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Congrats to David Lee- 1st Winner of #SelfPublishingEmpire Book Giveaways!

David Lee Self-Publishing Empire Giveaway Winner

Say Congratulations to David Lee from Los Angeles for winning the first #SelfPublishingEmpire Book Giveaway I hosted over on my Facebook page a few days ago.

Should get your copy any day man!

For those of you who didn’t win, yet still want to have the book in your arsenal,  just go to and I’ll ship your order, Free!

I go over the TONS of benefits of self-publishing your work vs sitting around waiting for a big publishing house to pick you up…

I take you by the hand and show you how to draw up your mind-map and craft your story, so you can tell it in your own words without having an agent breathing down your neck…

Learn How To Build A Volunteer ARMY Of Fans Who Tell Everyone They Know About Your Book!

Also I will show you how to sell bulk quantities once your done, instead of one at a time! This skyrocketed the sales of my first book, Create Your Own Economy, in no time!

IF you’ve written tons of blogs, Facebook statuses, or have some great ideas you want to turn into a book… maybe for social status, maybe for daily royalties deposited into your account… everybody has different reasons for writing, publishing, and going on to sell their books… so figure out what your “why” is before you get started.

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Should You Bash Others To Propel Your Own Business?


OK not really, I feel amazing lately…

But I am sick and tired of reading posts written by “leaders” bashing everyone else’s hustle.. I was guilty of this a few years ago because I was coming from a lack abundance and leads/sign ups weren’t flowing in my own business so I knew where you’re coming from guys..

Look, as long as you’re getting your money and paying your bills without punching a clock.. that’s all that matters!

People in MLM bashing forex.. people in forex (MLM’s mind you) are bashing old school MLM’s.. which by the way, have paved the way for you guys.. without the old school MLM’s standing the test of time, ya’ll wouldn’t be having the success your having right now..

I see affiliate marketers bashing 3-way calls or home meetings.. some of the same leaders who recruited ME many years ago… VIA a 3 way call!

Yes.. unbelievable.. I know.

I see old school home party networkers bashing online lead generation.. very misinformed.. if you’re gonna do home parties, at least document it.. stream it LIVE on FB so your entire network of 5k+ friends can watch it instead of the 5 people in your living room.. heck pull out your tablet and stream it live on Periscope/Google Hangout.. kill two birds with one stone, work smart not hard!

I love all of you… I don’t care if you’re selling information products, because I create & sell my own info products.. but do you see me bashing IM, Forex, Direct sales to move my books?

I don’t care if you’re doing MLM online or offline.. if you have to bash forex traders (whether they are doing it for the comp plan or the trading skills) to attempt to get people in your own opportunity, you should be ashamed…

…and to the Forex traders bashing MLM/affiliate marketing.. you probably never would have learned Forex or heard about it if you weren’t first introduced to network or affiliate marketing.. so cut the crap.. everyone goes from phase to phase.. physical product, back to a digital product that pays out more up front, then they check their residual in 90 days like oh f*ck nobody is ordering this anymore, guess I should jump back to lotions & potions again..

Why would you want to make yourself look like such hypocrites anyway?? You all will never hear me knock anybody’s hustle.. I may have a few years ago when I was building with losers.. but never again.. I have mad love and respect for anyone out here trying to break free from their job, send their kids to college, or retire their parents.. and if you have to knock how I do it, or how the next guy or gal does it.. that speaks volumes of your own insecurities and the lack of abundance flowing to you..


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Create Your Own Economy by Joe Stewart Now Avail on Square App!

Hey guys, just a quick update for everyone: I was able to get my book, Create Your Own Economy setup for sale via the Square app and site!

This is a really great tool that is gonna help us get the book into thousands of more people’s hands!

Before it was only available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and I was offering my bulk discounts via Paypal… but with the new site I setup on Square I was able to offer the bulk discounts for an even lower rate, with FREE Shipping like always!

