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Best MLM? My Top 5 Network Marketing Companies Right Now

My Top 5 Network Marketing Companies

Hey everyone, Joe Stewart here with a quick article about my top 5 network marketing companies around right now. There are thousands of FANTASTIC choices when it comes to joining a home based business. But some companies just have better products, management, or timing which is the reason they are featured on my list of the best MLM companies around.


Visalus also named the fastest growing company in North America in the year 2011, and the fastest growing Direct Sales company of 2012.

With thousands of people joining their Body By Vi 90 day challenge each and every month, and jumping from $34 million dollars in sales in 2010 all the way up to $234 million dollars in sales in 2011.

amway scamAmwayAlthough Amway definitely has the most haters and worst public perception (just my opinion guys) they pioneered this industry and a lot of the companies around these days should give credit to the Amway corporation, their training systems, and ‘prove everybody wrong’ kind of deal.

An old friend of mine who we will call Dave (okay his name is really Dave) has been earning a 5-figure monthly residual from Amway since before I was born lol… 1988.

He is living proof that if you build it big in Amway or any other solid MLM, the money will flow forever.

At the time I Wrote this article I had a few other companies mentioned that I thought would be stable, long term companies. One of which was MonaVie, who was recently bought out by Jeunesse Global. The other company I had listed was Solavei who had a bankruptcy last year and merged with another company also.

It is safe to say that Jeunesse is probably the most talked about network marketing company as of 2015 as I update this post. Although they have paid for a lot of leaders to jump from competing MLM companies, this is America and if you want to recruit the best of the best you have to pay for it… NFL anybody?

I am still happy where I am at with FITTEAM Global, my friend Chris Hummel’s direct sales company. I have been with them almost a year now and really impressed with the products, culture, and most importantly the FUTURE!

I hope this article has gave you some basic ideas about some of the more popular home based businesses around today!

Click here to find out which of these companies I decided to join and why.

I will see you on the beaches of the world, my friends…

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MonaVie VIEW: What is the Monavie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner?

MonaVie View Antioxidant Scanner

monavie view antioxidant scanner

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by my blog today. I assume you were searching about MonaVie’s newest machine to bring sales back to the United States. They are calling it the MonaVie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner, which was released at their national convention this year which was held in Anaheim California, September 7-8 2012.

What is the Monavie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner?

This new MonaVie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner was created by a team of top physicists from the University of Utah, which was led by Dr. Werner Gellerman. So in 2012, MonaVie started a partnership with this team of physicists and Dr. Gellerman to create and manufacture the so called first “antioxidant scanner”.

One of my readers notified me that NuSkin was the company who actually created the first antioxidant scanner almost a decade ago. The NuSkin version was called the Nu Skin’s Biophotonic scanner.
From what Mona Vie stated in a recent press release, they wanted the VIEW antioxidant scanner made so that once and for all they can prove to the world that their acai juice, and health products have the most antioxidants. Unfortunately an article in Men’s Journal a few years back titled ‘Super Juices on Trial’ kind of debunked that whole myth anyway.

monavie view scannerThe Monavie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner is said to work through what is called reflection spectroscopy. It states on the MonaVie website that “Astronomers used this same technology to create the Hubble Space Telescope and to identify the composition of the atmosphere of Neptune and the rings of Saturn.” What Planets have to do with your antioxidant score is beyond me… let the doctors and scientists figure that stuff out :-).

How does the Mona Vie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner Work?

When you scan someone with the MonaVie VIEW Scanner for the 1st time, if that person is not drinking Mona Vie View Certified Products you will receive your baseline score. Mona Vie is saying after that, if you choose to participate in our money back guarantee you need to order one of the Monavie Certified Products. Not all of Monavie’s products are certified view products their energy drink line called Mona Vie EMV). After drinking one of the certified products for 60 days as directed, you will be scanned again. If your score doesn’t improve Monavie will refund your money.

Mona Vie VIEW Certified products include the following:

– MonaVie Active: green label/glucosamine
– MonaVie (M)mūn: yellow label/immune support
– MonaVie Essential: purple label/overall antioxidant support
– MonaVie MX: new silver label/a blend of all 3 juices
– MonaVie RVL- Nutritional Shake Mix

I hope you have enjoyed this article about the Mona Vie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner!

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