emotionally..

Fix all those aspects of your life FIRST and watch your business and finances fall into place… Love you guys!

joe stewarts new book self publishing empireJoe Stewart

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Create Your Own Economy & Self-Publishing Empire

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How to Publish Your Book With Self-Publishing Empire (Now Available)

The Past Few Years a Lot of You Have Asked for Help with Writing & Publishing Your OWN Book…

…and Since You Asked, I Listened!

I Have Broken It Down From Page 1 to Available on Amazon!

-I dive into how to write your story in your own words without having an agent breathing down your neck.

-I show you how to sell bulk quantities at a time instead of one by one.

-I’ll also fill you in on how I built a volunteer army of readers who tell everyone they know about my book, and how you can do it too… and SO MUCH more!

The bonuses on pages 65-72 alone are worth #10X the discount launch price you will pay by clicking here.

So Act Now OK guys? I love you.

joe stewarts new book self publishing empireJoe Stewart

Author of Self Publishing Empire

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I Make a TON Of Mistakes.. I’ve Left Money On The Table.. It wasn’t cool.


For years I left 💰💰 on the table… I’m sure I still do some days but I’m doing my best & focusing on what pays my bills each month and more.. 👌

The first few years after my book came out, I would always drive people to Barnes & Noble’s site because I thought that looked WAY cooler than Amazon.. Just being honest. 😂😂

Little did I know that the royalties were less on their site compared to Amazon, 😱😱 and Amazon takes care of re-targetting & a bunch of other cool stuff I’m not good at just by sending people there.. and when people buy it with other books it shows up as “frequently bought together” etc. which helps..

I didn’t know about this until I got a mentor.. I asked questions.. I read books on how to sell more books & increase margins.. heck I learned how to pay myself more than Amazon royalties pay me each month.. more on that in another post (or book?) 👀👀

Moral of the story is: learn from your mistakes, find a mentor, ask questions, read the books, surrender your ego, humble yourself, take notes, attend the events, invest in yourself, not just money but sweat equity too.. pull your calculators out, make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck my friends!

Don’t let your ego get in the way like I did.. go accomplish everything you’ve always dreamed of!

Thanks for reading… leave your thoughts below.. have you ever made mistakes or left money on the table too?

What did you learn from it and did you fix the problems?

12819388_1709186739292923_1840234819946245753_oJoe Stewart

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Create Your Own Economy by Joe Stewart Now Avail on Square App!

Hey guys, just a quick update for everyone: I was able to get my book, Create Your Own Economy setup for sale via the Square app and site!

This is a really great tool that is gonna help us get the book into thousands of more people’s hands!

Before it was only available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and I was offering my bulk discounts via Paypal… but with the new site I setup on Square I was able to offer the bulk discounts for an even lower rate, with FREE Shipping like always!

This is awesome because PayPal and FB messenger app would only let people order bulk via debit cards, so with square you can use debit OR credit!

Check out my new Square website and grab a few copies of my book!

Appreciate you guys! All of the book giveaways and pictures you guys are uploading are really speeding things up… can’t wait to see where the movement goes this year!

Joe Stewart Author of Create Your Own Economy Network Marketing MLM Book FITTEAMJoe Stewart

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<- Grab Your Copy Here


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If YOU Want To Harvest, Then You Must Plant The Seeds!

With Network Marketing I realized I could get 1 person that agreed with me on why I was doing what I was doing, and I could teach them by that example.

If you want to harvest, you must plant a seed.

Look guys.. the world is hungry for friendship, relationship… an improved quality of life.. so w/network marketing, isn’t it interesting, people introducing people to the product via word of mouth, friends be getting friends.. and I see everyone in business with me as a friend.

 I am just following my passion.. I’m not doing what everyone else wants me to do.. I’m just doing what I love.. I’m just a regular guy.. and if you’ve hung out w/me or followed me for any amount of time you know that… and I always share my ups and downs with you..

I’m always thinking way in the future.. trying to stay ahead of everyone else..