This is awesome because PayPal and FB messenger app would only let people order bulk via debit cards, so with square you can use debit OR credit!

Check out my new Square website and grab a few copies of my book!

Appreciate you guys! All of the book giveaways and pictures you guys are uploading are really speeding things up… can’t wait to see where the movement goes this year!

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If YOU Want To Harvest, Then You Must Plant The Seeds!

With Network Marketing I realized I could get 1 person that agreed with me on why I was doing what I was doing, and I could teach them by that example.

If you want to harvest, you must plant a seed.

Look guys.. the world is hungry for friendship, relationship… an improved quality of life.. so w/network marketing, isn’t it interesting, people introducing people to the product via word of mouth, friends be getting friends.. and I see everyone in business with me as a friend.

 I am just following my passion.. I’m not doing what everyone else wants me to do.. I’m just doing what I love.. I’m just a regular guy.. and if you’ve hung out w/me or followed me for any amount of time you know that… and I always share my ups and downs with you..

I’m always thinking way in the future.. trying to stay ahead of everyone else..

My vision is huge for this industry.. and I hope you all join me for the ride of your lifetime whether you’re in my company or not.

Let’s stand together and improve the public perception of our industry!

Let’s lead with the value of our product not hype, fast money, and all the stuff that gives our industry a bad name to begin with..

We have an AMAZING industry, so let’s show people what we have to offer them!

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Growing YOUR Online Social Media Presence…

~Growing YOUR Online Social Media Presence~

When I first got the idea to bring my business online & release my 1st book a few yrs ago, I did what any networker would do & reached out to all the SEO gurus, web designers & Social Media experts in my space.

I put my ego aside to not only learn but freaking master these skills, only to be disappointed when they told me it’d take YEARS for search engines to pick up my articles/vlogs, they said the site I’d need would cost more than my budget, they said I’d never be able to have my book about MLM/affiliate marketing & grow a following within those niches on social media lol

PS: Pick Up A Copy

With that being said.. I didn’t take their advice and just put my nose down into some books, free articles and resources & learned how to setup a blog, basic SEO to get the ball rolling, and starting posting on FB to promote my new content.. after doing this for a few yrs now I’ve learned a few things I’d like to share with you guys to hopefully save you time, energy, money.. all that.

1.) You can’t outsource the social media aspect.. you can’t delegate building relationships w/prospects, customers, and entrepreneurs on your team. Even if you’re not in MLM or affiliate marketing.. any business is always about relationships!

2.) They say be everywhere but I did it a little backwards.. I started w/ FB and built that up a good amount before I started using other outlets daily. Now I am driving friends from FB to follow me on IG, Twitter, blog, YouTube etc.. seriously don’t lose your mind trying to be active on every new app/site that pops up.. I like to have a life outside of my phone/computer so I ‘try’ to limit my use lately. What’s made this easier for me (common sense) was to upload the content from FB to blog/blog to FB, Instagram pic to FB/Twitter at same time.. kill 2 birds w/1 stone.

3.) Instead of always selling or advertise your product/service, switch it up.. people want to laugh, they want to learn.. so educate them.. inspire them.. get to know them.. I can’t explain it but just entertaining people, engaging w/them, giving them pointers etc. has always resulted in them getting back to me wanting info about my product.. ‪#‎AttractionMarketing‬

People want to be entertained, feel good, be right, make better decisions, know things others don’t, stay in the loop, make $$$, save $$$, hear the latest gossip, and be part of the ‘in crowd’.

For social media to work you have to be entrepreneurial, creative, engaging and entertaining.

I’m not saying I’m a social media expert but this has been my main form of marketing, business & book sales over the past 5 years.. so I’ve seen what’s worked for myself and others and what hasn’t. I get inbox msgs everyday asking for help on social media.. how I got my book all over.. edgerank questions etc so with that:

Any Social Media Questions?

I’ll do a Q&A below just comment your questions below… thanks for reading!

