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Video Review of Joe Stewart’s 2nd Book Self-Publishing Empire


My first ever book review. Happy birthday Joe Stewart!!

Posted by BJ Stephens on Friday, March 18, 2016

Thanks for watching!

Grab your copy here.

Joe Stewart

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Create Your Own Economy by Joe Stewart Now Avail on Square App!

Hey guys, just a quick update for everyone: I was able to get my book, Create Your Own Economy setup for sale via the Square app and site!

This is a really great tool that is gonna help us get the book into thousands of more people’s hands!

Before it was only available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and I was offering my bulk discounts via Paypal… but with the new site I setup on Square I was able to offer the bulk discounts for an even lower rate, with FREE Shipping like always!

This is awesome because PayPal and FB messenger app would only let people order bulk via debit cards, so with square you can use debit OR credit!

Check out my new Square website and grab a few copies of my book!

Appreciate you guys! All of the book giveaways and pictures you guys are uploading are really speeding things up… can’t wait to see where the movement goes this year!

Joe Stewart Author of Create Your Own Economy Network Marketing MLM Book FITTEAMJoe Stewart

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Turning Skeptics Into A Volunteer Army of Raving Fans

Hello! It’s Joe…

I remember when I first started writing this book over 4 yrs ago.

Joe Stewart, MLM, create your own economy, network marketing, author
Create Your Own Economy By Joe Stewart

I really just wanted something I could hand to prospects/skeptics so they could get a better grasp on our industry & make an informed decision.

The original cover was ugly so I had to have that redone a few times, although they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, unfortunately most do.

My original vision of it being a simple tool for my prospects has become so much more.

Nothing beats getting a message from someone saying they got their first customer by using something I teach in my book.. that is what keeps me going and motivates ME to learn more.. write more.. teach more.. become more.

Everyday I wake up and login FB to see someone else got a copy in the mail and uploaded a selfie with it lol.. each time you guys do this someone else sees the cover.. they either judge it and buy it or don’t.. either way.. it’s like a domino effect.. everyone wants to take part in the movement and it won’t slow down anytime soon.. just wanted to say I appreciate each and every one of you guys who have showed love.. shared my book with your team or FB friends & fam..

I truly have the BEST volunteer army on the planet and couldn’t spread the word at this speed without you.

Other than my supporters.. wanted to say cheers to my haters.. I know you won’t upload pics or show public love but talking behind closed doors is still talk.. still helping me out etc.. so keep up the great work ya’ll.. just be patient.. so much more is coming! 🙂

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Best MLM? My Top 5 Network Marketing Companies Right Now

My Top 5 Network Marketing Companies

Hey everyone, Joe Stewart here with a quick article about my top 5 network marketing companies around right now. There are thousands of FANTASTIC choices when it comes to joining a home based business. But some companies just have better products, management, or timing which is the reason they are featured on my list of the best MLM companies around.


Visalus also named the fastest growing company in North America in the year 2011, and the fastest growing Direct Sales company of 2012.

With thousands of people joining their Body By Vi 90 day challenge each and every month, and jumping from $34 million dollars in sales in 2010 all the way up to $234 million dollars in sales in 2011.

amway scamAmwayAlthough Amway definitely has the most haters and worst public perception (just my opinion guys) they pioneered this industry and a lot of the companies around these days should give credit to the Amway corporation, their training systems, and ‘prove everybody wrong’ kind of deal.

An old friend of mine who we will call Dave (okay his name is really Dave) has been earning a 5-figure monthly residual from Amway since before I was born lol… 1988.

He is living proof that if you build it big in Amway or any other solid MLM, the money will flow forever.

At the time I Wrote this article I had a few other companies mentioned that I thought would be stable, long term companies. One of which was MonaVie, who was recently bought out by Jeunesse Global. The other company I had listed was Solavei who had a bankruptcy last year and merged with another company also.

It is safe to say that Jeunesse is probably the most talked about network marketing company as of 2015 as I update this post. Although they have paid for a lot of leaders to jump from competing MLM companies, this is America and if you want to recruit the best of the best you have to pay for it… NFL anybody?