My vision is huge for this industry.. and I hope you all join me for the ride of your lifetime whether you’re in my company or not.

Let’s stand together and improve the public perception of our industry!

Let’s lead with the value of our product not hype, fast money, and all the stuff that gives our industry a bad name to begin with..

We have an AMAZING industry, so let’s show people what we have to offer them!

Author of Create Your Own Economy Network Marketing Joe Stewart Karen Gardner MLM HopRocket JM Ocean avenue Joe Stewart — Join The Convo On FB

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Growing YOUR Online Social Media Presence…

~Growing YOUR Online Social Media Presence~

When I first got the idea to bring my business online & release my 1st book a few yrs ago, I did what any networker would do & reached out to all the SEO gurus, web designers & Social Media experts in my space.

I put my ego aside to not only learn but freaking master these skills, only to be disappointed when they told me it’d take YEARS for search engines to pick up my articles/vlogs, they said the site I’d need would cost more than my budget, they said I’d never be able to have my book about MLM/affiliate marketing & grow a following within those niches on social media lol

PS: Pick Up A Copy

With that being said.. I didn’t take their advice and just put my nose down into some books, free articles and resources & learned how to setup a blog, basic SEO to get the ball rolling, and starting posting on FB to promote my new content.. after doing this for a few yrs now I’ve learned a few things I’d like to share with you guys to hopefully save you time, energy, money.. all that.

1.) You can’t outsource the social media aspect.. you can’t delegate building relationships w/prospects, customers, and entrepreneurs on your team. Even if you’re not in MLM or affiliate marketing.. any business is always about relationships!

2.) They say be everywhere but I did it a little backwards.. I started w/ FB and built that up a good amount before I started using other outlets daily. Now I am driving friends from FB to follow me on IG, Twitter, blog, YouTube etc.. seriously don’t lose your mind trying to be active on every new app/site that pops up.. I like to have a life outside of my phone/computer so I ‘try’ to limit my use lately. What’s made this easier for me (common sense) was to upload the content from FB to blog/blog to FB, Instagram pic to FB/Twitter at same time.. kill 2 birds w/1 stone.

3.) Instead of always selling or advertise your product/service, switch it up.. people want to laugh, they want to learn.. so educate them.. inspire them.. get to know them.. I can’t explain it but just entertaining people, engaging w/them, giving them pointers etc. has always resulted in them getting back to me wanting info about my product.. ‪#‎AttractionMarketing‬

People want to be entertained, feel good, be right, make better decisions, know things others don’t, stay in the loop, make $$$, save $$$, hear the latest gossip, and be part of the ‘in crowd’.

For social media to work you have to be entrepreneurial, creative, engaging and entertaining.

I’m not saying I’m a social media expert but this has been my main form of marketing, business & book sales over the past 5 years.. so I’ve seen what’s worked for myself and others and what hasn’t. I get inbox msgs everyday asking for help on social media.. how I got my book all over.. edgerank questions etc so with that:

Any Social Media Questions?

I’ll do a Q&A below just comment your questions below… thanks for reading!

Terrell Wallace NIKE MLM Author Joe Stewart Create Your Own Economy Network Marketing MLM Book Candace Ross TTW Enagic KangenJoe Stewart

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Remember the ‘social’ in social media…

Remember the ‘social’ in social media… it’s all about engaging with others.

Treating it like a pissing contest with your old sponsor, people who quit yo team, ex’s, or people in other companies doesn’t count as being social..

Instead just cheer your competitors on and get back to dominating!

Only post when you have something inspiring, important, or valuable to share w/everyone.. don’t just post to “get likes” or “generate a lead or sale” because people can smell desperation a mile away..

Remember folks: “People don’t care how much you know until they knows how much you care.” -So engage on their posts.. get to know them.. follow up w/them until you are blue in the face or they block you Lol..