Terrell Wallace NIKE MLM Author Joe Stewart Create Your Own Economy Network Marketing MLM Book Candace Ross TTW Enagic KangenJoe Stewart

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Turning Skeptics Into A Volunteer Army of Raving Fans

Hello! It’s Joe…

I remember when I first started writing this book over 4 yrs ago.

Joe Stewart, MLM, create your own economy, network marketing, author
Create Your Own Economy By Joe Stewart

I really just wanted something I could hand to prospects/skeptics so they could get a better grasp on our industry & make an informed decision.

The original cover was ugly so I had to have that redone a few times, although they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, unfortunately most do.

My original vision of it being a simple tool for my prospects has become so much more.

Nothing beats getting a message from someone saying they got their first customer by using something I teach in my book.. that is what keeps me going and motivates ME to learn more.. write more.. teach more.. become more.

Everyday I wake up and login FB to see someone else got a copy in the mail and uploaded a selfie with it lol.. each time you guys do this someone else sees the cover.. they either judge it and buy it or don’t.. either way.. it’s like a domino effect.. everyone wants to take part in the movement and it won’t slow down anytime soon.. just wanted to say I appreciate each and every one of you guys who have showed love.. shared my book with your team or FB friends & fam..

I truly have the BEST volunteer army on the planet and couldn’t spread the word at this speed without you.

Other than my supporters.. wanted to say cheers to my haters.. I know you won’t upload pics or show public love but talking behind closed doors is still talk.. still helping me out etc.. so keep up the great work ya’ll.. just be patient.. so much more is coming! 🙂

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FITTEAM Global Flagship Product: FITTEAM FIT Sticks Testimonial

Hey what’s up internet land? Joe here… did a quick video review about the flagship product for FITTEAM Global called ‘FIT Sticks’. I have been drinking the product daily for almost a year now.

Hear more of my testimonial in the video below. Be sure to leave a comment below or contact me if you had any more questions before you decide to try a box yourself!

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Buy FITTEAM FIT Sticks here!

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Jeunesse Bought Out Monavie aka MYNT.. MYNT & Jeunesse Merge

Jeunesse MYNT Monavie merger bought outJeunesse Bought Out Monavie aka MYNT.. MYNT & Jeunesse Merge

Rumors have been floating around Facebook the past few days that Jeunesse Bought Out Monavie aka MYNT. I went over to current MYNT (formerly MonaVie) top earners, Steve & Gina Merritt’s Facebook page to see that they are having a very important webinar tonight at 7:30pm with a “big announcement”. I am assuming that the big announcement is that their company MYNT was bought out or has merged over to Jeunesse.. almost like Numis Network and World Ventures did a few years back.

This comes to no surprise to me for quite a few reasons:

For one, we all know Mona Vie sales have been way down the past few years.. ever since Brig Hart left and they appointed a new CEO it has kinda gone downhill no offense to any of current MonavVe MYNT leaders.. they just lost that “fire” they used to have. MonaVie branded cars used to be all over South Florida where I live… haven’t seen any Monavie cars or t-shirts in years..(Not even MYNT).

On top of that, there was a video posted on the Monavie corporate page of their CEO talking about their struggles and some debt they were in. SO the whole news that Jeunesse is buying them out.. makes sense.

What about Jeunesse?

Well.. it just became public knowledge a few weeks ago for people not in the know, that Jeunesse has been paying leaders to come over to their company and bring their teams for awhile now. Up front bonuses, contracts, positions near the top of the Jeunesse binary comp plan with “300k volume” under you… lol. Sounds enticing… I know a lot of people have taken these deals or positions in the company.. and although I wish everybody had to pay the initial start up cost and build organically, some people are given special deals and up front money… I have worked for every dime I have ever earned so I can’t relate to the contracts or being “given” volume or teams lol.. but to each his own, obviously anybody who was offered money to join is a talented network marketer to begin with, and people in sports, colleges and every other industry pays recruitment commissions… but you can’t just pay a starter fee and take part in the NFL or college football, so there is a fine line in the sand… just my opinion though as this is my blog.