I am still happy where I am at with FITTEAM Global, my friend Chris Hummel’s direct sales company. I have been with them almost a year now and really impressed with the products, culture, and most importantly the FUTURE!

I hope this article has gave you some basic ideas about some of the more popular home based businesses around today!

Click here to find out which of these companies I decided to join and why.

I will see you on the beaches of the world, my friends…

Joe Stewart

Call or text me: 772-626-4271

Author of Create Your Own Economy

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Joe Stewart’s New Book: Create Your Own Economy Via Network Marketing

Joe Stewart’s New Book: Create Your Own Economy Via Network Marketing

Hey everyone! I just finished my first book, called ‘Create Your Own Economy Via Network Marketing’.

joey stewart create your own economy

If you take action today and purchase any of the courses I have available on my marketing tool box page, I will send you a copy of my new book… Free of charge.

So why should you buy my book?

Well for one, because your serious about your home business.

You are obviously on my website today, looking to expand your knowledge about our industry…

I know you want to provide more value to your team so you can help guide their way to success.

And I also know you want to have the most ABUNDANT team in all of network marketing.
In my book, I will show you:

– Alternative ways to become ‘stupid rich’ without attending that college scam…

– How to beat the “system” that is set up to keep you broke!

– The unlimited income potential with network marketing.

– How to choose the right opportunity to best suit your families needs.

– Learn the law of how to attract your ideal business partners.

– Social media marketing strategies that even grandpa can comprehend

– How to be self employed without dealing with those ‘pyramid things’…

Your life is TRULY about to change!

Don’t put it off another day… Buy my new book TODAY and receive a free consultation phone call with me directly.

joe stewart's book


In my book you will see why it was so easy for us to expand a stupid old ‘juice company’ into 35+ countries, with over 24,000 paying distributors and customers.

I will see YOU on the other side!

To your success…

brig hart

Joe Stewart 772 626 4271

Your friend on the inside… 😮

Author of Create Your Own Economy

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Create Your Own Economy via Network Marketing: by Joe Stewart

Create Your Own Economy via Network Marketing: by Joe Stewart

author joe stewart create your own economy bookI have just self published my first book that I am calling ‘Create Your Own Economy: via Marketing” and I am incredibly excited to get the physical copy, proof it for the very last time, and get it up for sale on Amazon and other distribution channels.

I have always like reading and writing even since my short time at high school.

Although writing about the nuclear molecule in this atom or an essay about somebody who lived 500 years ago wasn’t really my thing, I am thankful that I learned how to read and write very well.

Joe Stewart’s New Book…

I started writing a political book a few years back, but each time I would dive back in I would just get more and more frustrated with all the bull shit associated with politics. I eventually deleted the whole word pad file, and gave up on my first book.

Less than a few years later, after being introduced to network marketing, I learned a completely different skill set.

Different ways to connect with people, how to make sales without being a salesman, and easy affordable marketing tactics that sets you up as the expert and has your potential prospect promoters and customers calling YOU asking for your products or service. This trick is called attraction marketing, and has brought me thousands of dollars in sales in a single day.

I took a look at the home based business arena as a whole…

I saw people struggling, losing money every month just buy staying on autoship.

People getting rejected by friends and family, and being known as ‘that scary Amway guy’…

I figured if I could come out with a book or training course that I could market to the whole industry, the public perception of network marketing would change as the promoters became more professional marketers instead of annoying salesman.

Again, it is my first book… we will see what happens. I highly anticipate the positive reviews and testimonials, along with some ‘constructive’ criticism. All I can do is learn, and grow from where I am right now.

I am setting up the background and key points I would like to discuss in my next book. As of today, September 7th 2012, I don’t know what the title will be or what I will be discussing. I will keep all of my subscribers in the loop and updated as to what is happening.

Thanks for your continued support!

See you at the beach!

joe stewart, joey stewart, authorJoe Stewart 772 626 4271

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