That’s all I got! Until next time, enjoy this extra sexy Joe Stewart selfie! 😀

Also be sure to buy my book here!

joe stewart MLM FITTEAM Author

PS: I don’t just post on FB about being ‘social’ because it’s the “cliche” “marketer” thing to do… I truly enjoy getting to know each and every one of you guys I’ve made friends with the past few years.

(This was originally posted to my FB wall ^^^)

Feel free to call/text me anytime at 772-626-4271 & if I don’t answer just leave a msg/text and I’ll get back to everyone!

Click here to work with me! 

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Turning Skeptics Into A Volunteer Army of Raving Fans

Hello! It’s Joe…

I remember when I first started writing this book over 4 yrs ago.

Joe Stewart, MLM, create your own economy, network marketing, author
Create Your Own Economy By Joe Stewart

I really just wanted something I could hand to prospects/skeptics so they could get a better grasp on our industry & make an informed decision.

The original cover was ugly so I had to have that redone a few times, although they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, unfortunately most do.

My original vision of it being a simple tool for my prospects has become so much more.

Nothing beats getting a message from someone saying they got their first customer by using something I teach in my book.. that is what keeps me going and motivates ME to learn more.. write more.. teach more.. become more.

Everyday I wake up and login FB to see someone else got a copy in the mail and uploaded a selfie with it lol.. each time you guys do this someone else sees the cover.. they either judge it and buy it or don’t.. either way.. it’s like a domino effect.. everyone wants to take part in the movement and it won’t slow down anytime soon.. just wanted to say I appreciate each and every one of you guys who have showed love.. shared my book with your team or FB friends & fam..

I truly have the BEST volunteer army on the planet and couldn’t spread the word at this speed without you.

Other than my supporters.. wanted to say cheers to my haters.. I know you won’t upload pics or show public love but talking behind closed doors is still talk.. still helping me out etc.. so keep up the great work ya’ll.. just be patient.. so much more is coming! 🙂

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Press Release: Author of Create Your Own Economy Joe Stewart Joins the FITTEAM Global Family!


I am proud to align with the FITTEAM GLOBAL Brand! I have been good friends with their CEO Christopher Hummel for a few years now.. my cousin Craig Ronaldson and I would meet up with him whenever he’s in town lol if you follow him on Facebook you know the dude travels a lot… anyways he was in our up line & one of the top earners in a company we did called Xyngular, so I always looked up to him and liked his leadership style.

When he called me and told me he started his own company, we all met up for dinner and I tried the product. It tasted great, gave me energy because I was up until 4am, made me feel great, gave me a better mood, I mean it was really a no brainer… I only do business with people I know, like and trust… and I also must like the product 😉

We will be building up to our launch party in Miami in January! Looking frwd to meeting everyone there. If you want to get on my early bird list before I call my address book of 2,200 network marketers just comment below or send a PM.

For more info email me at or go to

FITTEAM Fit team global llc

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Took a Break from Blogging to Travel… Yeah I’m a Wussy, I know…

Hey what’s up readers? Yes I’m still here 🙂 I had a few people opt in to one of my contact forms asking if I was still blogging and active on this site, although I haven’t blogged since the end of July I am definitely still here! I spent the month of August traveling and didn’t spend too much time on my laptop… I ran all of my online business from my smartphone and outsourced the stuff I couldn’t do on my phone. So yeah, I’m back!

In the beginning of August I spent some time in the Fort Lauderdale-Miami area with some friends, which I don’t really consider “traveling” because I live a few hours north of Miami but still I was away from home doing business and networking down there with some cool cats.

Live from iheartradio Ultimate Pool Party, Miami FL
Live from iheartradio Ultimate Pool Party, Miami FL


I was also down there at the end of June for the Iheartradio Ultimate Pool Party! What an awesome weekend… had VIP tickets so it was cool hanging poolside with a bunch of rich pricks and Nick Cannon. We got to see Lil Jon, Iggy, Neon Trees, MAGIC and Jenny from the block Jennifer Lopez perform… yeah it was pretty badass not gonna lie Lol.