I guess Jeunesse started thinking bigger… why buy leaders when you can just buy entire network marketing companies?

I am curious to hear what a lot of top MonaVie or MYNT leaders have to say about the transition, as well as field leaders in Jeunesse.

Here is what Monavie MYNT Top earners Steve & Gina Merritt had to say after the announcement had been made:

“It’s Official! The Mynt-MonaVie Leadership Call just finished and we have a new strategic partner. This is the Biggest Acquisition in the history of our industry! Gina and I are MORE excited about the potential and future of our Company than we’ve ever been. We have been working together with field and corporate leaders for quite some time to make this happen. We thought it would be done sooner but with a company as big as ours it takes time to find the right strategic partner.

If you are serious about your future be sure you are getting facts for the right source. When these merges take place so many people get mixed up in drama and rumors. If Steve and Gina are confident that because of this we can now create history by breaking our own records you should be as well. This is a very, very exciting day!

Here is what the Fastest Growing Company in our industry was in Mynt-MonaVie. They love our history, records in the industry, loyalty, leadership, commitment, passion, energy, excitement, ability to re-invent ourselves with Mynt and of course our Billion Dollar MonaVie Brand.

Here is a few ways they can help us as Mynt-MonaVie moves forward. Because we are expanding so rapidly with our product lines, and launching Mynt is so many countries we will receive help in investing in brand awareness, marketing, product development, bigger production and events, expansion in other markets, and most importantly put us on the offense.

Questions you might be having. Are we still Mynt-MonaVie can we keep our culture? Of course that’s why they sought after and invested in us! Do we keep our products? Yes they stay the same and of course we are always adding additional innovative ones. Are we Jeunesse? No! We are Mynt-MonaVie they are behind the scenes helping orchestrate or vision. Does Comp Plan Change? No unless we decide to add MORE Incentives! Does the genealogy of the tree stay the same? Yes! Even though there was some messaging that was confusing all companies will stay separate and operate business as usual. More importantly all lines of sponsorships will remand the same as well as our tree genealogy.

Remember there will be plenty of rumors going around of people wanting to create doubt in your mind. This always happens when an opportunity gets better. We want you to know that our prayers have been answered. We are confident, and MORE excited than ever. We encourage you to you stay calm and focused. Time could not be better for you to achieve your goals and dreams with the Mynt-MonaVie Opportunity. The question now is what are you going to do with the opportunity that has just been handed to you? We are already out talking to people and doing meetings and encourage you to do the same. Have an amazing week! Fired Up, Steve and Gina”

At least on a public setting like Facebook they are excited… hope everything works out for all MYNT and Jeunesse reps moving forward as the transition takes place over the next few months and years ahead.

To your success…

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Press Release: Author of Create Your Own Economy Joe Stewart Joins the FITTEAM Global Family!


I am proud to align with the FITTEAM GLOBAL Brand! I have been good friends with their CEO Christopher Hummel for a few years now.. my cousin Craig Ronaldson and I would meet up with him whenever he’s in town lol if you follow him on Facebook you know the dude travels a lot… anyways he was in our up line & one of the top earners in a company we did called Xyngular, so I always looked up to him and liked his leadership style.

When he called me and told me he started his own company, we all met up for dinner and I tried the product. It tasted great, gave me energy because I was up until 4am, made me feel great, gave me a better mood, I mean it was really a no brainer… I only do business with people I know, like and trust… and I also must like the product 😉

We will be building up to our launch party in Miami in January! Looking frwd to meeting everyone there. If you want to get on my early bird list before I call my address book of 2,200 network marketers just comment below or send a PM.

For more info email me at or go to

FITTEAM Fit team global llc

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MLM News for the Week 10/23/2014

MLM News for the week 10/23/2014:

Innutra LLC announced the opening of the European Union for the Innutra products and opportunity. They have products on the ground in their warehouse in Europe, and they are in a final stage of the process to certify, register and sell their products in all 28 EU countries. In November of 2014, Innutra’s top earner Chris Hummel launched FITTEAM Global and merged with Innutra.

Direct Selling Association (DSA) announced that it has endorsed 13 congressional candidates in recognition of their commitment to direct selling and the entrepreneurship and opportunity it creates for millions of Americans.

CEO of Genesis Pure Robert Lindsey Duncan, who has appeared on “The View” and other TV shows hawking nutritional products, was charged by the Texas Attorney General’s office on Wed with duping the public by claiming to be a doctor when he isn’t one.

Tony Rush from Dothan, Alabama, USA in one of the Top Earners in Empower Network and he is now in Dubli. Although typically frowned upon from the ‘enticement’ standpoint, Tony Rush opened his back office showing his Dubli commissions in a YouTube video. He has made $153,000 in less than 60 days and used proper income disclosures.

Rumor on the street is ILN (Internet Lifestyle Network) hasn’t been paying affiliates for a few wks (mos?) Although some koolaid sippers argue in defense of the company saying they have been paid, many ILN affiliates have shown screenshots of the money transfer being declined etc. Also a lot of my friends in ILN said their sponsors have blocked them on FB when they questioned why they haven’t been paid.

Good job troops…

Joe Stewart, Joe stewart author, joe stewart mlmJoe Stewart

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Building Your Network Marketing Business by Jim Rohn

building your network marketing business by jim rohn

Hey everyone! I really hope you enjoy this FREE audio book of “Building Your Network Marketing Business” by the late, great Jim Rohn.

If you want some more really cool self confidence advice, subconscious mind programming tactics, more NLP training and all around entrepreneur success tips with similar videos and audios like this delivered to your inbox everyday, click here and see what I use!


the science of getting rich full audiobook

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Eight Figure Fellas in MIA
My team & I in Miami
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Meet Us In Miami, Florida January 23rd-26th

Hey you.

Yeah, you…

I got a question for ya.

Are YOU coming to meet us in Miami this weekend?

empower network miami
Come hang with us!

The biggest internet marketing conference of the year is going down…

…and although we are jam packed booked with radio shows, book signings and other “shenanigans’ I still have some time set aside to meet up for some coffee or lunch with YOU… My fans and friends!

So are you going to make the trip to meet us there? I live in Florida so it’s just a few hours drive south… but we have team members flying in from New York, Texas, all 50 states to be quite frank and even people from other countries… This is gonna be too cool!

Now obviously this event is top secret and only members of the Empower Network have inside access.

Are you on my Empower Network team yet?

You can join right here, right now.

It’s only $25 for the basic product and $19 if you want to become an affiliate and qualified to earn commissions on any products we help you sell… so NO we are not trying to put a man on the moon here or anything.

We’re both adults here right?

We make $25 decisions all the time.

Did you think twice the last time you asked your girlfriend if she wanted to go out for dinner and a movie?

Of course you didn’t… and I bet it cost you way more then $25 am I right?

It wasn’t hard for you to make that decision because you like seeing your girlfriend happy and spending time with her.

So if you have to sit back and think it over as to whether or not you should start your own online business for $25, you should probably just exit my page.

I am only looking to work with serious people.

People who want more out of life.

More time freedom, more vacations with family, more money… what do YOU want more of?

Look if you’re still on the fence it is time to hop off.

Decide you’re gonna do something different with your life.

Decide that you’re be apart of something bigger then yourself.

Decide that you’re gonna do whatever it takes to make full time income with us from home.

Are you ready?

Join Now.

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Mommy’s Club Review: What is Mommy’s Club & Can Dad Join Too? Now Known as Healthy Home Company

What is Mommy’s Club Anyway? 