The first week of August I flew up to Connecticut for a few days for the first time.. was very cool seeing all the hills and landscape etc it is so much different then Florida.

View from my friends pad in CT :)
View from my friends pad in CT 🙂


I stayed at a friends house in the hills of Hartford CT and they showed me around the area for a few days.

hiking hills of CT
Hiking thru the hills 🙂

My favorite part of the whole trip was just hiking a few miles with my headphones in through the hills in Middletown… yeah I’m easy to please.

I prefer the little things anyway.

On my last night there, their neighbors had all of the neighborhood over for an outdoor cook out with steak tips, some italian bread with mozzarella cheese on top (best thing ever) and of course expensive red wine!

Yeah I was staying with rich friends and they like their expensive wine.unnamed (3)

It was just cool sitting outdoors around the table under the stars and having dinner with a bunch of people I didn’t know… none of my neighbors in Florida really talk or do BBQ’s and stuff like that so it was nice to see people still get together and have dinner with each other.

After 5 days in Connecticut I flew back down to Florida for like 9 days before I was off to my next adventure in Los Angeles, California.

This was also my first time going to California let alone the west coast of the United States so yeah I was obviously pretty excited Lol. So I packed up my duffle bag yet again for a week in Los Angeles, my friend Jen was nice enough to drive me to Ft. Lauderdale Airport on August 20th so I could catch my flight… I had a long day ahead of me with a layover in Dallas before I finally landed in LAX at 4pm California time.

I finally made it there on time and stepped off the plane and on to the streets of L.A for the first time.

I met up with some friends who live in Los Angeles so they drove me to my hotel so I could check in and drop off all my stuff before we headed out to Long Beach for dinner at the Yard House… I was starving after flying around all day so I had a big ass ribeye with shrimp on the side… I deserved it 🙂 .

We didn’t do too much that night because I was pretty tired and I’m from Florida so they are 3 hours ahead of what I’m used to so I crashed pretty early for their time.

jimmy kimmel liveThe next day we all met up again and they drove me into the heart of Los Angeles where Hollywood BLVD, Beverly Hills and all the cool stuff is at… so that was pretty awesome.

We walked down Hollywood BLVD looking at all the stars and people dressed up as superheroes and cartoons Lol….

Then me being the tourist I am, I decided to pay the $35 and hop on one of those buses that drive you all around site seeing where they explain some of the history of the area.

They drive you through Beverly Hills, Hollywood hills and all the other cool spots so you can go ‘celebrity hunting’ lol although I didn’t see any celebrities on my trip… it’s okay I’m not star struck they are humans too, right?

The next day I went to the Aquarium of the Pacific to check out all the marine life there… really cool learning about all the animals, fish and other stuff they have. The penguins were so funny to watch swim around and waddle around lol penguins are badass.

This was where my trip went kinda downhill… I normally don’t write about the ‘negative’ going on in my life, but the last 2 days of my trip were pure hell.

I had horrible pain in my lower back (kidneys) but I didn’t want to go see a doctor out there or check into a hospital because my flight was 2 days away and I just had a fear of getting stuck out there. So my stubborn ass just sat around my hotel in horrible pain for the last 2 days while I waited for the day my flight left… I had no appetite and didn’t eat anything… lost a few pounds and really looked like crap Lol I wish I had a picture to post but I wasn’t taking selfies at the time.

flying over ft lauderdaleLuckily I found the strength to walk out of the hotel and find a cab and get to LAX and catch my flight.

It never hurt so much just to walk through an airport it’s usually an easy task… especially for someone young in their early 20’s like me… but I caught my first flight to Phoenix which connected to Ft. Lauderdale from there… that 4.5 hour flight was awful lol I was still in the worst pain of my life and I hate flying anyway so being on a plane for 4.5 hours didn’t help. (Flying over Ft. Lauderdale beach above.. What a view! 🙂 )

Just thankful that I made it home safe! I went home and went right to bed, I didn’t have the energy to go to the hospital that night. The next day I woke up and felt a lot better so instead of going to the hospital I just went to the local walk in clinic and they accepted my insurance (whewww…)

After some blood work and other tests they said I had a bad kidney infection… no wonder the lower back pain!