Mommy's Club Review
Mommy’s Club Review

Mommy’s Club is a wholesale shopping club that is offering health and wellness, household and personal care products made with all natural, all organic, and most importantly toxic free ingredients.

They market these high quality products through the word of mouth or direct sales form of advertising and moving products. This means there is a business opportunity for those mom’s and dad’s out there who personally use the Mommy’s Club product line and buy it for their kids. If you’re passionate about it and plan on telling all your friends, family and neighbors about the products being offered, why not get compensated for it right?

Mommy’s Club is also a trusted resource for information on toxic-free living, so members also receive free access to information about all natural, all organic and toxic free living so that parents can make the home a happier, healthier, safer place to raise their kids or grandchildren.

Mommy’s Club Medical Advisors

From the official Mommy’s Club website, they currently have 3 medical advisors working for the company:

“Dr. Jon Meliones has been working with the Mommy’s Club team for over 18 months. He is the head of Duke University’s Pediatric Critical Care Unit ranked among the top programs in the world. He is a practicing surgeon and has been performing heart surgery on unborn, new born and young children for over 30 years.”

“Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy is Mommy’s Club Toxic Free Ambassador. Dr. Connealy attended the University of Texas School of Public Health, and then attended the University of Health Sciences Chicago Medical School. She completed her post-graduate training at the Harbor/UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.”

“Last but not least they have Dr. Sameh K. Toma who is Mommy’s Club Medical Advisor. Dr. Toma graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor Degree in Science in Electrical Engineering. He then graduated from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill School of Medicine and completed his residency there as well.”

Mommy’s Club Toxic Free Product Line

Obviously like I stated above all of the products being offered by the Mommy’s Club are all natural, all organic, and toxic free. First I will give you some brief talking points about their health and wellness line, then a little bit about their personal care products. My favorite selling point about the Mommy’s Club product offering is that all of their products are made here at home in the USA, they are not only Toxic Free but BPA free as well.Mommy's Club Prenatal Plus

Prenatal Plus: Vitamin Supplement for women of all ages, not only expecting mothers, who need extra iron and unique ingredients in their diets. Although it has been designed to nourish mother and baby before, during and after pregnancy many others can benefit too. It is made from organic & vegetarian ingredients and is whole food based.Total Body Health: A powerful 100 % vegetarian natural source of daily nourishment that contains a full spectrum of over 150 vitamins, minerals, super foods and enzymes. The liquid formula is more bio-available and therefore delivers more nutrients to the body than traditional pill form supplements. The product also contains a prebiotic fiber complex with special enzymes to maintain good digestive health, unique ingredient blends for liver and kidney functions, vision and youth, circulatory health, amino acids and concentrated fruits and vegetables. They also have a bottle of Total Body Health available for Children.

Advance Omega 3/6/9 Natural Lemon: Advanced Omega 3/6/9 molecularly distilled pure fish oil is loaded with 3,500 mg of Omega-3 rich fish oil, 200 mg of Omega 6’s, and 830 mg of Omega 9’s, all of which are proven to be the most beneficial to your family’s health. Our liquid formula has a unique lemon-cream taste that children and adults will enjoy by itself or when added to every day healthy foods.

Cherry Chewable Vitamin for Kids w/Probiotics: A daily probiotic complex for an all-in-one dietary supplement for all ages with a natural cherry flavor with citrus bio flavonoids.

Mommy's Club Perfect Touch SanitizerAs far as the personal care/skincare side of their products go, they offer a Perfect Touch Hand Sanitzer.

It is 100% toxic free with a unique oxygen-rich solution that is unlike any alcohol based or aerosol sanitizer.

It does not dry out your skin and it is safe to use on any surface. Unique ingredients help make it effective against bacteria and viruses. Spray directly on hands, children’s clothing, restaurant tables, home counter tops, work areas, and changing tables.