So they put me on the BRAT diet which is like bread, bananas, rice, apples and toast I think they said… so I had to stick to that for a week and drink tons of water everyday to flush out my kidneys. I’m doing a lot better now just taking my diet and health a lot more seriously… I stopped drinking coffee and alcohol and haven’t in weeks and I feel a lot better.

Anyways… I’ll post some of the pictures I took while I was out in Cali below… hope you guys enjoyed reading 🙂 Share some of your recent travel stories in the comments I would love to hear them!

Me on the tourist bus thing
Me on the tourist bus thing

Love you guys 🙂 Joe

I plan to get back to blogging regularly tomorrow!

I’ll do some MLM reviews like usual and throw in some training in there as I get back in the groove of things.

us airways mastercard dividend miles plane tickets frequent flyer
Racking up my frequent flyer miles 🙂
hollywood sign
Hollywood sign
long beach, california
Long Beach, California
Aquarium of the pacific, Long Beach CA
Aquarium of the pacific, Long Beach CA
Penguin I tried to recruit into MLM…
Penguins... penguins everywhere.
Penguins… penguins everywhere.
Big fish and Big Lobster/Crab thing
Big fish and Big Lobster/Crab thing

dolby theatre CALI

Eric Clapton Sign outside Guitar Center, Hollywood CA
Eric Clapton Sign outside Guitar Center, Hollywood CA.
california palm trees
Famous California palm trees
Santa monica blvd, CA
Santa monica blvd, CA
chinese looking building california
Chinese looking building California
el capitan hollywood california
El capitan Hollywood California
beverly hills sign
Beverly Hills Sign
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The Power of Concentration by Theron Q. Dumont (Full Audio book)

Hey everyone! I really hope you enjoy this FREE audio book of “The Power of Concentration” by Theron Q. Dumont.

If you want some really cool self help, letting go, and more concentration videos and audios like this delivered to your inbox every week, click here and see what I use!


the science of getting rich full audiobook

Joe Stewart


Author of Create Your Own Economy 


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Meet Us In Miami, Florida January 23rd-26th

Hey you.

Yeah, you…

I got a question for ya.

Are YOU coming to meet us in Miami this weekend?

empower network miami
Come hang with us!

The biggest internet marketing conference of the year is going down…

…and although we are jam packed booked with radio shows, book signings and other “shenanigans’ I still have some time set aside to meet up for some coffee or lunch with YOU… My fans and friends!

So are you going to make the trip to meet us there? I live in Florida so it’s just a few hours drive south… but we have team members flying in from New York, Texas, all 50 states to be quite frank and even people from other countries… This is gonna be too cool!

Now obviously this event is top secret and only members of the Empower Network have inside access.

Are you on my Empower Network team yet?

You can join right here, right now.

It’s only $25 for the basic product and $19 if you want to become an affiliate and qualified to earn commissions on any products we help you sell… so NO we are not trying to put a man on the moon here or anything.

We’re both adults here right?

We make $25 decisions all the time.

Did you think twice the last time you asked your girlfriend if she wanted to go out for dinner and a movie?

Of course you didn’t… and I bet it cost you way more then $25 am I right?

It wasn’t hard for you to make that decision because you like seeing your girlfriend happy and spending time with her.

So if you have to sit back and think it over as to whether or not you should start your own online business for $25, you should probably just exit my page.

I am only looking to work with serious people.

People who want more out of life.

More time freedom, more vacations with family, more money… what do YOU want more of?

Look if you’re still on the fence it is time to hop off.

Decide you’re gonna do something different with your life.

Decide that you’re be apart of something bigger then yourself.

Decide that you’re gonna do whatever it takes to make full time income with us from home.

Are you ready?

Join Now.