They also offer Baby lotion, shampoo,  foaming wash, as well as a daily foaming wash for adults. To finish off the personal care/skincare side of their product line they have an all Organic Rash and Remedy Skin Relief bottle. It’s made with organic, EcoCert and toxic free ingredients. You can replace cut and rash creams throughout the home and in emergency kits with our safer alternative. A unique blend of ingredients that helps with swelling and itching due to common skin problems, diaper rash and burns and insect bites among other skin irritations.

Who is behind Mommy’s Club?

The CEO and Co-Founder of the company Mommy’s Club is none other then Mr. Billy Glynn.

Billy Glynn Ben Platt Mommy's Club

He is an author, venture capitalist, has been featured on many radio shows and is also the Co-Founder of Brig Hart’s new USA Association which is a premier members benefits organization, with a cause. The other co-founder is Ben Platt. He is also the CFO of the USA Association so it looks like the same corporate staff for both companies.

Both companies also have their HQ located in St. Augustine, Florida.

I am not sure if Brig Hart is involved in the corporate or distributor side of things because he obviously sold his MonaVie distributorship in mid 2013, but time will tell.

Some of the top earners who have partnered up with Mommy’s Club thus far are former MonaVie Black Diamonds my friends Mick & Vick Karshner as well as Mike and Sahi Hernandez. Both teams are power couples and obviously built massive organizations over at MonaVie to get to the top of the compensation plan at the Black Diamond Rank which equates to over $1 million per year in annual commissions.

With that being said I see big things for Mommy’s Club in 2014. The name is catchy, and women not only make over 80% of the buying decisions in their household, but over 80% of the women who made over $100,000 last year did it through the direct selling model… go figure Lol women LOVE to talk, shop, and have fun. This makes Mommy’s Club a great choice for mom’s and dad’s to make their home a healthier and safer place to raise their children.

I hope you have enjoyed this third party Mommy’s Club Review!

Joe Stewart AuthorJoe Stewart

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Author of Create Your Own Economy

P.S- Use this simple tool to explode your new Mommy’s Club business!

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Vietnam’s Govt. is Outlining New Regulations to Fight Pyramid Schemes

vietnam, mlm, pyramid schemes, danang
Vietnam Fights Illegal Pyramid Schemes

Direct selling is legal in Vietnam and as a relatively new business it lacks the regulations to deter those who use it for scamming and manipulating consumers.

At a roundtable meeting on November 22 in Danang on journalism and communications in the multi-level marketing (MLM) industry, chairwoman of the Vietnam Direct Selling Association Truong Thi Nhi said that after 11 years and 96 registered companies, 26 businesses have folded and five have seen their licences revoked.

The companies were both local, joint ventures, and foreign-owned. A majority of the firms were producers and traders of food, cosmetics, and housewear.

The meeting focused on the legal boundaries of direct selling and the pyramid schemes that lie outside those borders.

Joseph N. Mariano, president of the US Direct Selling Association and chairman of the ethics council under the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations, said the fundamental difference between the two was that legal businesses were committed to transparency and ethical standards. He also said that direct selling firms are committed to giving refunds to dissatisfied customers, are conscientious in their operations, and have transparent commission policies.

Mariano added that pyramid schemes focused only on expanding their sales network and putting their teams to work while at the same time greatly exaggerating the quality and application of their products in advertising.

According to director of the Vietnam Competition Authority under the Ministry of Industry and Trade Bach Van Mung, the agency just finished a draft which has been transferred to the Ministry of Justice and would later be submitted to the government for approval.

If passed into law, the new decree would overturn a previous one in 2005 and is expected to strictly crack down on pyramid schemes.

According to statistics from the Vietnam Direct Selling Association, Hanoi is home to 47 MLM companies, Ho Chi Minh City 42, Dong Nai Province 2, Binh Duong, Hai Duong, Haiphong, Quang Ninh and Bac Giang have one company each.

By the end of 2012 there were more than a million people involved in direct selling with total sales of more than VND4 trillion ($190 million). The industry contributes nearly VND600 billion ($28.5 million) in tax and contributed nearly VND25 billion ($1.2 million) to charities between 2005 and 2012.

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Top MonaVie Income Earner from Japan Faces Tax Trouble

Akira Tamai Fails to Pay Taxes on MonaVie Income

akira tamai monavie
Akira Tamai MonaVie

A leading distributor in Japan for the North American network marketing company known as MonaVie, failed to report any of the income he earned from making sales of the MonaVie health products, failing to pay about ¥100 million (About $1 million in USD) in taxes, sources said.

The Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau has reported the suspected infringement of the Income Tax Law by Akira Tamai to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office, though the income has since been declared and the taxes paid, the sources said.

The 45 year old resident of Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, is the top representative among MonaVie’s 100k members in Japan and has been featured in several trade magazine features. Akira Tamai became a MonaVie rep around 2008, when he began selling juice made from acai, the fruit of an Arecaceae family plant native to Brazil, according to a person familiar with the case.

He is suspected of not reporting income or paying taxes for any of the $2.8 million he made through MonaVie from 2010 to 2012.

According to MonaVie’s Japan operations based in Minato Ward, Tokyo, members make money by buying juice at a discount from the company and selling it at a markup to friends, family and other acquaintances etc.

Members are also compensated for sales made by people in their membership group, which comprises of members they introduced, members those people introduce, and so on.

Depending on how much they sell, members are granted titles, such as “Ruby” or “Emerald,” with higher ranks such as Black Diamond, Blue Diamond, or even Crowne Black Diamond like my friend Brig Hart before he resigned from MonaVie in mid 2013.

Akira Tamai’s group reportedly has about 70,000 people, a major portion of MonaVie members in Japan.

In 2012, he was granted the company’s elite “Imperial Black Diamond” title.

He is said to be virtually guaranteed to receive an annual ¥200 million (About USA $2 Million) from his group’s sales, which he has spent on foreign luxury cars and living expenses.

“His knowledge of tax matters was lacking. He intends to properly pay his taxes in the future,” Tamai’s lawyer said.

Network marketing companies like MonaVie work by having salespeople expand their sales networks by soliciting new salespeople, which brings in profits from commission and other avenues. Also called MLM, the practice conforms with the law, unlike pyramid schemes, which are illegal.

However, there is constant pressure to invite new members to bring in profit. Solicitation methods and other aspects are regulated under “multilevel marketing” in the Specified Commercial Transactions Law. Founded in 2005 in the United States, MonaVie is now established in about 25 countries worldwide.

The Utah based health & wellness companies main product is juice made from acai and 18 other fruits. A 750-milliliter bottle sells for around ¥4,000, and MonAvie claims that drinking 120 milliliters per day is good for one’s health. The company does not have their products for sale in supermarkets or health food stores.

MonaVie began full-fledged expansion into Japan around 2008, and Tamai was an early member. He conducts 400-500 seminars per year on such topics as “The Secret to Success in Anything.” Tamai’s activities have been featured several times in multilevel marketing trade magazines.

In an interview, he said: “When you see someone cleaning a public toilet, try telling them, ‘thank you.’ When you become an honest person, it will change your appearance and people will be attracted to you.”

The company said it has provided its members with guidance on how to properly file tax returns through pamphlets, bulletins, members-only webpages and other means.

The Japan News broke the story this morning, and I got my other sources and information from Business for home.

If you want to start working for yourself but feel you don’t have the money then you’re wrong. If you have a computer and space to put it then you have all you need. You can also start you home business and work it around your job. You can gradually commit more time as your home business grows.

If you’re tired of your job and really want to work for yourself then stop making excuses and do it.

Though affiliate marketing programs and selling services you will find that having your home business is easier than you think.

All it takes is time and a commitment to succeed…

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By taking advantage of the affiliate marketing programs that are currently available to you on this very page, you can make money and improve your marketing skills. Remember, you can always expand into other areas and venture out totally on your own later. Right now, get marketing and get clicking.

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